Cold Sores

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 11:18 AM
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Lancets, Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ice
Instructions: The other postings here about popping the cold sore blisters are brilliant.
I sterilized a pin as many of you described the first time but my doctor told me not to do that, you can get an infection.
So last week I was in Washington for the Inauguration and got a cold sore, which makes me feel like I want to crawl under a rock!
I pulled it together and went to the drugstore and got a box of LANCETS they are little sterilized needles diabetics use to prick their fingers. $10 for 100
Wash your hands and your lip with alcohol, pierce the middle of the blister (it stings but not bad) with the lancet and squeeze the fluid out, get it off wtih a sterlized gauze pad.
Apply pressure with a pad soaked in alcohol, then ice on it for 15/20 minutes to keep the swelling down.
I then like to put Hydrogen Peroxide in a big spoon and dip your lip in it several times, letting the bubbles dry up the area.
You may have the blister refill with fluid in a few hours and have to repeat the process.
I had another cold sore pop up last night and did the same thing and it is totally gone this more suffering through all the horrible stages of the blister scabbing over, lasting a week!

Friday, January 23, 2009 4:18 AM
Ingredients: PABA (para-amino-benzoic acid)
Instructions: As soon as the tingling starts, take 3 or 4 tablets of PABA (usually found in a health food store). Some brands are better than others. You should NOT supplement with PABA as it can be hard on the liver apparently. In most cases, the sores do not erupt. If it is past the tingling and a sore starts, I find I can start the PABA and usually by the evening the soreness is gone, and the sore starts to subside. It\'s almost an experiment of sorts, as you will have to gauge how many mgs of PABA works in your own case. Also, any negative reactions to the PABA could be signs of an allergic reaction, and you should stop immediately.

Thursday, January 15, 2009 1:47 PM
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Name: Asa
Ingredients: Similasan Pink Eye Relief drops
Instructions: I awoke this morning to the \'tingle\' and discovered a nice pea size cold sore developing on my upper lip.
It was the largest cold sore I have ever had and I quickly found this site and read through the remedies.
Most seemed really harsh and caustic for the skin especially considering how fragile and dry it can be during the winter.

In the past when I experience the tingle I would take Similasan Pink Eye Relief drops and wash the area of concern with the drops.
I would never develop a blister. But today\'s cold sore was the most developed I had seen with a head forming,
was pink, swollen and very visible from a distance.

I thought my drops wouldn't resolve this cold sore this time! But I continued to
drop the solution onto the cold sore, maybe three or four times in an hour. I would gently rub the drops into the skin
and there was considerable 'run-off.' I would allow my lip to dry and re-apply. I noticed that the burning tingle was diminishing so
I continued until I no longer felt it.

Feeling sluggish and feverish as well, I went to sleep at 10:30. I awoke around one and my lip still felt fine. I re-applied
the drops and crawled back into bed. At three the mailman awoke me. When I went to the mirror the sore was barely visible, the swelling,
the redness plus tingle was gone. The only remnant was a tiny pinpoint size white spot that I assume was the developing head.

I thought I would share this stumbled upon remedy on this site because it quite simply easy and not at all harsh. As a mother I believe
it would be easy to administer to children as well.

Friday, January 9, 2009 4:18 AM
Country_of_Remedy: United States
Name: egotrippn

Ingredients: Ice, Valtrex , L Lysine, Vitamin C,
Instructions: I didnt regularly get cold sores, maybe 3-5 a year, but when I got the they were HUGE right below my lip on the corner of my mouth. I went from letting them run there course to pretty much stopping them altogether (if cuaght early enough) My remedy is 2 500 mg l - lysine per day all year round. Although that didnt put a complete stop to them I did notice a decline to about 1-3 a year. Secondly go see your DR and ask for a prescription to Valtrex. Anytime you feel that oh so familiar tingling sensastion on your lip take 2 Valtrex pills than another 2 12 hours alter. It will definitly speed up the healing process. Once you take the valtrex apply ice one the affected area for ten minutes on ten mintes off for an hour.. This will help the swelling and If your lucky push the cold sore into remission. Now double up your L-Lysine doses , take about six 500 mg capsoles/day. Also get yourself some vitamin c tablets. DO NOT pop or scratch or even touch the cold sore as you may spred the virus. After all the medicating use nail polish remover on the area every couple of hours to dry it out. Abreva is not an option once the cold sore has already formed..its only use to to help slow down the cold sore RIGHT when you feel it coming on, and you cant clways a caught it then.

Friday, December 12, 2008 9:02 PM
Country_of_Remedy: usa
Name: carolyn
Ingredients: **Extra Strength H-Balm**
Apple Cider Vinegar
antibacterial neosporine
Instructions: Hi, Lately I have been getting massive cold sores and have tried many of the remedies on this website. The nail polish has worked wonders for me in the past but my friends gave me allot of flack for putting nail polish remover on my face and I got extremely sick of the smell! Anyways, I woke up yesterday morning and felt the bump!! I iced it for about an hour and took 2 500mg Lysine tabs every few hours-3500mg total, plus a gulp of apple cider vinegar and ALLOT of water throughout the day. In the mean time I looked on this site for new ideas and saw the one about Emu oil. I went to my local Whole Foods to buy some, but they don\'t carry it. So I looked in the cold sore section and found a small bottle of stuff called H-Balm. Its 100% natural, and contains organic essential oils. They also have another bottle called H-Balm daily-which is what I bought, Its a little pricey-about 20$, but I\'m willing to try anything! So I went home and applied it, It smells really good-flowery, then I looked it up on the internet. Its used for genital herpes and cold sores and had allot of positive comments. My soon to be full blown cold sore was starting to swell so I kept icing it...while doing my research I realized I should have bought extra strength H-balm, not the H-balm daily-well this is a good product to have around too. It suppresses the virus when you don\'t have an outbreak. Just apply daily to the spot you would normally get a cold sore. I wanted immediate relief so I went back to the store and exchanged for the extra strength H-Balm (whole foods has a good exchange/return policy). I raced back home because the blisters where about to surface on my lip!!! I drenched my lip with the stuff-I held a Q-tip to the spot for at least 10 minutes. The stuff starts to tingle a little but it won\'t hurt, and again it smells good. After a half hour or so there was a huge change! The blisters never surfaced or popped-they seemed to fade away! I kept reapplying until I went to bed. I also put some antibacterial neosporin on my lips around the sore because they were getting chapped. I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night and reapplied. When I woke up my lip was a little swollen but my cold sore was only slightly visible. I put more on all day-about every hour and half and took 1000mg of Lysine. Now there is a small patch of yellowish scab under the skin, which you can hardly see!! This stuff is AMAZING!!!! I am so excited I have found something to keep my cold sores from ruining my week!! I hope all you cold sore suffers find this product and have as good of results as me! Its the best thing I have EVER tried!! Good Luck

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 9:16 PM
Country_of_Remedy: US
Ingredients: Black or Green Tea
Instructions: I\'ve had them for a while now and I\'ve tried almost everything on this site (and i appreciate everyone putting their advice on here). But i\'ve recently found that tea (both black and green although green seems to work better) is the best thing for them. Just put a bag of tea in a mug of water and get it pretty hot (i put in microwave for a minute and 30 seconds) and then take the bag out and hold it against the sore for 15-30 minutes. I usually hold one for 10 minutes and then heat up another bag and hold for another 10 minutes and repeat that one more time a couple time a day when i have a sore. It does hurt putting a really hot tea bag against your face and sore, but you have to just hold it there and let it do the healing. A warm or lukewarm teabag against the sore doesn\'t work quite as well so you have to make sure it\'s hot. Please just try this. I think you will like the results because I know i have and I think i may be one of the most frustrated people with cold sores... once i get one away, then another pops up but now i got my new trick to take care of them!

Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: ice, nail polish remover (i use one without acetone)
Instructions: Firstly I would like to say thank you to every person on this site who has been so so helpful in coldsore awareness and remedies, I\'ve never found another site as helpful as this one!! I know my remedy is a bit of repeat from everyone else on the site, I just had to post to vouche for its success! I\'m a 24 year old professional and just started getting coldsores within the last two years ago, and really only a few months ago realized these were recurring coldsores, I alwasys thought I was experiencing a sort of rash or reaction. The reason is because, as gross or strange as it sounds, I get mine just under my nose and sometimes on my nose, and a big breakout, never just one or two. So terrible and embarassing!! It always accompanies a cold so at least i get to hide inside for a good portion of the outbreak, but it generally lasts from tingle to th disappearing of the red spots about two weeks. So terrible. BUT!!!!
I\'ve been sick the past week and just new that i would be expecting disgusting coldsore outbreak under my nose, and yesterday morning I woke up with the tingling...I was so upset and furiously started searching the internet and found this page. I was particualarly reading Adams\'s of South Africa\'s and sprinted to get ice and apply as fast as possible. I\'m currently in a small town in South AMerica and have very limited resources, thinking I couldn
t treat these with anything until I came accross the ones with nailpolish remover so I thought, as strange as it sounds, I\'ll give it a try! Here\'s what I did:

1. Press ice cube (as many as you can take) with Pressure!!, lots of it! all over the area! I hold it around 30 min if you can take it!
2. use clean end of a qtip to drench area in nail polish remover. let dry and repeat another layer... This is the miracle stuff I believe!
3. repeat as often as possible, at least every four hours or so

So I did this myself and the sores really started throbbing yesterday evening so I increased frequency of these steps, covered it in nail polish remover and went to bed. Then woke up this morning with basically no pain (guessing that means nearly no infection) and a flat area (no swelling!! hardly visible!!) of light scabs of just a few sores that really were barely visible....they looked to be in the same stage as my coldsores are like 12 days after I\'m infected, but this was only the next morning!!!!!!!! I really am SO SO SO SO SO hapy about this and actually have never posted anything on a website before but thought i just Had to share my success story with all of you coldsore sufferers! I also want to emphasize that I think my success was due to acting at the very first sign of a breakout!
Best of Luck to all of you and thanks again for the great website!!!

August 11, 2008 2:16 PM
Name: Tricia>
Country_of_Remedy: Canada
Ingredients: Emu Oil
Instructions: I have suffered with cold sores my whole life and this time around i got them bad on my whole bottom lip, it was all little bumps and blisters, and they were sunburned as well.. i bought a bottle of emu oil and applied that to my lips at 10 am by the afternoon, they were looking better, i applied it throughout the day or when my lips felt dry and by the next day i had only 1 tiny little red mark and by ater that day it was no scars, no crusty\'s after it dries out, lips were perfect, i found emu oil at an organic store, it is made by Kalaya - Pure Emu Oil, natural skin and body care made in waterloo ontario canada results, this is the first time i have found an actual remedy for cold sores in 27 years....

Thursday, October 23, 2008 9:46 AM
From:Name: Jill
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Country_of_Remedy: U.S.A.
Ingredients: Lysine

Instructions: I have been plagued with cold sores my whole life, like many others. In nineteen years, I have never noticed this, but its true! Before you even feel the tingle of a cold sore on your lip or face, you will feel a slight tenderness underneath your jawbone, where it meets your neck. It feels almost like a bruise. As soon as you feel this tenderness, take at least 3000 mg of lysine. Usually, you\'ll never see a cold sore appear. If you begin to feel the tingle on your lip, immediately apply lysine cream to the area. I can remember feeling tenderness underneath my jawbone on more than one occasion, but I never connected it to getting a cold sore!

Another easy tip, albeit slightly more expensive, is to smear a bit of Abreva on your lips before bed once a week. The medicine will go into your lips and hopefully banish any cold sores that might want to stick their ugly heads out.

