Diaper Rash

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 7:32 PM
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: fresh air and corn starch
Instructions: My aunt gave me this remedy, and I never had a rash with any of my four children. Try to dry the baby before popping another diaper on them. Also if possible let them go about ten minutes a day with out a diaper. I was a stay at home mother so I know people on the go can\'t always do this, so just make sure to dry them off as much as possible and rub corn starch on them at the first sign of a rash. Most of all enjoy your babies:)

Thursday, August 7, 2008 7:46 AM
Country_of_Remedy: USA (Appalachia)
Ingredients: 1 bar of Kirk\'s Castile Soap
Wash Cloth
Instructions: At every diaper change, cleanse the baby\'s bottom with Kirk\'s Castile Soap and warm water. (It\'s a very old soap and isn\'t popular but you can usually find it on the lowest shelf in the grocery store for about a dollar.) Pat dry. Diaper rash should be gone within 24 hours.

Monday, July 21, 2008 11:44pm

Name: Nate
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: white petroleum jelly
Instructions: All you do is apply some white petroleum jelly to the entire rash and its gone extremely fast. You dont have to use much and you can wear it under your clothes.

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 16:29:41 -0800
Name: Levada Johnson
Country_of_Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Epsom Salt
Sea Salt

Both are found in the grocery Store. Sea Salt will be found by the spices in the store, Epsom Salt by the foot care section. Instructions: My son has had a hard time with diaper rash, everytime he got rid of one, he got another. I had an infection and they had told me to use Sea Salt on it 2-3 times daily (diluted in water of course). It healed up pretty quickly. At bath time, fill up the tub as normal, pour in 1 cup Sea Salt and 1 cup Epsom Salt. Mix with your hand (this also helps test water for the temp. so baby doesn\'t burn). Salts will make the water a bit misty and then will fade out clear. Place baby in the tub and bathe as normal. You can do this once a day and within a few days, the rash goes away. The Epsom Salt also helps relax baby and helps them go to sleep easier. It_is_ok_to_include_my_email: email: melodyrose20@hotmail.com

28-Aug-07 at 04:55AM:
NAME: Candace
EMAIL: CandyBar777@hotmail.com

Flanders Ointment ( you have to ask the pharmacist for this. It is
located behind the counter at your local CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc...)

INSTRUCTIONS: The best remedy that I have found it to run baby a warm bath and put backing soda in the water. Let the baking soda dissolve and
let baby soak it the water for about 15 minutes. When you get baby out of the bath let him go without a diaper for about 10-15 minutes to allow the area to dry. Then apply Flanders Ointment and put babies diaper on. I usually do this at night right before my son went to bed and when he wakes up the diaper rash is gone.

ingredients: corn starch, Torquise Bottle of milanta
Directions: apply milanta on to rash then pour corn starch on top. It's that easy and one of the good things about it is that it's not hard to come off, just use water. This remedy was told to us by a country doctor about 30+ years ago. IT WORKS!!

05-Jun-06 at 07:26 AM:
NAME: Kelly
EMAIL: kbyrne113083@yahoo.com

INSTRUCTIONS: I was on vacation in Florida and we stayed with friends who had well water. My neice got really bad diarrhea from the well water in her formula she had the worst diaper rash I've ever seen. She couldn't even walk without crying. Take about 3 or 4 eggs and just crack them open get rid of the yolk and pour the egg whites over the clean & dry rash and put on a clean diaper. The rash should look better by the time you change them again.

22-May-06 at 12:46 PM:
NAME: Jaci Manthei
EMAIL: tucker-82@hotmail.com

INGREDIENTS: baby powder
INSTRUCTIONS: At one point both my children had bad diaper rash. i stopped using creams they made things worse. all i used was baby powder and in a day it was a lot better. just plain cheap baby powder. good for girls or boys!

SUBMIT: Submit05-May-06 at 06:12 PM:
NAME: Stephanie C. King
EMAIL: steph4197@hotmail.com
COUNTRY OF REMEDY: United States of America

INGREDIENTS: Lotrimin which is OTC (somewhat expensive but well worth it)
INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Lotrimin upon the Diaper Rash at each changing. Within a day, the rash is gone. The tube of Lotrimin lasts a while.

Date/Time: 2006-03-20 18:36:22 PST
Country of Remedy = usa

Ingredients = lard
Instructions = this is an old family remedy that was laughed at by many until faced with.when none of the modern cures are working apply a small amount of cooking lard to affected area.ive seen rashes that were almost to the point of bleeding that were much better within 24 hrs.

Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Time: 11:57 PM EST
Holli Cashner
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Air
Instructions: Before I had my daughter, I had heard about soaking a baby with diaper rash. After my daughter was born and had many rashes, I found that soaking did nothing. The creams helped while the diaper was on, but the best thing to cure the rash is fresh air. Let them be without a diaper from 15min-30 min a few times a day and it works like a charm.

Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2005
Time: 8:46 PM EST
Freedom Nicholas
email address: Dragon Princess 69 03@yahoo.com

Ingredients: 3 or 4 reaguler tea bags
Instructions: when changing a babys diaper put the unwrapped tea bags in his/hers diaper when they pee in there diaper the tea bags will realese a chemical that heals the rash with in 1 day you can reuse the tea bags just put them in a clean diaper but beware it WILL turn the babys bottem brown

Date: Thursday, August 18, 2005
Time: 6:00 AM EST
Robyn Dennis
email address: robyn dennis27@hotmail.com
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Baby Powder
Shortening Instructions: you need to put baby powder and shortening together in a same bowl until it is thicken
then put it on the babys bottom use every diaper change and u will see the difference in first diaper rash......use it especially when the babys bottom is red and crackin it will improve it after first diaper change

Date: Thursday, August 18, 2005
Time: 12:58 AM EST
Email address: sheila
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: corn starch,destin,vasaline
Instructions: wash babies bottom with warm soap and water then dry
completely next sprinkle babies bottom with the corn starch just a light dusting dont go over board next layer with the desitin then top it off with vasiline i have 3 kids and my baby now gets terrible rashes because he has kidney probs ive tried everything and it only worked for about 2 or 3 times then no longer worked anymore i was at my wits end when my doctor finallysuggest i combine the 3 and its worked great for the past 3 months he breaks out and i proceed with the combitnation by the 3rd diaper changing hes clearof the rash.......his little bottom always gets raw and bleeds and this works great. i hope u all have success like i do..........good luck

Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2005
Time: 8:10 PM EST
Email address: Jennifer
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Oatmeal and water
Instructions: Run the baby's bath water, put some oatmeal in the water. Put the baby in the bath, keep swishing the water around the area that has the diaper rash, do that for about 15 minutes. Works wonders!!!

Date: Monday, July 25, 2005
Time: 10:16 PM EST
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: corn starch & vaseline
Instructions: mix corn starch & vaseline together to make a paste.put it on the rash and most of the time the rash is gone by the next diaper change unless it is really bad then it will take 2 or 3 changes.

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2005
Time: 1:31 PM EST
lynne jordan
Country of Remedy: US

Ingredients: 100% lanolin ointment
Instructions: generously rub the ointment over affected area. the lanolin forms a waxy coating over the areaallowing it to heal and not become re-irritated with every diaper
change. If you need to remove the ointment I recommend using warm water and baby shampoo. Use the
ointment once daily, and your baby will never have diaper rash again. Also works great for chapped hands, cheeks and lips during the winter.

Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Time: 3:35 PM EST
email address: IrishEyesMama@aol.com
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: Bag Balm
Instructions: This ointment is used for chapped cow's udders but it
works great for diaper rash too. Just coat heavily on rash at each diaper
change. Redness will be gone by next day. I usually supplement this
remedy by lukewarm baking soda baths. Rarely have to use it more than a

Date: Monday, February 14, 2005
Time: 12:37 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: FOR THE DIAPER
3.Ziploc baggies ( for traveling )
1.baking soda
2.warm water
Instructions: FOR THE DIAPER
Also good for crack & bleeding bottoms (pain free way)
1.sprinkle tablespoon of constarch to the diaper. It also helps absorbs
the urine. *PLUS: DO NOT USE BABYWIPES-even if they are fragrance free they are
2.use warm water and small rags.
3.If you have to go out boil water on your stove put small rags into the pot. put them in a stainer press lightly put them into a ziploc sandwich bag. label it clean clothes. then label another bag dirty clothes. and your good to go!
1.Fill up the tub with warm water or a small bucket big enough for your baby to sit in.
2.add baking soda to the water disolve well.
3.soak babies bottom for at least 10 minutes a day.
These worked very well for my kids. My youngest son had really bad infections and was on alot of medication. Nothing was working and even if it did work it would come right back. I did this even when he didn't have an infection. It's cheaper than zinc cream, or topical creams and works 100% better. I will never buy wet wipes, baby wipes or creams again!

