Miscellaneous Hiccup Remedies

Date: Friday, January 2, 2004
Time: 7:16 PM EST
Jessica Martin
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: 1 Glass of water
Instructions: Taking small sips, finish the entire glass of water (or as much as you can) without breathing. Always works, and you almost
always have the ingredients!

Janet Eberhardt

When one has the hiccups, squeeze tight on the bottom fatty part of the ear lobes.


You might want to do this in private. When you get the hiccups, after the last one, expel all air from lungs. Then, breath in as deep as you can. Really fill your lungs with air. When you reach the point that you can no longer take in any air, press your ears closed with each index finger. (There is a little flap that covers the hole of our ears, press this in, with sufficient pressure, to cover up the hole.) Act as if air is coming out of your ears and you cannot let any escape! Hold this position, with completely full lungs, for 20-30 seconds. After time is up, SLOWLY let air out of your lungs. Do not think about your hiccups - they should be gone anyway. My brother taught me this, and it works EVERY TIME!!!

Paula Mullins
United States of America

Slice a wedge of lemon and bite into it. Works very quickly.


One shot of apple vinegar. Bottoms up! This is the only remedy I have tried that works every time.


Take a mouthfull of the beverage, do not swallow yet. While standing Bend over with mouthfull of beveage..Bend as far as you can. Then swallow. Guaranteed to work.

Joe Daniel

Take a teaspoon of sugar, add one drop of water and swallow it. That will work for most people, if not a shot of vinegar WIll do the trick!


When you get the hiccups eat one teaspoon of yellow mustard...works wonders..sometimes just the threat of eating the mustard stops my hiccups.

Tabatha Monceaux

Just eat a tablespoon of peanut butter and your hiccups will be gone, it's that easy and atleast it don't taste bad. You can even put the peanut butter on bread to make sandwich and it still works, you can also add jelly or sugar to make it taste better!!!


Brian, USA
A sure cure for the hiccups is pressure point therapy. Simply apply medium pressure with your index fingers to the hollow area behind each ear.Rub slowly with a circular motion while inhaling very slowly and deeply through your nose and exhaling very slowly through your mouth.Repeat four to five times and hiccups will be gone.Please note, this cure may be more effective when performed by another person and makes a great party trick.

Kathi Vallade

orange slice or vitamin c tablet instructions = eat orange slice or anything with citric acid(viamin c)


Chris Grosse (England)

Just take one teaspoon of granulated sugar and put vinegar into it (enough to soak up the sugar). It works every time and is not as unpleasant to take as you would think!

April Richardson

Ingredients:Glass of water Butter knife

Place the knife in the glass of water and prop the knife (handle) up against your forehead while you drink the glass of water. Your head will slowly tilt back further and further. When the water is gone, the hiccoughs are gone, too! This remedy comes with a money-back guarantee because it works every time. I have had occasion where a knife was not available, so I pretended it was and slowly tilted my head back as I drank the water, and it works, too.

Sharon Karraker

Ingredients :1 tsp. of Mustard instructions

My Grandfather taught me to eat 1 tsp. of mustard when I get the hiccups, it gets rid of them instantly!!!I promise!!!


Daniel Fairchild
United States

Simply rub the soft part of the pallet on the inside of your mouth for 20-30 seconds.

I have a couple home remedies for hiccups that have always worked for me. One is to drink a glass of water or whatever upside down. You actually just drink from the opposite side of the cup that you normally would. This requires concentration and not breathing that gets rid of the hiccups. Also, if you are ever around someone with the hiccups, tell them you'll give them money or something else you know they would want if they hiccup just one more time. They can't hiccup when they want to. It works everytime.


By Cassandra Riding

Put a mouthful of water in your mouth. Hold there. Put an index finger in each ear. Swallow the water while pressing your fingers in your ears. Learned from a 2nd grade teacher. Betty G., USA

Jenny Lorraine
one dill pickle instructions
eat slowly while sucking out the juices

Sandra & Dax

I always get hiccups and they seemed to go on forever. Until my boyfriend helped me out and would tell me to breath regulary and a little deep after a few seconds my hiccups are gone. He fiqures that the brain is not getting enough oxygen so when we breath normally it takes them away. Who would have thought!

Dixie Wietrzykowski
Simply lie flat on back with arms at sides and relax. Within one minute hiccups will disappear.

Jeremy Ball

The ONLY remedy for hiccups that works for me is to put a heaping spoonful of plain white sugar in my mouth and let it totally dissolve. It has never failed me! However, my fourth-grade teacher swore by this method: take nine quick sips of cold water, one after the other.

clark draper

hiccups are caused by air trapped in your stomach. simply breath in and swallow air at the same time . do this a couple of times . your trying to put more air with whats already there . Then just simply belch the air up. you may need to repeat till you get all the trapped air up..

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