Country_of_Remedy: Canada
Ingredients: zoverax, ice, sleep, fresh air
Instructions: i have been plagued with coldsores since the age of 5 or 6. They put me through absolute hell and the only positive thing i can take away from each coldsore is how much they make me appreciate life. Everytime i\'m having a bad hair or face day i always think of my latest coldsore and it makes me feel much better! I get huge sores in the corner of my lower lips which really complicates eating, speaking and breathing. My friends always call me dramatic when i refuse to leave the house until my sore has healed, but i really am inable to face the world with something so disgusting on my face. I have found in the past that fresh air helps especially if it\'s cold. During fall or spring i\'ll go out on my patio and let the air get at the bugger for as long as possible, it really dries it up and the fresh air lifts my spirits a little. I\'ve always found it constructive to keep my mind off my coldsore ( which i know is a task) but i try to watch something intriguing on tv, planet earth, for example, which won\'t leave me feeling envious of people without coldsores haha I also drink a boat load of water and ice my sore when ever it starts to hurt. Fortunately i\'ve never had a sore last more than 3 days, which i contribute to the fact that i spend every waking moment tending to it haha If i do, however, have to leave the house, i tend to coat my lips with gloss to distract from the blister on my face. I have read that herpe cell can stay dormant in any gloss, tooth brush or tooth paste that you used during an outbreak, so just a little warning that you have to throw out anything that came in contact with your face!! Also be consider of ur family members and make sure u don\'t use a towel or tooth paste that they will be using!! I wouldn\'t wish a coldsore on my worst enemy , let alone my family haha SO ya i pretty much hibernate, relax, drink water, NO SALTY FOODS, no touching the coldsore, icing when ever i get the chance, trying to think positively about the situation to avoid stress. I can\'t get over how better i feel after having heard all your stories, it\'s really hard to go through a coldsore alone haha good luck guys!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008 11:00 AM
Name: Sarah
Country_of_Remedy: Canada
Ingredients: Valtrex, Lysine, Blistex, Visine
Instructions: I have had cold sores on and off since I was about 10, I get the single and cluster ones. I have read everything there is on how to get rid of them.
I found something that does not leave a scar and will speed up the healing time and be gone within around 3 days. First go to your Docotor and get prescribed
Valtrex. Keep this on had at all times. As soon as you feel symptoms or see a small red bump appear take the first dose of Valtrex then 8 hours later take the second dose.
Do NOTHING to the bump/cluster. Do NOT pop the blister or put any sort of cream/medication on it. Trust me, I have tried everything and popping the blister just takes it
longer to heal and will leave a scar. Take Ibuprofen and 3000 mg of Lysine each day. On about the third day if you have left the cold sore alone, not popping or
putting any cream on it it will be almost dried up. When the virus dies it will start scabbing, this is when you can put Blistex on it but ONLY when you can see that
the blister bubbles are no longer there. Just continue with the Blistex until it is completely gone. Also as an added tip, if you need to go somewhere and need to cover it
up the best way is to first put visine on q-tips and freeze them. Use one right before you are going out directly on the red mark. Then cover it up with a bit of liquid
foundation. This may sound weird but it works amazingly.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 5:01 PM
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Releev
Instructions: I\'ve been suffering from cold sores my whole life and like all of you I hate them. It has destroyed my life. Maybe I shouldn\'t care so much, but I can\'t help it, I do. My whole life I would get them like clock work January and August. Then I quit smoking 11 years ago and I went almost 3 years w/o getting one. Then BAM, it seemed like it was waiting to make its debut and came out w/ one of the worse ones I\'ve ever had. But after that I would still only get them occasionly. Well, to change the story a little, I have a tattoo that I was getting removed and was doing it w/ the laser. If anyone has had this procedure you know how bad it hurts. It hurts 10x worse than getting the tattoo. Anyways...I had the first procedure done and 3 weeks later I got a cold sore. Then once a month or every other month a cold sore would come lasting at least week if not longer. I put up w/ this for almost 6 months and I finally went to the doctor and she prescribed me famvir and I have had only 1 over the past year. But every now and then I get that tingling sensation that one is coming. I found this medication OTC called Releev. I\'ve only seen it Walgreens. It cost like $20 but well worth it. I apply it as soon as I see the little red spot or the burning sensation. But Releev and stopped the cold sore dead in its track. I apply it as often as possible. I hope it works for you too.

I completely go into hiding when I get a cold sore. I Call in sick w/ the flu and don\'t leave the house until I can cover it up decently. I know it\'s pathetic but I feel like such a leper. I live my life every day wondering when the next one is coming. I hate it! oh, and just a little fyi for all who don\'t know this, but change your toothbrush when you feel one coming on and change it again when it is gone. The toothbrush harbors so much bacteria. It_is_ok_to_include_my_email: yes

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 1:01 PM
Name: Julia
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Ice, nailpolish remover, hydrogen peroxide
Instructions: ok well ive had my cold sore for a few days now and it has started to scab is a hard scab so i put a bunch of ice in a plastic bad and have been icing for hours..SERIOUSLY!!! just keep icing it up for like 3 hours straight. everytime the ice melts, refill it. after that time put hydrogen peroxide on it by pouring it on...then rub some more in with a Q-tip. leave it for a few minutes and then blot with a paper towel. Put the ice back on for 10 minutes and then alternate every 10 minutes with nailpolish remover. The scab should go down and beome less noticeable...hope this works for you. good luck

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 4:30 PM
Country_of_Remedy: usa
Ingredients: ice
Instructions: Last labor day (2007) I was visiting my family in Newport RI. Starting feeling a cold sore coming on and rushed to the store. I purchased some zilactin-L even though I had never heard of it before I thought I would give it a try. Here it is almost a year later and I STILL have visable scars on my upper lip line and wonder if anyone else has experienced this with zilactin. I have to stick to the old stand by reciepe of ice and camphophenic. The ice numbs it and the campho dries it out.

Sat, 24 May 2008 15:30:39 -0700
Country_of_Remedy: US
Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil
Lancet (or sterilized needle)
Lysine tablets or capsules
RMA Soothing Ointment by Vibrant Health
Lots of q-tips
toilet paper
Instructions: I\'ve been plagued by cold sores since the 3rd grade.When I felt that tingle on Thursday night at around 8pm I decided that I was going to wage war on the damn thing! So, I happened to find this website & decided to come up with my own home rememdy. Normally, my cold sores last for 10 days then leave a red mark for about a month or so. They always occur just above my upper lip, right in the middle. This is what I came up with and it is working: I immediately put ice into a zip-lock bag and put it on the spot, I did this for about an hour. Then, I applied tea tree oil with a q-tip and went to bed. When I woke up, I had a nasty fluid filled cluster. I used a lancet to poke each little blister, then squeezed every last bit of liquid out, blotting with toilet paper, then applied more tea tree oil with another q-tip. I applied tea tree oil about every hour all day. By mid-afternoon it was completely dried out and had a light scab. Normally, it doesn't get to this point for about 5 days! Today, I woke up with a gross green scab which was basically dangling there. It came off with very light pressure and a warm wet washcloth. Next, I applied some RMA soothing ointment. It is looking excellent. I think by tomorrow, it will be un-noticeable. Also, I normally take about 500mg of Lysine everyday. When I have a cold sore, I up the dosage to about 1500mg 3X/day. I hope this works for you! (It has been 40 hours since I began this process & it is nearly gone).

Mon, 12 May 2008 22:15:26 -0700
Name: Juli
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Swab/Cotton/Q-Tip, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ice, Sterilized Pin,
Instructions: 1.Prep all of your ingredients and wash hands.
2.Make sure to sterilize two or three pins/needles (depending on how many blisters you have.)
3.Pour a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide on the cap of the bottle.
4.Pop all the individual blisters using the sterilized pins.(make sure to get the fluid out by dabbing a clean tissue paper after you pop the blister)
5.Soak the swab/Q-tip into the peroxide and dab over the blistered area softly then firmly. Repeat as many times as possible. Eventually, the tingling sensation will wear off.
6. Continue soaking another swab/Q-tip and repeating the process until you see the blisters become white(this is usually an indications that the blisters are drying up. You can begin to feel the peroxide working when you feel it bubbling over the area
7. After all blisters are dry(whitish), take a cube of ice and place over lip for as long as you can. The longer you hold the ice cube over the blistered area the faster the redness and inflammation will go away. 8. Continue the process above if the blisters do not begin to improve, and finally moisturize lips with chapstick or some kind of lip conditioner. This has worked wonders for me, usually relieving my symptoms in one (two days tops). Hope this helps out

Sun, 04 May 2008 16:00:21 -0700
Country_of_Remedy: U.S.A.
Ingredients: valtrex, kwai garlic, Echinacea, nail polish remover,
Instructions: Cold sores have been a big pain all my life. My cold sores always last 10 days then a red spot for about another 2 weeks, Im so tried of these things. ok researched the things and this what i found.

1.take valtrex at first sign two pills,one when you fell it start and another 12 hours later.put ice on it at first signs

2.take kwai garlic
tabets (two tablets three times a day) garlic has bee proven to stop herpies.

3. Echinacea liquid(natures way ECHINAGAURD) put on cold sore 2-3times a day..I have tried the nail polish removerseems to help dry up the sore. well i\'ve also seen this thing on
youtube called the vygone zapper ,its cost about 150 dollar dont know if works or not I MIGHT GIVE IT A TRY.. good luck ,I feel your pain . I have scars from these things.

Tue, 22 Apr 2008 06:46:08 -0700
Name: Adam
Country_of_Remedy: South Africa
Ingredients: 1. Sterilised Needle
2. Q-tip/ Cotton-bud
3. Nail Polish Remover
4. Oxy 10, or any other Acne cream that will dry out the skin

Hey guys. First of all, It has to be said that there are no words of appreciation strong enough to adequately express how outstanding this website is, and how enormously beneficial the advice that I have found here as been.

I am a model. Needless to say, cold sores are the BANE of my life, and my career. I have suffered from terrible cold sores since the age of seven that have never lasted for anything less than 12 days. I cannot even count the amount of times that i have lost out on incredible job opportunities due entirely to these terrible, terrible...things! Last year I had to drop out of New York Fashion Week the day before the shows began, and just last month I was dropped from doing a Men\'s Health Magazine cover shoot, and although these might seem like trivial, perhaps slightly unfortunate setbacks to some, in my industry they are about as catastrophic as career blows get.

It\'s just so unfair isn\'t it? I work out for two hours everyday, I follow an absurdly strict diet, I make sure that I get eight hours sleep EVERY NIGHT, I drink 3 litres of water a day, I don\'t smoke, I don\'t drink AT ALL, I never do drugs which are like a food group for most models, and yet I am plagued with these hideous sores that come from no-where, with hardly any warning if there is any warning at all, that get more and more hideous as the days wear on, that destroy your self confidence and make you not want to leave your house, and all this embarrassment only temporarily distracts you from the pain that they cause. They are PAINFUL! I suppose I should consider myself to be somewhat fortunate in the sense that I only ever get them on my mouth, my lower lip to be precise. But to those of you guys out there who get them on your chin/cheeks/ or anywhere else, just know that one of my best friends [who is also a model] gets about 5 at a time all over her face, and she has been the face of Clinique and Roc skin products in their ad campaigns!!

OK, now for the incredible news. Get some tissues ready because you may burst out crying in disbelief when you read this. I JUST HAD A COLD-SORE THAT LASTED FOR 1 DAY!!! From the first mortifying moment when you feel that hardish bump deep within your lip with your tongue and you think \"could it be? please g-d let me be imagining it...\" to ABSOLUTELY PERFECT RECOVERY was LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!! This is what I did:

STEP 1: The second I realised that what I was feeling was the earliest stages of that tiny transparent/red blister [in my case it is usually only one tiny blister, but I know that a cluster is very common] I ran...SPRINTED to get a cube of ice. I held the ice on the blister and pressed HARD! You must hold it there until it melts, after which get another one and repeat. This process will prevent swelling and is ESSENTIAL.

STEP 2: While holding the ice on the blister I ran to turn on the kettle. While the kettle was boiling i ran to get some pins [try your best to use more than one pin, otherwise you will just have to keep re-sterilising the one if you can only find one]. I sterilised the pins by pouring the boiling ater over them.


STEP 4: I gently pierced the tiny blister with the pin. If there is more than one blister, pierce them all.

STEP 5: I squeezed the clear fluid out and blotted it with some toilet paper. YOU MUST BE AGGRESSIVE! Do not think that because you got one drop of clear fluid out that you are done. YOU ARE NOT DONE! I squeezed and squeezed until i could see that only pure blood was coming out. It helps to stretch the skin on either side of the blister/s to get them to bleed. This sounds terrible but it is not. If you want you blister gone in one day this is what you have to do. It is VITAL to get that active herpes fluid OUT OUT OUT! Just remember that if even the tiniest droplet is left inside, it will cause you countless days of embarrassment, self-hatred, anger, and sadness. So GET IT ALL OUT! I cannot strees enough how important it is for there to be ONLY BLOOD coming out of the blisters before you are safe. The way to tell is to look at the marks left on the toilet paper. they must be RED. if they are even the slightest bit transsparent or yellow, you are not done. Only once you are on (at least) your second square of blood spotted toilet paper, may you move on to step 6.

STEP 6: Pour some nail polish remover into the lid of the nail polish remover bottle. Dip one end of the Q-tip (cotton bud for non Americans like myself) and make sure you really soak up as much of it into the cottonwool as possible.