Date: Sunday, June 13, 2004
Time: 6:30 PM EST
Kim Walczak
email address: kwalcz@aol.com
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: milk of magnesia
Instructions: Pour milk of magnesia all over the rash and next diaper change it will be almost healed !!!! use until rash is all gone

Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Time: 3:57 AM EST
Robin Brasington
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil
Instructions: Wash the babies bottom with warm water and dry it very good. Take Vegetable Oil and pour it in your hand. Then apply it to the the diaper rash. This really works. My peditrician told me to try it and I did not believe it worked. I tried it and with in the next two diaper changes, the rash was cleared up.

Use Cod Liver oil capsules. it takes away rash over night with just a fewcapsules. you can buy these OTC in any vitiman section in the store. Iswear by them. just cut open the tip and pour onto rash. Use a few forsmall rash, more if rash is worse. Ive used many creams and other homeremedies and nothing works like these do. Try it, you'll never go back todiaper creams again.One other thing most mom know but thought it was worth mentioning, yeastinfection cream gets rid of them also, but still not as quickly as codliver oil.

Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Time: 6:17 PM EST
email address: silvershubes@hotmail.com
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: any brand of diaper rash cream
Instructions: Leave Diaper rash cream on rash overnight and rash will be gone by morning.

Date: Thursday, April 8, 2004
Time: 7:56 PM EST
Kara rachel hope20032003@yahoo.com
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: 1 C. Crisco
1/2 C. baby lotion
1/2 box cornstarch
2-3 spoonfuls Bag Balm

Instructions: Mix ingredients together, put in tub with airtight lid, apply librally to babies bottomafter every diaper change and after bath. Also a good remedy for chapped hands apply to hands put on hospital gloves, put socks over gloves let sit on hands overnight works best.Bag Balm can be found in most grocery stores but if you can't find it there go to a animalfeed store, they will definitly have it, for anyone who doesn't know
it's what is put on a milk cow's teats when they are cracked and sore from milking. This is perfectly harmlessfor babies, I used this remedy faithfully on my son and daughter when I learned they werealergic to desitin and just got worse rashes from application of that.
Sprinkle corn starch on the affected area and then diaper. This is the greatest and works. I have used this on my kids and my grandkids.

Glen Whitbeck

Date: Monday, October 27, 2003
Time: 11:33 AM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: liquid antacid
Instructions: For a really bad diaper rash you just pour some on the diaper and it will clear up in a flash!

Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Time: 9:08 AM EST
email address: CLEVECOWGRL@msn.com
Ingredients: antacid- maloxx works well, destin or other zinc oxide
ointment, and corn starch
Instructions: mix these three items together using equal parts desitin and antacid, thicken with cornstarch until it makes a paste apply to baby's bottom. This recipe works very well the antacid helps reduce the acid in the urine. You can store it in any covered container.

Date: Sunday, July 13, 2003
Time: 1:36 AM EST

Ingredients: 100% pure vasaline (the one in the jar not the tube)
Instructions: Glub on plenty of vasaline on baby and diaper.This forms a waterproof layer between baby's skin and diaper.It works almost instantly.

Date: Monday, June 16, 2003
Time: 9:55 PM EST
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: Desitin Creamy
Pure Corn Starch Baby Powder
Instructions: You can use any kind of diaper rash ointment, I prefer desitin or balmex.You can also use either pure corn starch baby powder, my pick, or regular kitchen corn starch, I just like the consistency of the baby powder.Mix your ointment and corn starch until you have made a thick paste, (ittakes quite a bit of corn starch) and spread on baby's bottom. This is FABULOUS!!!!
I discovered this with my 1st child and have since used it with 3 more. I mix up a whole tube of ointment at a time and keep in a small plastic bowl in the diaper bag at all times!!!!! My oldest son would get diaper rashes so terrible that his little bottom would bleed, this remedy would have it almost totally cured within 12 hours!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!

I have a couple great remedies for Diaper rash.
1) Breast milk, my freind has used this with both of her kids it works wonders. Just dab it on the affected area after each diaper change.
2) Cornstarch, sprinkle on affected area  or use as a preventive measure and use with each diaper change.
3) Browned flour works wonders also
4) Do not use wipes instead use a wash cloth with baby shampoo its much gentler. Let babies bottom air dry for a few minutes. If air drying is not possible use hair dryer on a COOL setting for a minute.

Date: Sunday, March 9, 2003
Time: 1:11 PM EST
Krista Wilton
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: flour and a frying pan

Instructions: Put enough flour into the frying pan for a couple of
applications. On medium heat, keep sifting
the flour with a fork until it turns a light golden brown. At each
diaper change, sprinkle a
little bit on the baby. You are sure to see results within two to
three days.

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