2 ESL students describe their experience transitioning to Santa Ana College

Lesson Ideas



Standard 12-Community Resources – DMV: Identify basic car parts for reporting accidents

Updated 8/3/18

Shopping Safely Online

This lesson teaches students how to shop safely online. 

Teaching Students Quizlet

This lesson will help students learn how to use Quizlet to make their own vocabulary cards.

Developing Padlet Walls with Beginning ESL Students

This lesson will describe how to have beginning level ESL students make Padlet Walls.


Global Warming

A reading lesson to increase ELLs knowledge of Global Warming. This lesson uses an article from NEWSELA  and a photo from Thinglink.


This activity uses multimedia such as video, audio, online assessment and if possible the use of a 360 photo with a Google Cardboard. The cardboard can be purchased very cheaply on Amazon or can be made with very inexpensively. Use this link for some inexpensive choices-https://vr.google.com/cardboard/get-cardboard/

I have done this lesson in groups with as few as five cardboards. In addition, the cardboard step can be left out although it really increases the engagement level.