STEP 7: Dab the (now popped) blisters with the nail polish remover. Do not be too aggressive, but do not be too gentle either. Imagine that you are an archeologist and you are using some acid to clear some stubborn fossilised mud off a priceless gold medallion. This makes the process quite fun. Repeat with the other end of the Q-tip. Go through AT LEAST 3 more Q-tips before you move on. Literally SOAK your lip with the nail polish remover. I don\'t care if it stings, just think about how much money you\'ll make once you sell that medallion to the museum of natural history! :)

STEP 8: wait about a minute for everything to dry completely

STEP 9: dab a generous blob of ANY ANTI-ACNE CREAM THAT YOU KNOW HAS A DRYING EFFECT ON THE SKIN. DO NOT JUST USE ANY SKIN CREAM THAT MIGHT HAVE A MOISTURISING EFFECT - THIS WILL CAUSE IT TO PUSS AND FORM A HIDEOUS YELLOW CRUST! DO YOU WANT A YELLOW CRUST? NO!! I know that many people are scared to put blobs of cream that will dry, or toothpaste onto the sores, in the fear that in order to get it off they will have to rub hard and risk opening the sores. DO NOT WORRY! I WILL TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT SAFELY IN STEP 10.

STEP 10: Go to sleep. {if it is not an appropriate time to go to sleep, continue with your day but for heaven\'s sake DO NOT TOUCH YOUR LIP! let the cream dry, and lave it for at least several hours. If for some reason ALTHOUGH YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY TRY TO AVOID THIS HAPPENING, you accidently wet your lip, go back to STEP 7 and repeat the process) When you awaken, like sleeping beauty from her slumber, skip over to the mirror like i know you will, be shocked at the pimple you\'ve just noticed on your forehead and think \"oh g-d could my life get any worse!\" because you\'ve been so preoccupid with the god damn cold sore you have been neglecting your skin. Calm yourslef down, and go get some more Q-tips and the nail polish remover. As before, pour some remover into the lid, dip in the Q-tip and gently clean off the dry cream which will be easy because now you\'re an experienced archeologist. DO NOT USE ANY WATER.

..I hope, I hope, I hope that you will all have the same joyous experience that I had, and your heart will fill with joy and your eyes with tears as you see that as the dry cream dissapears, you see...nothing except for the few tiny red dots where the pin pierced the skin.

Continue throughout the day to repeat STEP 7, just as a precaution and to keep the area dry as a bone and drink a bottle of water every hour for the next day. I am writing this on my laptop at JFK airport in NYC about to board a flight to Milan, but I had to tell you guys about my awesome experience. Oh, and just so u guys know, some people who have spoken publically about their ongoing struggles with cold sores are: Angelina Jolie, JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Andy Roddick, and Christiano Ronaldo!!

Best of luck,

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 11:16
Country_of_Remedy: US
Name: Steph
Ingredients: Tea tree oil, vitamin E
Instructions: I dilute tea tree oil to about 2% in olive oil and apply to the spot at the first sign of a tingle - maybe 4 times a day. Once it\'s blistered and scabbed over I switch to vitamin E - using a pin to puncture a hole in the capsules and applying directly to the scab - aging 3 or 4 times a day. I notice the new cold sore med from Nexcare has both vitamin E and tea tree in it. I\'ll have to try it on my next outbreak.

Wed,30 Apr 2008 09:15:26 -0700

Name: Amy
Country_of_Remedy: US
Ingredients: Antipersperant
Instructions: I started getting cold sores about ten years ago. I found Lysine by accident and have had success stopping a cold sore by applying it at the first sign of sting. However this time it did not work. I used the Lysine at the onset in the afternoon throughout the night but by morning I had a swelling and a blister. So I read to use gel antipersperant. It releived all pain. I did not pop the blister, it stayed small and no one even noticed it. But when I got up this morning it broke. There is still no redness, or even a sign of a sore. Just a little swelling of the area. I think it helped quicken the process without discomfort. After it dries out a bit, I\'ll try using the lysine cream for healing. I hadn\'t seen anyone else on this page mention antipersperant and wondered if anyone else tried it?

Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 19:01

Name: John
Country_of_Remedy: U.S.
Ingredients: ice nail polish remover
Instructions: Was wondering what to do when it scabs. Been using icealternating with nail polish remover, and now have a big very noticeablescab. What is the quickest way to get rid of the scab? What should Ido? Please help. Just reply to the message on the blog please. thakns

Thu, 3 Apr 2008 19:45:45 -0700
Name: Rob
Country_of_Remedy: us
Ingredients: nail polish remover, tooth paste, cortizon or carmex
Instructions: Like to say first, I\'ve been suffering from cold sores
for 20 years.I think I\'ve tried every thing out there. Nail polish
remover and toothpaste will dry the sore very quick but becareful it will
leave a scar if your not careful.thank everyone for your help good luck
and god bless..

Name: michelle
Country_of_Remedy: united states
Ingredients: Hibiclens
Instructions: I have found that this actually works in stopping a coldsore before it starts. Hibiclens is actually a skincleanser mostly made for the treatment of M.R.S.A. It is actually like a you need to be careful not to get it into your mouth. The way that I take care of my coldsores is that when I start to feel the tingle of a coldsore coming on, I get out the Hibiclens and a q-tip and put it on the tingly spot right away. Occasionally I will leave the Hibiclens on there for a little while before washing it off, but my guess is that it shouldn\'t be left on the skin for too long. I have also noticed that if I don\'t happen to catch the coldsore before it erupts, I put the hibiclens on the sore when I get to it, I can actually stop it dead in it\'s tracks. That way it will take less time to heal. I have actually researched this and there is literature that says that Hibiclens is effective against the Herpes virus. It will not kill the virus, but it is effective on the skin. You can find Hibiclens in any pharmacy, it\'s in a light blue bottle. I hope this helps.

Sat March 22, 2008
Country_of_Remedy: South Korea
Ingredients: sterilized needle
proactive toner (or any astringent/polish remover/alcohol)
ear wax
super lysine+ topical (found at
l-lysine tablets
Instructions: I started getting cold sores 7 years ago when I was 20. I\'m one of the unfortunates that get them not only on my lips, but also on my chin, my forehead, my cheeks, my nose....anywhere on my face. I\'ll get more than one at a time, and they can grow to be the size of a friggin quarter sometimes. Trust me, if masks were acceptable to wear any time of the year other than halloween, I would take that up. I also have the bad luck of having bad acne. And not just the little white ones that go away in a few days. I get the deep inside zits that stick around long enough to earn themselves a name, and can also sometimes be a trigger of cold sores as well. For my acne, I\'ve had the most success with the Proactiv products, so that\'s what I have on hand for my skin issues.

Preventative measures:
Clean skin twice a day with Proactive(or your regular cleaner) to keep those deep monster zits away and your skin healthy. No break in the skin = less of a chance of a cold sore. Take in 1,000 to 2,000 mg of L-Lysine tablets a day. Avoid peanuts, peanut butter, or anything nut related at all. Eat at least one or two little yogurts a day. If not, I stop at a convenience store and down several swigs of whole milk. Dairy helps. So does fish. Eat it. Try to drink as much water as I can when I can. Dehydration is a HUGE trigger for me. Stress is also a huge factor, but there\'s not much I can do about that. I try to relax when I can, but there\'s only so much time in a day to spend on relaxing.

Cold Sore Breakout Actions: (With me, there\'s no \"pre-\" stage. Once I feel the tingle and itch, there\'s already a cluster of blisters forming.)

(This is the \"GET IT OUT\" and \"DON\'T SPREAD\" stage)
1. Pop those buggers any way you can as soon as you can. If you don\'t have a needle, wash your hands, wrap your fingertips in tissue and squeeze only firmly enough to open them up. I know it itches, but please restrain yourself from scratching and pissing off that virus even more. Your main objective here is to remove that live virus fluid from your skin. OUT OUT OUT!! 2. Wash your hands again to avoid spreading to any other part of the body!! And throw away those tissues you used. They can\'t be used again. 3. Stick your finger in your ear and get as much ear wax as you can (I know it\'s gross, honey, but it\'s just what you have to do) and apply to the site. 4. Wash your hands again. 5. Get another piece of tissue and apply to the still oozing blister so it doesn\'t leak anywhere. (Like when guys get a cut shaving and stick a piece of toilet paper to the bleeding spot----same thing)

(This is the \"DRYING IT OUT\" stage)
6. Once the oozing has stopped, take a cottonball (I don\'t use a q-tip because I\'m too tempted to scratch the site with it) and soak it in my proactiv toner. You can also use any drying solutiong like alcohol, polish remover, or astringent. What I do is take that cottonball and tape it to my face with a band-aid right over the site and leave it overnight or for several hours. 7. Usually, once I remove that \"bandage\" I have almost no swelling, no redness, and I already have a small scab over each little blister. Take a look at that old bandage and you\'ll see all the fluid you\'ve removed. I apply a fresh bandage until I no longer have any itching or tingling. If there are any new blisters, take care of them the same way as the previous ones.

(This is the \"HEALING\" stage)
8. Once all blisters are done showing their face, and there\'s no sign
of tingling, itching, or swelling, keep those scabs slightly moist with
the lysine
topical ointment or neosporin.
9. Avoid stretching your lips or mouth (eating big sandwiches, etc.) to
prevent cracking and bleeding of the site.
10. Keeping it slightly moist will cause the scab to get gunky once in
a while. Keep it clean with fresh tissues and reapply your topical
ointment. Each time
you *gently* wipe away the gunk, you will see more of the pink scar
11. Once you see more pink scar than soft scab, you should be in the
clear to apply a powder or light cover-up.

Duration of time from blisters to scar = 1 to 2 days. If you\'re one of
the lucky ones that actually get a little warning before the blisters
show, I\'m sure
you can knock it out in a day.

Hopefully, this will help you too, and help you avoid the whole \"Ewww,
what happened to your face?!\" conversation. I hope it saves you
Name: Courtney


Wed, 12 Mar 2008 01:16:02
Name: Anna B
Country_of_Remedy: Canada
Ingredients: Rubbing alcohol
GREEN tea bags
Instructions: I\'ve had cold sores ever since I was at least 9yrs old (I am 40 now) and all that time my mother kept telling me to use Carmex. Sometimes it felt like it was working but we did not know it HAS to dry out in order to get better. Carmex only worked for the soothing-after-scab stage. But anyway, in my adult life I have tried many thing except prescriptions. The FIRST one I actually had success with was RUBBING ALCOHOL. It stings (okay BURNS) like you\'re about to pass out, but it worked. The trick I found though was that it worked best and quickest when it was IMMERSED in the alcohol. Qtips didn\'t provide enough of it - it would dry on the tip before it could make a difference on my lip. So I got a deep disposable spoon (like a soup spoon) filled it with alcohol and soaked my sore IN it. I did this probably 6 or 7 times from the time the blister formed (doesn\'t seem to work until its at the blister stage). And then NOTHING ELSE!! Do it before bed, and go straight to bed! Do not pass go, do not apply creams, or anything else. Let it keep drying. By the next morning it was hardly noticable. I continued through the next day anyway and by day 3 - ALL GONE.

Now, about the tea bag thing.... I read somewhere to use a warm, steeped greentea bag on your eye for pink eye. I tried it last week and it worked OVERNIGHT - so I looked further into it\'s uses for coldsores, and discovered it has HUGE antiviral properties (which is of course what a coldsore is - a virus). So today I decided to forego the alcohol and try the tea bag thing - I have steeped and layed 4 hot (not boiling, but just slightly cooler than that) tea bags since about 6pm (and it\'s 2am now). The coldsore is not annoying in anyway like it usually is on the first few days (ie: tingling, itching etc). I will post back to see if it works as good as the alcohol. BTW I read that GREENtea is better than BLACK teas because they have better antiviral properties (and a whole bunch of other pro-health type properties). So if you\'ve tried black and it worked, try green next time - maybe it will work better.

And one last note in defence of Abreva. I read on a number of other sites that people claim it doesn\'t work at all. I have used it and I have found it does (for me) keep it from spreading- which is really all it claims to do. I think people expect it to \"heal\" or \"cure\" the outbreak and when it turns out that it doesn\'t, they give up on it. I think as long as one remembers that it\'s main purpose is to keep the virus from attacking neighboring cells, and don\'t expect it to decrease the actual severity of the active symptoms, its not a bad product.

Sun, 13 Apr 2008 10:31
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Wild Mint Oil, Vitamin E,
Buchu Oil, Chinese Golden Thread, Rubbing Alcohol
Tea Tree Oil ointment
Instructions: I found this site a couple days ago and I had a pretty bad cold sore... I read all of the home remedies here, and for the first day I tried the Peroxide and Rubbing alcohol thing, and then at night the tooth paste. It helped a little, but I continued to read the home rememdies and I actually found a product in my house that actually happens to be a foot spray that had all the ingredients in it(its called Melaluca Sole to Sole). I have been putting it on a cotton ball and holding it on my lip until it hurt too much to handle, and then I would put the tea tree oil ointment on for a little bit. I would switch between the foot spray and the ointment and it has definitely helped the most I think... Well Good luck everyone! This Site is the MOST helpful site I have been to!

