Sample Projects 

Low Beginning Projects

  • Our Jobs-Low beginning students write about their jobs. This project increases awareness of our immigrant population while at the same time teaching students about tools, work clothing and pathways.

  • Student Bio Samples- This was one of my favorite low beginning projects. I have many many stories on this topic. So contact me if you need more samples

Intermediate Level Projects

  • Cellphone Stories-This project helped students learn about cellphone etiquette while at the same time expressing themselves about inappropriate cellphone use.

  • Favorite Clothes--In this writing project, students were instructed to take a photo of their favorite clothing item. Using my model, students wrote stories about their chosen piece of clothing.

  • Hairs: After reading the "House on Mango Street", students chose their favorite body part to write about.


There are many other projects that my literacy students participated in during the past 30 years. Although they are not archived, I do have access to them. Contact me at