Sat, 5 Apr 2008 11:01
Name: Brian Powell
Country_of_Remedy: Canada
Ingredients: vinegar
sodium chloride
Instructions: Many years ago I read that viruses require a near-neutral ph to survive and replicate. So I tried arbitrarily chose vinegar and have used it over the intervening years for several different viral skin infections. I have always used a dilute solution of one part table vinegar to ten parts tap water (just to minimize the sting). Adding salt seems to help speed the healing but is not required. However it is very important to apply it liberally and massage it in with your finger(s) into the affected skin for about 30 seconds or so to make sure that the solution penetrates deep into the skin. If applied early at the first tingling, it will prevent blistering. Apply early and regularly (3-4 times per day) until the area has completely healed. Do not stop if blisters form. You should notice a significant decrease in the rate of recurrence over time if you do this consistently, until recurrences stop entirely (after about a year or two of consistent use). You may get blistering under the skin only after a while (no open sores, just bumps). Do not stop treating. Eventually this will stop too. Works well for cold sores, herpes, canker or mouth sores and shingles. I suspect it would also work on warts as these are also virus-caused but have never had a need to try this. Name_of_Remedy: cold sores/herpes/canker sores/shingles

Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:45:39 -0700
Name: andrew
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Patience
Instructions: I get a fever blister every time I am stressed, and I may not know how to stop them, but I do know how to at least prevent them. First off, don\'t smoke cigarettes, if you do the sores will never go away. Also, probably want to lay off the caffeine That means coffee, red bull, and any kind of caffeinated energy booster, sorry folks. You also need to find out a way to relax. As far as reducing the healing time, drink plenty of water, I mean lots. Eat regular well balanced meals. Keep your lips moist with lip balm. Get plenty of sleep. Don\'t touch it, especially with your fingers. I don\'t think irritating the problem area is a good idea.Vitamins are essential(Lysine, Daily Multi-Vitamin)if you take them regularly and follow all the previous advice, I guarantee you won\'t get cold sores any more. Seriously, if you do this after your next outbreak and follow all the advice, they will go away for good. Now, stress may bring them on so that is the main thing to remember.

Sat, 23 Feb 2008 09:45:23 -0700
Name: John D
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: clearasil ultra
Q tip
Instructions: Ive been getting cold sores since i was 7. They always seem to pop up right when you don\'t want them to like on vacation, a party, or picture day. Ive tried everything and abreva for me does not work at all. What i do as soon as i get an out break is put clearasil ultra on it. Everyone knows who gets cold sores the faster the cold sore scabs the faster it will heal. So to get it to scab quicker you want to make it dried out. I put clearasil ultra on the cold sore 4 times a day and by day three it is fully scabbed over. Also when i clean it i put salt water on it to dry it out. Good luck.


INGREDIENTS: B-Complex, Vitamin C, Intercept CS, Abreva, Tea Tree Oil, Humidifier
INSTRUCTIONS: First of all canada winters are super dry, and for some reason year after year I've been getting cold sores in January-February. And of course my lips get super chapped and then of course a cold sore forms. SO this year I decided to buy a humidifier, and slept with it on every night. And so far so good, no cold sore has come near me. This time last year i had 1 every couple weeks, so it must work. Plus humidifiers are great for your hair, skin, and colds! So I recommend it to anyone. And I also take my b-complex vitamins everyday, and vitamin c. So far so good no cold sore for a very long time! I avoid chocolate, almonds, sugar, caffeine. And If I'm stressed and think a cold sore may come on I eat a big bowl of yogurt.
Up in Canada we have a new product on the market its called Intercept CS and claiming to stop the cold sore in its tracks and getting any bigger. Of course you'll have to use this in the "tingling" stage. Heres a link
I went out and bought it for the coming up winter, cost me $100 canadian, plus you need to buy 3 refills for $20. It comes with 2 refills tho. I figured it would be a good bargain and save me money than going to the doctor and buyin valtrex and those creams that end up not working after awhile.
I haven't had a chance to use it yet, because I havent had a cold sore this winter, but as soon as one comes I have it in my purse and see if this new revolutionary product works. And don't worry I'll review it asap. :) Last year I used abreva which shortens the duration and also tea tree oil, just dab it with a a q tip to dry the bugger out. Other than that I increased my vitamin c and b-complex vitamins. Ah yes valtrex does shortin the duration but its just so damn expensive those pills. Anywho hope this helped you fellow cold sore sufferers. I know how embaressing these things can be and puts your whole life on hold.

23-Jan-08 at 07:52] PM:
NAME: Jenny
INGREDIENTS: ICE,NAIL POLISH REMOVER,hydrogen peroxide,tooth paste
INSTRUCTIONS: I've been getting cold sores since I was a little girl. Recently I have had another occur below my lip. I am so happy I came across this site ..NAIL POLISH REMOVER!!!! wow I had no idea how well it works. When i first felt the tingle i put ice on it for 20 mins then peroxide.when that dried i put some nail polish remover on it and then topped it off with some crest tooth paste.It is now day 2 and i am already at the scabbing stage! thank god. I forgot to mention that I also drank about 3 bottles of water a day :

16-Jan-08 at 10:33PM:
NAME: nicole Riddle

INGREDIENTS: nail polish remover, lysine (pills and ointment),
echinecha, WATER, SLEEP, toothpaste, teatree oil, rubbing alcohol, yoga,
abrieva, visine
INSTRUCTIONS: Ok, so like most of you, ive had these all my life, andim trying some of the remedies on this site. the nailpolish remover
seems to keep it down, sleep, water and yoga are essential to getting yourbody calm and able to rehab its self. the teatree is great because itis a natural antibacterial, and the nailpolish dries it out. I make a mixture of rubbing alcohol, nailpolish remover, a couple of drops of visine and tea tree oil and press it against the coldsore for about 30 seconds to a min using Q-tip ( cotton ball if sore is larger than the Q-tip). i add toothpaste (not gel) to the left over solution and make a paste. apply it to the cold sore and leave it on ( i usually do this when i go to bed). in the morning time, i make the same solution, and apply it to the coldsore, also removing the residue from the nights paste. After it is dry, i apply lysine ointment. After that dries, i apply abrieva and set off with my day. I take lysine (about 5000-6000mg a day) and echinecha, always with at least 12oz of water. i do yoga every night and morning to center myself. My coldsores arent as bad as they used to be, so hopefully that means its working. Best of luck, and the most compassion to all.


I've suffered from very bad cold sores most of my life. i've got scars reaching half an inch either side of my mouth! my girlfriend is a nurse, and she got me some lignocaine 1% liquid last year - just to help with the pain. it helped with the pain, but amazingly cured and got rid of the cold sore in three days (i'd had it over two weeks!). i now use a lignocaine 2% gel with chlorhexidine. it stops the pain and stops the blisters forming - no red nothing. use it as needed upto every hour, and take lysine (upto 8000mg) every day as a preventative.



21-Dec-07 at 05:15

NAME: angela
NAME_OF_REMEDY: coldsore
INGREDIENTS: Nail polish Remover
Ear wax

INSTRUCTIONS: Hi I wanted to say that I have to deal with cold soresfor some years now They have calmed down since I know now how to help them to go away faster .
I have tried and spent money on everytime of medicine over the counter and nothing worked.Nothing! It seem to of made it worse Now after looking and internet
s earching every home remedie's too, I did ear wax(sounds gross) I know but it did help ,nail polish remover burns a lil but is effective and helps it , ice at the first burn or tingle can help it to maybe go away,but the most effective solution I have found is Valtrex (the magic blue Pill) nowI only get cold sores I have nothing else let that be known but I got the
prescription from my doctor and It takes it away and is gone quickly you feel it workin in the inside to make the appearance of the outside heal faster as well. So you can try all these home remedies which work too but if you can and have frequent cold sores ask your dr. for valtex It works great! Thanks

19-Dec-07 at 03:49AM:
NAME: Steve

Nail Polish Remover
INSTRUCTIONS: The Sooner you start this process the sooner it will
heal. It doesn't matter when you start it works at any stage. I have had
cold sores my whole life and found this website and was amazed on how
quickly my cold sore healed.

1. Put an Ice cube put it on the cold sore and let it melt completely.
2. Put earwax on the sore.
3. Put Nail Polish remover with a q-tip on the sore and let soak and
dry for 1 minute.
4. Put a heavy amount of toothpaste on the sore and let dry.
5. Peel off the dry toothpaste.

Thats it do this as much as you possibly can all day long, at
least 2 times an hour and this will be gone at the latest 3 days.
Completely healed in 3 days.

18-Dec-07 at 08:10PM:
NAME: Michelle

NAME_OF_REMEDY: Fever Blister
INGREDIENTS: Nail Polish remover
Q Tip
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
INSTRUCTIONS: I was VERY skeptical of the nail polish remover route,
but I got desperate enough to try it, and I KID YOU NOT, my blister
went from a huge red nasty mess,
to dried up and almost gone IN ONE DAY. Try it. It stings, but it is
SOOOO worth it! Apply the triple antibiotic
once the sore is dried up to prevent scarring, moisturize, and kill

13-Dec-07 at 04:3 PM:
NAME: Molly

INGREDIENTS: Peppermint oil
INSTRUCTIONS: This is something new that really worked! Put a drop ofpeppermint oil of the blister and it will give a soothing and coolingfeeling. Do this for about the first day it will ease the pain. It also
provides a drying afeect the speeds up the healing to scabbing... TRY it, it works

10-Dec-07 at 10:38 AM:
NAME: Sandy

Visine Clea Eye
Cortizone 10
Abreva while I work out
INSTRUCTIONS: I am caramel/honey flavored sista who likes to look goodand feel good,But around once a year since 8 yrs old (Beautiful 30 something now!!!,lol) I get a bad cold sore always at the worst time.Usually they come when the weather drastically changes, I'm dehydrated,or my lips are dry and ofcourse from stress.Over the years I have tried everything. Once my scab was so big and hard I even tried to filed it down. What a
war!It was once a serious 10 to 14 days of complete torture not knowingwhat I would wake up to.I just went threw a cold sore episode over the last 4 days and wanted
to take you on a journey with me.(I read EVERY remedy on here so before I begin please note that youmust find your method since everyones case is different.)Also, I am no expert but this site helped me for life. DO YOU REALLY WANT IT GONE IN 4 DAYS? HERE'S WHAT I DID!

1. Tingle
2. Read every remedy on site
3. Tried to get calm and relax (read, rest well, call friends, lower
stress by exercising )
4. Ice
5. Purchased all ingredients.
6. Took Lysine immediately average 4000 mg per day for me
Note* No visual today just the tingle
Each day I dressed my cold sore with Abreva while I worked out to
get the stress down

1. Lysine all day every three hours with small bite of food and
plenty of water
2. Little bumps on lip and below lip
3. Popped with sterile needle with nail polish remover (get them
early so virus can't spread. Get it out!)
4. Alternated nail polish remover and ice all day long! (to hell with
the sting, who cares if you want it gone)
5. Night time preparation mix toothepaste, visine-7 drop (gets the
red out), and nail polish remover-10 drops and make a paste. sleep with
Note* No visual today just draining. Easy to hide.

1. No swelling. scabs hard
2. Lysine all day every three hours with small bite of food and
plenty of water
3. Alternated nail polish remover and ice all day long again!
4. Night time preparation mix toothepaste, visine-7 drop, and nail
polish remover-10 drops and make a paste. sleep with it.
Note* Very important to keep it dry. Don't put anything moist on it.
Want to dry it out so scab will be ready to peel tomorrow if on lip.
Lips heal better than skin on face so you might have to let scabs
on face stay another day or two.

1. Lysine all day every three hours with small bite of food and
plenty of water
2. See if small scab are ready to peel off
3. Apply cortizone (extra strength)
4. By end of day I was able to dress my healing scabs and there was
no indication of me ever having them.
Note* I continued to dress my scabs with the cortizone afterward just
to heal the scabs

I love nail polish remover! Who ever thought of this one thanks a
bunch. Good luck in the war everyone. I tried it and it worked.
Thanks all who contributed their testimony to this site. Don't be
afraid to share with others. Be Blessed.

10-Dec-07 at 10:56AM:

INGREDIENTS: Valtrex (500mg)
Rubbing Alcohol
INSTRUCTIONS: I have suffered the embarrassment of cold sores all mylife and think the remedies listed on this site are wonderful. here's
what works for me:so much of keeping a cold sore under control is acting on it as soon as
you feel the tingling of one coming on. I keep a prescription for Valtrex (500mg) on hand at all times and take one as soon as i feel another cold sore coming on. The pills are expensive and you need a doctor to prescribe them, but they are worth it as nothing acts so fast with such great results. I told my doctor my cold sores bothered me, so he
wrote me a prescription that could even be refilled several times, without needing to go back to another doctor. My company's health benefits even cover the cost of the prescription. I take one or two 500mg pills at the first sign of a cold sore, and the blister or redness never appears, and is gone by the end of the day. I continue with a few more doses just to ensure the nasty bugger wont suprise me and come back. I have waited almost 12 hours since the onset of a cold sore and still found one pill makes it disappear quickly. If you dont have valtex, here is the next best thing: as soon as the blister has formed, gently lance it with a sterile pin, wipe away the fluid, then press a cotton ball full of rubbing alcohol on it and hold for several minutes. repeat this process until the bump is gone, and dried up. Now, one negative i find using this procedure
is that lancing the blister reduces the huge blister on your lip, but soon after an angry red mark replaces where the blister was. i find this to be more unsightly and embarrassing than the blister i had in the first place. However it is a quick fix initially and you can heal the red mark in a few days with something like polysporin or blistex - the point is to keep it moist now, not dry which makes it red and angry looking. i have tried vitamins and lysene others recommend as well, and whilethey do seem to work, nothing beats the fast acting results of valtrex. dont waste your time with the drug store aisle products like abreva or lipactin.
good luck i sincerely hope it works for you to.

10-Dec-07 at 04:57AM:
NAME: Debbie

INGREDIENTS: Aveno Oatmeal Bath
INSTRUCTIONS: When your herpes break out is really painful, start a bath with as warm of water as you can stand and sprinkle a package ofAveno Oatmeal bath in your water. Soak for about 15-30 min and repeat as often as you need. I've used this trick for about 10 years now and most of the time I only have to do it once.

10-Dec-07 at 03:31AM:
NAME: Jake

INGREDIENTS: Lysine tablets, Acidipholous tablets, Zovirax cream, tea
tree oil, nail polish remover.
INSTRUCTIONS: Take 6000 units of both Lysine and Acidipholous each day. Clean the sore thoroughly, and apply nail polish remover. Use a q-tip or cotton swab to hold the nail polish remover on the sore for at least 30 seconds. Yes, this will burn, but go on, you can take it. Afterwards, dab a little tea tree oil on the sore. Finally put Zovirax
cream on the affected area. Do this 3-5 times a day, and you will be amazed. IT REALLY WORKS! Never in my life have I gotten rid of a cold in 3 days with such minimal visible symptoms. I was very skeptical about putting a solution with acetone on my face, but I am here to tell you that I am a new found beliver in nail polish remover. Give it a try, it is soooo very worth it!

08-Dec-07 at 05:09 PM:
NAME: Mike

INGREDIENTS: nail polish remover, valtrex, toothpaste, rubbing alcohol,
l lysine, abrivia
INSTRUCTIONS: I get cold sores about 2-3 times a year. I got one in October while on vacation and applied Abrevia to it for what seemed like hourly. It didn't do much and it took about 2 weeks for it to entirely
go away. Flash forward to December. I woke up on Thursday with a small bump on my upper lip. My cold sores have always been painful so I didn't think
much of it but took a Valtrex just in case. By Thursday night it was getting bigger with 3 small white blisters. I found this site and figured "What the hell." I immediately iced the sore for about 10 minutes. Then
I dabbed on nail polish remover using a q-tip. I repeated the ice and reover about 5 times. I then did nothing for about an hour. And then
repeated ice and reover again- this time adding rubbing alcohol into the mix as well. I also took more valtrex and llysine as well. I woke up friday morning at about 3am and my lip was twice the size. I
once again iced it down- applied remover and this time decided to lance the white blisters with a thin needle (This is the first time I ave ever done this) I don't think I hit the actual blister though as all that
came out was bright red blood. I then put rubbing alcohol, remover and abrevia and went to bed. I Woke up for work Friday morning- the swelling had gone down a bit but it was still noticeable. I out on more nail polish remover, abrevia
and also put some concealer on my lip (Flesh colored as I'm a guy) so the sore was barely noticeable. During the day I put some more abrevia on it- followed by concealer. By the end of the day Thursday the sore was way down- all the blisters were gone and it was actually beginning the scabbing phase which was so small it simply looked like I had chapped lips. It's a miracle. less than 2 days and its pretty much gone. I am now using neosporin to make sure it doesn't scar. And that's it. What usually goes away fully in 2 weeks - should be fully gone in 3 days. And less than a day to get it to a point where no one would even
know. Amazing.

04-Dec-07 at 01:31AM:
NAME: Mars

INGREDIENTS: Famvir Tablets (prescription only)
INSTRUCTIONS: Firstly I like everyone else have been suffering frombthese hideous things all my life always in the same spot above my lip,until recently i tried almost all the remedies mentioned on this site butto no avail the cold soars would stillmappear without fail and torture me for days! Having gone to the doctors a few times over the past years believing their was something out there that i hadnt discovered i was always told there was not!! Until a
month ago I went to the chemist and he advised me that their is now a tablet called FAMVIR available that was recently approved as a remedy for cold soars that proved to be effective! I was sceptical at first but thought i had nothing to lose so I went to the doctor and got a prescription (only way to get them.) They work if they are taken within the 24hr period of the cold soar appearing, so my cold soar was deniedvdevelopment & the tiny blisters were gone in 3 days with no other assistance other than ice as precaution.Today i felt the usual tingle and rushed to the doctor for another prescription & now 6hrs later the tiny blisters are still there but have not developed into a full outbreak (previously experiences 6hrs after feeling the tingle I would already have had a major outbreak and be planning to stay home from work for a day or two) but not this time, the tablets works! They are not miracle
workers by anymeans but relieves the tingle,pain & prevent a full blown outbreak so this is what i shall be using from now on! I hope this helps people out there if the home remedies dont seem to work for you like they dont for me. good luck fellow sufferers :)

03-Dec-07 at 12:57AM:
NAME: Evan

INGREDIENTS: lysine, ice cube, non-acetone nail polish remover, earwax,
INSTRUCTIONS: So, I felt the tingle this morning and knew a cold sorewas coming on. Hit it with ice, kept the swelling down, the blisterended up being not very much bigger than a pencil eraser. Still, it waspretty nasty and raised a bit. Been popping Lysine all day, and it seeme to be helping. Usually the earwax works great for me to get rid of the blister, but it can be pretty resilient at first. If you hit it withthe non-acetone nail polish remover a few times an hour for a few hours,it dries it out significantly and might even destroy some of the
blister. The real one-two punch comes when you hit it with the earwax AFTERthe nail polish remover: the earwax just decimates the blister, accelerating the whole thing to the scab stage, at which point you can use the
medicated moisturizer of your choice. Rub consistently with the earwax and keep a towel nearby to wipe up any fluid that comes out (this also helps to avoid getting nail polish remover in your mouth!) I had the tingle this morning and now the blister is already gone--should be all healed by the end of tomorrow. Hope this helps, it sure worked for me!01-Dec-07 at 08:16

SUBJECT: Home Remedy


INSTRUCTIONS: TO get to the point, take a wooden spoon and hold itabove a flame liek a candle prefferably or a lighter. It will burn the spoon but the point is to get it pretty hot. all you need to do is hold it
above the candle for like less then 10 seconds, wipe it on a tissue to get rid of the black residue, and apply to the cold sore. It will be very hot at first so touch it quickly and release. Continue touching and realising it quickly so its as hot as possible for a long period oftime. When it starts to die down, hold it there for a little while longer
till the heat is not noticed and repeat. I find its a really good remedy, although it hurts it gets rid of the cold sore, or atleast shrinks it noticbly. Also the nail polish remover and toothpaste also work amazing. try this remedy out, you have nothing to lose, only to gain and im pretty sure you wanna get ride of that nasty cold sore.

29-Nov-07 at 08:02AM:
NAME: Kristel

INGREDIENTS: Rubbing Alcohol, Abreva (optional)
INSTRUCTIONS: This is best used when you first get the tingle. Apply alcohol immeadiately. If there are blisters, sterilize a needle with thealcohol and very gently open them. Saturate a cotton ball with alcohol and hold for 10 minutes on the sore. Try to localize the coverage to the sore only. Time is important here. Alcohol will kill the herpes virus but it must be 'wet' with alcohol and it takes a full 10 minutes to do the job. You can alternate applications with Abreva but I don't find this works any better. Apply as often as you can stand unless irritation developes. This actually inactivates the virus so the more you do itthe better. Acetone has the same effect which is why nail polish works (isopropanol can be oxidised to the ketone acetone). I prefer Isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) since this is often a key ingredient in antibacterial cleansers.

27-Nov-07 at 07:38AM:
NAME: Shannon

Rubbing Alcohol
INSTRUCTIONS: I woke up this morning with 2. one on my uper lip, and one on my lower. I applied ice, and let the swelling go down for about 15 minutes. Then I Rubbed them with rubbing alcohol. its dries them out and speeds the stages up. after that I let the alcohol sit for a few minutes. then I get a spoon, and two asprin. I put a little warm water in the spoon andcrush the asprin to a paste. I put the asprin paste on the cold sores andleave it for 30 minutes. and repeat the process. I also take ONE asprin every 5 hours. this helps internally. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Remember to be hydrated!!! DRINK DRINK DRINK!mine will usually go away within 1-2 days with this process.

18-Nov-07 at 08:49AM:
NAME: Dorothy

nail polish remover
INSTRUCTIONS: I take Lysine every day, but when I feel a cold sore, Idouble up on dasage. A soon as you feel the tingle of a cold sore, dipa q-tip in nail polish remover, and hold it on the sore for a minute.Rub some Carmex on the sore, and your lips. do this at least 5 times aday. The cold sore will never get big, and no one will ever know you
have a cold sore.


Hi Susan:
Thanks for your web site. I woke this morning with a cold sore. By noon time it was 3x its size and extremely painful. I had been using Novitra with no relief to the pain or cold sore. I started with fresh garlic followed by the ice. Then I used the q-tip with nail polisher remover. I felt immediate relief. I have continued the pattern of
garlic, ice and nail polish remover. It is now 2: 30 p.m. the swelling has gone done and the cold sore scabbed over. I am extremely pleased with all the recommendations on your web site.
Thank you all for your help.
Maire MacEoin
Southampton, MA., USA

07-Nov-07 at 08:33PM:
NAME: andrea

INGREDIENTS: The Liquid Advil Extra Stength
INSTRUCTIONS: First ice the blister for as long as you can take thenpop open the Advil Liquid Pill and put the liquid directly on the blister. Clears in one to two days.Lots of sleephelps too because I always get them when I am run down and exhausted

06-Nov-07 at 09:22AM:

NAME: Alison

INGREDIENTS: Alum, ice, needle, lighter, alcohol, campho-phenique,

INSTRUCTIONS: If youve ever had a cold sore, you know that it is aprocess: tingle, blister, yellow scab, then open cut like sore until its
gone. SO in order to treat the cold sore you have to coincide with thestages.The Tingly Stage: Use the ice, Ice your lip every chance you get,
hopefully the ice will not allow the blister to swell, and you will end upwith little or no blister.The Blister Stage: Ice is important during this stage to keep the
blister from getting bigger. If the blister had formed, use a lighter tosterilize the needle, then clean the needle with rubbing alcohol, Then carefully poke all blisters. Then immediatly used a cotton ball with either peroxide, alcohol, or even nail polish remover. All of these will burn, hold it on your cold sore for 30 secs. The point of this is to dry out the coldsore. DO NOT MOISTURIZE YOUR COLD SORE DURING THIS STAGE! That means no blistex carmex, chapstick of any kind!! Once you have poped the cold sores continue to ice them, and use campho phenique (drying action) on the cold sore, at night use the campho also but add Alum using a wet q-tip. Alum can be found in the spice aisle. The Scabby Stage: Now you need to moisturize! Use neospirin, chapstick,
also recommend Camph-phenque Scab relief (different than the drying action) I also apply alum during this stage (its a constant dry outmoisturize cycle)

23-Oct-07 at 02:03PM:

Nail polish remover
INSTRUCTIONS: Alternate dabbing purell and the Nail off repeatedly thefirst day. apply pressure and hold the Q-tip on your lip for 30
seconds. this will sting, but just focus on the amazing results you areabout to experience. I've tried everything under the sun, and this is the only remedy guarenteed to get rid of cold sores in 1-2 days. I will eat my hat if this doesn't work for you.

09-Oct-07 at 09:27PM:
NAME: Kamee

INGREDIENTS: Nail Polish Remover, cotton balls, abreva
INSTRUCTIONS: I was extremely skeptical when I saw this site, but afterreading cure after cure using nail polish remover, I decided the idea had to have some merit. I went to my medicine cabinet and grabbed some of the non-acetone nail polish remover I have. I used a cotton ball and applied the nail polish remover directly onto the HUGE cold sore I woke up with this morning. It was a bad one too, lots of icky little blisters and it was quite swollen. After using the nail polish remover on the cold sore, I let it dry out for awhile and then applied a tiny dab of abreva. That was just a few hours ago, around 4 or 5. Now the blisters appear to be completely gone, the swelling is down, and the cold sore
is already to the scabbing stage! I will definitely try this the next time one of those monster cold sores makes its appearance!

03-Oct-07 at 06:48 PM:
NAME: John Ellob

INGREDIENTS: Lysine+, Vitamin b75, Vitamin c, multi vitamins, alvera
INSTRUCTIONS: i woke up on monday morning completely horrified to seethe little pus filled bastards already on me! they began at the bottom of my nose and went down the lip and they were already blisters!no time to save them from alvera! well i used it anyways for a day or two and it did nothing, so i came to this site. i tried to pop it with asterilized needle but it didn't want to pop? it just really hurt, i likely did itwrong. i then used nail polish remover on them and it worked nicely. theswelling went down, but you could still see the viral tissue and remnants of blisters.along with that i've been taking 3 Vitamin c's, 1 Strong multivitamin, and b75 complex stress relief/energy production. right now it's still quite red/apparent, but it looks like a scrape or cut as opposed to blisters so at least that is nice. I bought lysine+ cream today and it has plenty of beneficial ingredients, including (ofcourse)lysine, vitamins a e, wax, and others.

well it's wednesday night and i'm hoping they'll be gone, have a date this weekend and these buggers show no mercy in their timing! good luck everyone.

24-Sep-07 at 08:22PM:
NAME_OF_REMEDY: cold sores
INGREDIENTS: Mint flovored Listerine, Abreva, Neosporin.
INSTRUCTIONS: Wash affected area with antibacterial soap, pat dry. Dipa cotton ball in mint Listerine and hold it to blisters for about 5minutes. The cooling of the mint counteracts any burning from the alcohol.Apply Abreva several times a day and Neosporin when blisters arestating to heal. Works every time!

15-Sep-07 at 10:21PM:
NAME: Sharon

INGREDIENTS: 30+ Sunscreen Lotion

INSTRUCTIONS: Each morning make it your routine to put sunscreen on your lips and thats it If you are a sports person out in the wind or heat then keep some with
you and apply several times during the day Have tried the sunscreen tubes for lips but these do not work as well as actually putting body sunscreen lotion on

I have suffered from cold sores for 33 years and have tried everything posted here, but this remedy really works. I use Power Immune by and australian bush flower essences called 'spinifex' (I forgot what webpage I got that from though.) Take these both orally and use topically and the cold sore will be GONE!! I mean GONE, no outbreak, no 8 days of pain, and redness, and more pain, just simple GONE. Its a miracle and I wanted to share the FIRST remedy I have found that really really works!!!

yours in health,

13-Sep-07 at 01:39 AM:
NAME: Denise

Nail Polish Remover
Cotton bud or Q-tip
Lysine Tablets
Vitamin B Tabs- the best ones you can get
INSTRUCTIONS: Yes this really works! Thanks everyone for your helpful remedies.I tuned into this site just yesterday and already my cold sores
(2 separate outbreaks on bottom lip) have nearly disappeared. My story starts two days ago (afternoon) when I noticed the tell-tale tingle in
one spot just below my bottom lip. I was working and unable to do anything straight away so I put Blistex lip conditioner on and hoped for
the best. At closer inspection later that day to my horror I had two outbreaks of several small blisters clustered together. Stayed home from
work next day as lip had swollen to immense proportions,it was reeaalllly sore - couldn't close my mouth properly.Used the remedies mentioned on
this site. Applied ice cube on the spots until it all melted away.This helped with the pain straight away. Then Q-tip dipped in Nail Polish
Remover and held it on the sores for a few seconds. Instant success- they were shrinking.I repeated this process. The blisters had not had time
to weep and were still closed but filling with liquid. My lip that very morning looked absolutely hideous. Hugely swollen and sores deep in
the flesh of my lower lip as well as the other edge bordering on skin. Also bought some fresh Lysine tablets and took two straight away. Continued yesterday afternoon to apply the nail polish remover and ice when it felt really sore. Blisters were not ready to be popped or anything so off to bed. This morning, blisters got a quick pierce and dab with Nail Polish remover again but only the one deep in my lip needed popping. The other sores bordering on skin had nearly gone! Had to go to work so covered it up with makeup and off I went. At lunch, dabbed a bit more N.P R on (took it to work with me) and went on my way. As every hour went by, the blisters retreated and dried up and swelling went own almost back to normal. I have contined taking the Lysine Tablets- 1 per time a couple of times a day.If you could see my lips now you wouldn't even know I' had an outbreak. The scab stage, which usually lasts for a couple of days for me, was over in a matter of a few hours.Iv'e never seen results like this from any cream over the counter.Here we are in the evening of the second day of major full blown problems and they are nearly completely dried up. No pain or anything. I'm still applying Blistex as lips are quite dry and they feel like they need some moisture. Also, I took some Vitamin B complex last night and today for energy levels.This has probably aided in the recovery. Good luck and don't be scared to try it. Thanks to this site I'm my regular self again. Thankyou all. Just keep on with the Nail Polish remover as often as necessary.

INGREDIENTS: Fresh garlic cloves (preferably organic)


The compounds found in fresh garlic are some of the most powerful anti-microbial agents around. Although garlic is best known for it's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties (both important when dealing with sores), garlic also has anti-viral properties that can help with cold sores.

The secret to unlocking garlic's power is using only fresh garlic cloves that haven't been processed, heated or modified in any way. To produce the compound that has all these wonderful anti-microbial properties, you need to crush the garlic into a pulp. This starts a chemical reaction that produces the all-important allicin agent, along with the infamous smell of garlic!

Start by spreading the pulp around your sores and surrounding areas. This will cause intense burning for about 10mins that is largely harmless; however, I would recommend icing your face before applying the garlic to make it more tolerable. Areas of weak or sensitive skin may show burn marks afterwards, so I would test in a small area first. My current outbreak spread from the lip to around one eye, and after applying garlic pulp to all infected areas for 30mins, several times a day, I noticed a small patch of rug-burn-like skin directly below my lower eyelid (where the skin is thinnest). A way to counter this would be to dilute the pulp with water, or use less, or apply for only 10mins. Afterwards, you'll want to remove any garlic pulp or dried juice from your face, and I would suggest an alcohol swab, or a bit of soap on a napkin, or something that won't leave it wet. This will also remove the smell of garlic!

With this treatment you should notice is a drawing/drying effect. Blisters should be reduced in size and a lot flatter. Also, pain and irritation should be reduced greatly. The burning/stinging sensation felt at the start of the application seems to leave the area a bit numb to sensation.

I think garlic pulp is similar to the other popular remedies in that it dries and draws out the wet cold sores. However, it is a natural agent that is accompanied by strong anti-bacterial/fungal/parasitic/viral properties that have been scientifically scrutinized in medical journals. Garlic is even used in cattle feed in countries where antibiotic use has been restricted. It is also greatly reccommended to eat raw garlic cloves shortly after meals (so that stomach acids don't kill the allicin compound), or to add crushed cloves to your bath. Really, the only drawbacks to this treatment is the smell.

11-Sep-07 at 09:29AM:
NAME: Celeste
NAME_OF_REMEDY: Fever Blisters
INSTRUCTIONS: When you feel that first little tingle of a fever blister apply honey to the area several times a day and again that night. Chances are it will never become a full fledged blister.Applying honey also helps after the blister appears.

02-Sep-07 at 09:35PM:

INGREDIENTS: Nail Polish Remover, pin needle, baking soda and water to make a paste, Zovirax pill form if it can be afforded and ice cube
INSTRUCTIONS: I was going to go to party tonight but guess what? I had to pass because this morning I woke up with a cold sore the kind that extended above my lip onto the skin. So I googled home remedies and this site came up, I am glad that I am
not alone in my quest to shorten my cold sores duration as they are notonly ugly but painful I have to take Zovirax on a daily basis because I get cold sores more often then most, lucky me. It works but over time your immune system will develop a tolerance
to the drug and because I have been on it for so long this is why it now must be taken daily. Anyway, back to today, I read a lot of the remedies for cold sores and tried a couple
of them to see it they worked. I used a needle to break the sores and a cotton ball to wipe away the fluid, I didn't have much because they are always small cluster sores, then I applied nail polish remover twice, with a Q-tip. I even tried the tea bag thing but it didn't work. The nail polsih remover worked okay but then I got the idea to mix baking soda with water and apply as a paste to the sore. It dried up the sores but did not take them completely away. However, where I refused to leave the house all day today I can now apply a dab of foundation to cover the slight redness and walk out of the house with out worrying about someone ogling my lip. I only left the baking soda paste on for about 20 mins but will apply later on tonight to see if it will make anymore of a difference. I also iced the sores as well to take down the swelling. I do feel from years of experience (I'm 30 now) that one must carefully break the sores before appling the drying agent in order for it to really work. However, be smart about it, keep area clear of fluid with a fresh clean cotton ball and continously wash hands to prevent the spread of the virus to any other part of your body.

02-Sep-07 at 07:44 PM:
NAME: Humbled by cold sores

INGREDIENTS: Ice, Nail Polish Remover, Hydrocortisone, Stress Reducer
INSTRUCTIONS: I have tried almost ever remedy listed on this site prior to finding it (except earwax!?!). I think that different things work for different people. My mom gets them small and they only last a few days over the counter treatments seem to work for her, for me and my brother we get them on both lips at the same time they get huge and gross and last 10-14 days (sometimes returning after they clear up for a few days). So believe me I feel your pain.

After I ICE to get the swelling down and dry them out with NAIL POLISHREMOVER I use HYDROCORTISONE CREAM (2.5% prescription strength if possible) to help heal the skin and clear them up completely. I once had a prescription for Diprolene (for poison oak) I used it, it worked great but when I asked my doc. for more he said it wasn't recommended to use around the mouth. Any way I have tried many things
over the 15 years that I have suffered and any skin med. containing a mild steroid seems to help with the swelling. But as we all know a steroid cream is not always on hand when they decide to rear there ugly heads. My last suggestion is DON'T STRESS OVER THEM... they just get worse. I use a home grown herbal remedy to reduce my stress when ever I feel 'the tingle'. You should do what ever makes you feel comfortable to relax and reduce
your stress level. Good luck take care and pray for the pharmaceutical companies to finally realize they would make a fortune if they would get something on the market that really

28-Aug-07 at 06:29PM:
NAME: Gina
INGREDIENTS: cooking/salad oil
tea tree oil
nit comb
INSTRUCTIONS: This is an easy remedy to rid you of those unwanted pests. Messy but very effective!
First, add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo, this
Ok now to the messy part:
Use equal measures of cooking/salad oil and vinegar apply to dry hair, massage through hair covering entire head. Wrap in towel leave for 15 min. After 15 min is up brush hair then use nit comb through hair, this should be really easy because of the oil.
Rinse comb after each brush through.When finished hop into shower and shampoo out (with the tea tree oil added shampoo). You may find you have residue oil left in the hair and it may take a couple of extra washes to wash out, but this is fine.

Don't forget to clean/soak all brushes and combs, vaccum floors, strip all linen etc and hot wash to kill lingering pests.

I have tried this method twice now and its brilliant, once when my daughter was 7years old and again about a month ago, she's now almost 11years old. So yeah I think it really works.

22-Aug-07 at 12:30PM:
NAME: Dusty

Vitamin C
Nail Polish Remover
L-Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment
Tea Bags (Earl Grey)
INSTRUCTIONS: Hey there! I usually get cold sores twice a year, so I'm pretty lucky compared to some people. I can't stand it when I do get them though! So, this time I searched the internet for home remedies and found this WONDERFUL site! I found a lot of great tips on here and decided to combine some of them and see what happened. I woke up Monday with the cold sore. It wasn't fully formed, but I could tell it was getting close- I hadn't even felt the tingle this time! So, today is Wednesday and I think it will be pretty much cleared up by tomorrow- yay! BelowI will list the steps I took to get rid of my cold sore. I hope that my suggestions and everyone else's are helpful!
This is the order that I went in with the different products:
1. L-Lysine- this is a amino acid that is supposed to stop the further formation of cold sores. I read that it is only beneficial if you take more than 3,000mg per day. Be sure to only take that much while you have the cold sore. You can take a smaller dosage daily as a preventative
measure, but you should check with your doctor first. You can find it in the vitamin section of any drugstore or grocery store.
2. B-Complex- This is a vitamin supplement that contains the different b vitamins your body needs. It is supposed to help with nerve function. I already take this daily, but I read that it is supposed to help with cold sores.
3. Vitamin C- I read that vitamin C helps your body get rid of the cold sore faster, so I threw that into the mix of vitamins also.
4. Peroxide- Although I have read that you are not supposed to and I had never done it before, I decided to pop the cold sore. I popped it with a sterilized needle and then applied peroxide with a q-tip. I have also been applying peroxide every morning and night.
5. Ice- Hold ice on the cold sore for ten minutes.
6. Nail Polish Remover- After icing your cold sore, apply nail polish remover with a q-tip. I held it on my lip for five minutes total. When the q-tip dried out, I put more on a NEW q-tip. Be careful not to let the nail polish remover touch the skin closer to the inside of your lips-it is really sensitive and it can cause irritation.
7. Tea Bags- Next place a hot tea bag on the cold sore until it cools. I did this step twice in a row. I read that Earl Grey is the best to use, I'm not sure why.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 as much as you have time to- I figure the more the better.
9. L-Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment- Apply this after you have completed the steps above and throughout the day as much as possible. There are other ointments out there you can use, but I saw this one and decided to try it. It has lysine, zinc, and tea tree oil in it- all three are supposed to help treat cold sores.
10. Neosporin- Apply this at night to aid in healing the sore. Manypeople believe that you should let the sore dry out. I prefer to useNeosporin- it seems to work well for me.
Remember to take the vitamins daily until the cold sore is gone!I hope these tips are helpful! Good luck!

Name: Amanda.

I've been getting coldsores ever since I was smaller,but just in different forms. When I was smaller I used to get cancer sores and boy were they ever painful! Lately I've been getting coldsores on mylip and it's been driving me insane. I've tried Blistex (which believeme doesn't work that well or at all) And Abreva which works okay butnot the greatest. I came to this site almost 2 months and I just looked.But now this is the third time I've gotten a coldsore on my lip. AndI decided to try the Nail PolishRemover method. On the first day Inoticed a small blister very small, so I had decided not to do anythingabout it, by the second day my liphad swelled up beyond imaginable.It was terrible and I felt ugly, I refuse to leave my house and go out with my boyfriend. I hadthis huge blister on my lip, and my mother hasbeen telling me to pop it, but I can't seem to do it myself. I hate to puncture my own skin or other people do it for me, I'm a bit afraid. I had woken up at 5:30 on the third day and my blister was still as big as ever. So at around 6:00 I decided to try Nail Polish Remover. Grab a Q-Tip and put it in Nail Polish Remover dab it gently on it. Try not to dab it hard on your coldsore for it will make it itchy and more painful. Leave the Q-Tip on for about a minute or so and thentake it off. Dispose of it after of course and let the Nail Polish on your coldsore dry up. After about a minute or so apply the Nail Polish again. I did thisand by 7:00 (am) The big blister had swelled down so much! I was surprised Although I havent been very consistant with it. I've applied it about 5 times from 6:00 to 7:00 and the results were amazing. I also do recommend washing your hands after touching it as you do not want to spread it.
*Also do not I repeat do not put Vaseline on it. The idea of gettingrid of a coldsore is so that it dries up, Vaseline does take the pain away but it keeps it moist and slows down healing time.* At night to help it more apply Abreva if desired or even toothpaste works well. By the next morning your coldsore should haven went down tremendously. I seriously recommend this remedy. It's cheap and effective. It worked for me and I truly hope it works for you.(I know Nail Polish seems ridiculous but try it, it really works!)


Ingredients: Valtrex, Ice, Rubbing Alcohol, some kind of antibiotic ointment.

Instructions: I am starting school in a few days and i woke up 2 days ago and saw i had 2 huge cold sores on my lips. I wanted them away as soon as possible and i googled a few websites to find how i can quckly get rid of them. I came across this website and started testing out a few things. I found that first put some ice on it until it melts then getting a q-tip and putting some rubbing alcohol on it and rubbing it on my lip for about 15 seconds. Then getting antibiotic ointment like neosporin and putting that on it. It shrunk my cold sores soo much. Also, my dentist wrote me a prescription for Valtrex. He said it works really well and i found that it really does. I know it is mainly for Genital Herpes but it works wonders for cold sores to. Just take one once a day. Good luck and i hpoe this helps everyone out!!

p.s. if you feel a cold sore coming on take either l-lysine or Valtrex and it wont even break through the skin. :)



09-Aug-07 at 09:37AM:
NAME: Brandy

INGREDIENTS: Ice, Rubbing Alcohol, Warm Tea Bag
INSTRUCTIONS: I woke up this morning and had a monster sized lip. I start a new job tomorrow and I did not want to look like some infection
infested person. So I did something my mom told me to do. She said, Freeze it with ice,take the alcohol and put it on a q-tip, leave it on until the alcohol
dries up on the tipflip the tip over and repeat, then take the warm tea bag (as hot as youcan stand it, that is important) place it on your lip until it cools
down andit will cool down fast, repeat the tea bag treatment. I have been upfor an hour now working on my cold sore. It is not red anymore, theswelling has gone down,and it is drying up. If I keep treating it this way it will be gone bytomorrow morning WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! Trust me it works!!!!!

13-Aug-07 at 05:43AM:
NAME: denise

INGREDIENTS: vingear....tea bags.perioxide.toothpaste
INSTRUCTIONS: u guys have got to try this it work with in a day and ahalf..when u first get it realease the sweeling put mutiple hot tea bagson it it will decrese the swelling next put a little vingear to chasetghe virus away and then kill it with alot of perioxide it really worksthe perioxide burns soo then u kno it's working .next put sum toothpaste on it repeadly it burn but hey u want it gone right.make sure u keep updating ur sore with toothpaste everytime it gets dry.sleepwith it wake up in the middle of the night n keep updating it in themorning all u see is sumthing that use 2 be there...

06-Aug-06 at 11:46 AM:
NAME: christina

This worked for me. I have not had any problems with my mouth since I started using a product my oncologist told me to try.It is called Biotene toothpaste and Biotene mouthwash. It has an anti-bacterial in it and no alcohol to irritate the soft tissue.

04-Aug-06 at 07:36 AM:
NAME: Frances
INGREDIENTS: Ice, Valtrex, Nail Polish Remover & Neosporin
INSTRUCTIONS: I started experiencing outbreaks about 1 year ago. Since then, I've had 4 outbreaks. It seems that they get worst and worst. After the third outbreak (about 2 months ago), I found this website. THANK GOD!!!!! I decided to add the nail polish remover as soon as I felt any tingling. It WORKS!!!!! It's been 3 days since I felt tingling and I quickly took 2000mg of Valtrex twice a day for 1 day. I also alternated between ice and nail polish remover. Any blister than were
developing were quickly dried up. I couldn't believe's magic. It looks like it will heal by the end of the weekend w/o scars. Maybe I can be back at work by Monday.

05-Aug-06 at 08:31 AM:
NAME: Sonni Schwinn
INGREDIENTS: Hydrogen Peroxode
INSTRUCTIONS: I've been getting cold sore (herpes) since I was a teenager and I'm very old now. I don't remember how I discovered this cure. I use HO for infections and other skin problems, so I probably just gave it a shot and found out it worked.Everybody who gets them quickly recognizes the first little pain that signals a cold sore is on it's way, before the first little redness begins. As soon as you treat it, it starts to go away. So, if you catch it at that point, the sore doesn't even develop.The problem is that HO has to have a passage into the infection. So if there isn't one yet, you have to make one. It doesn't have to be deep--just a break in the skin. A poke with a sterilized pin brisk rubbing with a tooth brush will do it. Yes, it hurts a little, but nothing like what it will feel like if it grows.Dab the HO onto the opening, every hour or so, four or five times. If it doesn't bubble or sting a wee bit, the opening isn't deep enoughAfter each application cover the area with Chapstik and keep Chapstik on it til it's completely healed. I don't know if other lip balms work or not. Occasionally I've felt one start when I wasn't near HO, but I always have Chapstik, which makes a big difference all by itself. I'm guessing herpes needs air to grow.People who don't get cold sores might argue that when we think we're stopping the thing early, it wasn't really herpes. But those of us that get them easily recognize that special pain.I got herpes AT LEAST twice a year until I started this treatment, about 30 years ago. Since then, only a couple have grown any bigger than a pimple. I hope it works for everybody. Can't hurt to try it.

05-Aug-06 at 05:55 AM:
NAME: Celeste Riley

INSTRUCTIONS: I dont get cold sores very frequently but when I do Carmex does the trick. Like other posts as soon as you start feeling the tingle put carmex on it. For those that are not familiar carmex is an over the counter lip balm. I have tried other lip balms but carmex seems to work the best for me and I also use it all during the winter to prevent chapped lips.

02-Aug-06 at 01:24
SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: Katie
Aloe Vera
L-Lysine (vitamin supplement)
Acidophilus (vitamin supplement)
INSTRUCTIONS: No guarantees, but this is what I did - I noticed my sore
this morning and now, at 3:15, the sore is pretty much gone. When I first noticed the sore, I put abreva on it and then left for work. Once I got to work, I iced the sore and then put more abreva on it. I then went to the drugstore and got L-Lysine, Acidophilus, and Aloe Vera. L-Lysine and Acidophilus are both vitamin supplements that I found at Walgreens for $4.99 and $8.99, respectively. I took 2000 mg of L-Lysine and 2 billion CFUs Acidophilus. I then iced the sore and put aloe vera gel on it. I continued the icing once every few hours and alternated the application of abreva and aloe vera. I also applied a moistenened Cold-Eeze tablet directly to the sore for 30 seconds.
At noon, I had three small blisters that were beginning to form within my lipline. As of now, those three blisters have receded. I expect to continue this process for the next few days until I know for sure that this thing is gone for good!

01-Aug-06 at 08:34 AM:
NAME: Brittany
INGREDIENTS: whitening gel(w/ bleach in it)
INSTRUCTIONS: i just got a cold sore blister yesturday and i was putting blistex on it but it wasnt working all that well.
then i saw on here that bleach works. i was too neverous to try it so i went to the bathroon and saw my whitening gel and it said that it had bleach in it. i just started using it and it is working already! 5 minutes and youll see a BIG difference! just keep appliying it throughout the day and it will basically be completely gone!

26-Jul-06 at 02:41 PM:

INGREDIENTS: nail polish, tea tree oil, an ice pick, a fishermans cough drop, ladies dirty panties, a snail, a staple gun, a flame torch, a
pen, sunglasses, a steak, a baseball, a buger- preferably wet, some stinky socks, l-lysine, tea tree oil, red marine algea
INSTRUCTIONS: ignore all the ingredients i listed like the rest of the ingredients everyone provided. do not pop- it will only imflame other
areas. use any cold sor emedicine at first. try to ice it. the most important part is to not wet your face. you wantth sore to dry up as soon
as possible. tea tree oil helps this. i would also take red marine algea. it is known to kill the virus

23-Jul-06 at 07:17 PM:
NAME: Nicholas
Nail Polish Remover
Q Tip
Herbecin L
INSTRUCTIONS: Rub an Ice Cube on the sore for 10 minutes, or use one ice cube and use until it melts away. Then dip a Q-Tip in nail polish
remover. Rub the Q-Tip on the sore. WARNING..... It will sting alot! Rub on until stinging goes away. Then use Herpecin L on it. Leave on until
you feal tingling coming back or lips become dry and chapped. Then, repeat process. Do it once before you go to sleep and within 2 days it should be gone.

22-Jul-06 at 11:36 AM:

INGREDIENTS: one peppermint tea bag
INSTRUCTIONS: I've tried so many remedies for cold sores but the one that seems to work the best for me is to wet a peppermint tea bag and
place it on the sore. Depending on the location of the sore you can usually hold the tea bag in place with your lips. After a few minutes the
peppermint begins to tingle and kind of gives you a sense that it is working as well. Many new studies are finding that peppermint is absorbed
through the skin and has a direct virocidal effect on the Herpes virus. I know from experience that it does indeed work very well.

19-Jul-06 at 09:14 AM:


9-Jul-06 at 05:07 AM:
NAME: Sara

INGREDIENTS: Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser
INSTRUCTIONS: Just apply an appropriate layer of Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser on the sore area. It'll eventually soak in (burns a bit), and then
keep re-applying it.Worked well for me, has dried the blisters faster than it would usually take. Had tried Nail Polish Remover and Apple Cider Vinegar before this but I didn't use it for too long so maybe that's why I didn't see much of a difference. Then I rememebered I had used this cleanser when I had really bad acne (my dermatologist had prescribed it to me), and it was extrememly, extrememly effective, so it's great to use even as a normal face wash. Just mix a coupla drops with water and apply it and keep it on your face while you brush, then wash it off. Hope this helps!

16-Jul-06 at 05:00 AM:
NAME: Andrew K.
COUNTRY_OF_REMEDY: United States of America
INSTRUCTIONS: It was Saturday late afternoon. A cold sore was developing on my lip. I haven't had one in about 8 years. I think that I haven't
had one for a long time because I had been using a topical solution called Vytone Cream 1%. But I've bitten my lip several times during the recent week while chewing gum and I've had some rather stressful situations at the end of the week which caused me to actually bite my lip purposely. Needless to say, I started to develop a cold sore. The vytone cream didn't help lathering it on. So, I did a search and came across this website. I looked at a lot of the suggestions and I didn't have some of the needed items like lime or L-lycine or T-Tree oil. But I rummaged around my medicine cabinet and I something hit my like a ton of bricks. If you're a guy and have been plagued by razor bumps, you may have a bump stopper cream or ointment (mine actually had T-Tree oil in it). I started to put that on Saturday evening, its now Sunday morning and its had a positive effect. While my bump isn't gone it has stopped growing it appears to be healing and in
submission. I wish I would've started this on Friday night. But, we'll see what happens by Monday am. I will update you. Wiz


15-Jul-06 at 03:17 PM:

INGREDIENTS: Abreva, l-lysine, ecchinacea, vitamin C, nail polish
INSTRUCTIONS: Alright guys, I mixed what I usually do with your suggestions and IT WORKS! I woke up to a bump that already hurt. No tingle,
no warning, but not yet ready to pop. Whateveryou do, DON'T IRRITATE IT BY VIGOROUS RUBBING OR ATTEMPTING TO POP IT YOURSELF. The key is to have plenty of these things available in your home for when you needthem so you can use lots right away. Slather on Abreva first. Use a lot!! I put on so much so that I can slowly rub it in without aggravating the sore (remember you're trying toavoid breaking the skin cause thats when they spread and scab over and take forever to heal - I personally like to watch the bump just disappear). Also, more is probably better. I took four ecchinacea pills, four vitamin c pills, 6 500 mg l- lysine. Its my first time adding vitamins to my abreva routine.I took a break from Abreva for a bit and dipped a q tip in nail polish remover and held it on the bump for a couple minutes. (using a new q tip to redip every 20-30 seconds). It startedto get red so I stopped and put more avbreva on it and left it alone. It hasn't even been 6 hours since I discovered the bump and it hasn't grown at all and with more l-lysine tonightand more abreva and water througout the day it should be virtually gone by morning - and thank god because I have a party with co-workers. Thanks for your sugggestions -tomorrow will tell.

05-Jul-06 at 11:20 AM:
NAME: eva

INGREDIENTS: drink milk

INSTRUCTIONS: Do not pop the cold sore this will cause it to spread and take longer to heal. I drink milk all the time at least twice a day and when I do this it will prevent a sore from forming. Normally, when I don't drink milkI will get one because of the imbalance in my stomach because my body is so used to obtaining all this milk. When I do have the bad luck of getting a cold sore I will leave it alone not pick at it and apply Releev cold sore ointment about 5 times a day. It normally clears up within a day or two. Plus I drink a lot of milk, and I always, always wear Vaseline lip therapy it keeps my lips moist and preventscracking, sometimes crackingcan lead to a sore.

03-Jul-06 at 11:11 PM:
NAME: Cassie

INGREDIENTS: Nail Polish Remover(NPR)/Q-Tip
INSTRUCTIONS: Something so simple can be so wonderful! I woke up with an itchyness and bumps above my top lip.
How strange, I usually feel them coming on at least a day before. I was utterly horrified!I rushed to the store immediately to get some Abreva.. hoping that it wouldn't get too big..I scanned the internet for any further help and came upon this MUCH HELPFUL site!!Nail Polish Remover? What the heck.. I was willing to try anything at this point.I hate going out in public when I have an outbreak.. and I haven't had one in sooo long!I grabbed some qtips and put some Nail Polish Remover on, dabbed ithere and there and kept reading at all the home remedies here.I decided, it doesn't burn too bad, and held the qtip with NPR on for about a minute.I looked in the mirror to see if it had got all red and to my surprise, the puss like bag had dwindled down
flat! Although I still think these cold sores are disgusting to look at, they seemed to look better.I added some abreva on it to ease the tightness and itching. This is Day 1! I hope this keeps getting better!I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Thanks for this site!!!

3-Jul-06 at 10:20 AM:
NAME: Kristen

INGREDIENTS: Rubbing alcohol
Purell hand sanitizer
Triple antibiotic ointment
Cold medicine
INSTRUCTIONS: I am SOOO happy to have found this site yesterday. I woke up and could feel a cold sore coming on. I forgot to bring my Campho-Phenique to work so I went searching online to see what other remedies I could find. I found this site by doing a search on Google. Anyway, as soon as I read others' remedies, I started trying them. First I used rubbing alcohol on my lip, then put some Purell hand sanitizer on it, then I put some triple antibiotic ointment on it and kept re-applying that throughout the afternoon. When I got home, I put toothpaste on it and that burned a lil but I was determined to try what others had sworn by. After a while, I wiped the toothpaste off and put some cold medicine on it with a q-tip. Before I went to bed, I put toothpaste on it. It was sooo much better when I woke up- hadn't formed the blister yet but was a lil red. All this morning I have had triple antibiotic ointment on it and it's disappearing! It doesn't hurt at all, isn't red anymore and it's just a teeny tiny clear dot where it would have become a big red painful blister. I am not sure which of these is most effective but this is the FASTEST I have ever gotten a cold sore to go away. I never even gave it a chance to turn into a big sore. Thank you for all the good recommendations!

30-Jun-06 at 01:54 PM:
NAME: Courtney
Clear Eyes/Eye Drops
Fingernail Polish Remover
INSTRUCTIONS: Put generous amount of toothpaste on a plate and then put 7-8 drops of the clear eyes/eyedrops on top of the toothpaste mix together with a Q-tip then dip it 3 times in finger nail polish remover. Pop your cold sore with the needle.Then puton your lips for 30 mins. Then take a clean Q-tip and wash the cold sore with finger nail polish remover. Repeat twice afor two or three days and the sore will be completely gone! Good luck I hope it works guys! Trust me I hate Cold Sores justas bad as everyone else!!!!

29-Jun-06 at 10:25 AM:
NAME: Kelli
nail polish remover
INSTRUCTIONS: I woke up yesterday with a small, fluid-filled blister on my lips but didnt think anything of it. I woke up this morning with a
terrible throbbing on my lip and looked in the mirror only to be mortified by what I saw: a huuuuge lip! I knew a cold sore was coming on and with the Fourth of July just around the corner... I dreaded what my family would think, knowing full well that by then my cold sore would be full blown. However, this ice/NP remover works miracles! First, apply the ice until it has melted. This numbs the area and also kills off some of the germs. Next, apply the nail polish remover with a Q-tip. Just
remember that the more time you spend on this, the better the results! It should not sting too bad as the area should be numb. I've been sitting here for about a half-hour and the results are amazing! If the area is red, I recommend Visine or some kind of red-reducing product. And ladies,
if you are trying to cover this thing up, remember that green is the opposite of red! So if you have some green eye-shadow, apply a small amount to the reddened area and then use cover up. Good luck!!

09-Jun-06 at 11:19 PM:
NAME: Alexandra

INGREDIENTS: witch hazel
corn starch
INSTRUCTIONS: I have been suffering with cold sores for almost my entire life. I am 21 now and hve found that if you apply witchhazel...preferably before blisters appear and corn starch at anytime, it really helps dry them up. I had a question about the nail polish remover, do you need to pop the blisters first, or can you just apply it...please let me know. Good luck...the corn starch really works to dry the blisters out if you already have them.

09-Jun-06 at 01:12 PM:
NAME: amy

INGREDIENTS: nail polish remover
rubbing alcohol
INSTRUCTIONS: OH MY GOSH!! this site helped me out so much.yesterday i woke up with a tiny little red bump on my lip. and then
this morning i woke up and it was HUGE!!i mean HUGE!! like you could probably see it from a mile away.well anyway i am suppose to go see my boyfriend today..and i was so ready to cancel until i found this site.the nail polish really works!! i totally didnt believe it. but yeah it does work. an hour ago i tried this. well first i used ice and kept it on there until it melted. then i put a little bit of nail polish remover on the end of a Q-Tip and held it on my sore for about 15 seconds and then took it off for
about 5 seconds. and every minute i would rotate it from nail polish remover to rubbing alcohol.after about 5 minutes i put ice on for a min then went back to the nail
polish remover and rubbing alcohol.and now...just an hour has already dried up and shrunk. i hope this works for you!!best of luck.

09-Jun-06 at 07:38 AM:

INGREDIENTS: Tea Tree Oil (Organic)
Rubbing Alcohol
B-Complex, Acidophilus
INSTRUCTIONS: I'm a sports nutritionist who's had cold sores since I was a kid, and have found that this mix really seems to work wonders. 2-3 days tops!
Alternating dabs of tea tree oil and rubbing alcohol throughout the day will dry the blisters very quickly. As they dry, apply Neosporine cream very gently, allow the cream to work in, and repeat every 2-3 hours.Throughout the process, take 1000 mg of lysine every 2 hours. The body can utilze enormous amounts of this amino acid, and it will completely damper arginene's ability to replicate and live. Also, take a powerful acidophilus formula 3-4 times a day. NOW Foods makes on called Probiotic Defense, and I've had luck with that. Adding a Stress B-complex formula will helpstabilize the nervouse system enough to keep the virus dormant for much longer periods of time.

07-Jun-06 at 10:30
SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: sarah
INGREDIENTS: Nail polish remover
I had a question about the nailpolish remover remedy - is it best to use Acetone nailpolish remover, or can we use a non-Acetone remover, like one that is made from gelatin?

06-Jun-06 at 08:35 PM:

INSTRUCTIONS: Hello fellow sufferers of the horrid simplex virus! Now i am yet to try the nail polish remover but I have a tip nonetheless - Tea Tree oil in its pure form. Applied at first sign will also provide an instant relief and either stop or reduce the severity of the outbreak. (Cheers Colin for that)If all other remedies have not stopped the blister from forming there are a number of Tea Tree ointments that will really relieve symptoms too.

07-Jun-06 at 10:30 AM:
NAME: sarah

INGREDIENTS: Nail polish remover
INSTRUCTIONS: Hi there,I had a question about the nailpolish remover remedy - is it best to use Acetone nailpolish remover, or can we use a non-Acetone remover, like
one that is made from gelatin?

06 -Jun-06 at 03:52 PM:
NAME: Matthew

INGREDIENTS: Tooth paste
Couple drops of water
little dish
INSTRUCTIONS: All the ingredients can be found at home witch is very practiclefist you put some tooth paste on a small dish/bowl and add a couple
drops of watermix the water and tooth paste with the q-tip untill you see bubbles (what it looks likeswhen you brush your theeth) take afresh new q-tip and tab it in the
misture and generously applyto cold sore area.iv been using this for about 5 years now and it works really well. takes about 1 - 3 for cold sore to be gone.
this also helps with Pimpleswell tell me how it works hope you guys like it

nail polish remover
udder cream[haha,i know]
nail polish remover
INSTRUCTIONS: ive had cold sores for as long as i can remember
i uually get them after a cold/
or before my period

my mom got me some l-lysine supplements
since ive been taking them i get cold sores a lot less
and my cold sores have been much smaller when i do get them

if i do get one [like today, ugh]
i usually put OTC stuff [like blistex] on as soon as ifeel it coming
then ice it
once the blisters start to form i pop them with a neede and clean off
the liquid with a qtip
after i hold one with nail polish remover on it for about 5 minutes
then one with alcohol

once it scabbs i put uddercream [hah, they sell it at the drug store
here] to keep it from cracking

23-Jun-06 at 12:29 AM:
NAME: Anna

INGREDIENTS: toothpaste,tee tree oil, antibiotic cream
INSTRUCTIONS: I just got my first cold sore and I was so embarrassed so I tried to find something that would work right away but was too scared to use a needle or the nail polish remover. I would say just use the toothpaste and you will see the difference in the morning. Then when the puss or the inflamation has gone down use tee tree oil until it is dry. Finally for the last couple days use antibiotic cream. It was down to 1/2 the size the night after I put on the cream. Honestly I think any of
these would work but I used all 3 just in case. Thanks to this site my cold sore went away in 3 short days!

20-Jun-06 at 06:14 PM:

INGREDIENTS: Nail Polish Remover
Blistex Lip Ointment
INSTRUCTIONS: I have just got rid of my latest cold sore today, thanks to this site it only lastest 3 days, now it is completely gone. After not even feeling the tingle, and waking up with a small lump on my lips i knew that i was in for an ugly week!
I hate cold sores and get them for all different reasons, stress, sun/wind, menstrual cycle. so they come at all differnt times.This time i thought i would jump on the net and see how others got rid of their cold sores and found this site.I saw that alot of people had tried the nail polish remover, and having some on hand i gave this ago, just grabbedsome cotton buds and applied the remover directly onto the cold sore non stop for about 10 mins, it didnt hurt, however i could feel that my lip had dried,i them applied some Blistex Lip Ointment to my whole lip area and went and brought some Lipreve cold sore tablets from the pharmacy. These things work! keep applying the blistex and take the tablets for 2 days. My cold sore hardly came up at all and instead of having a huge puffy, swollen and scabby lip, i now have a faint red mark that will be gone by tomoro!

17-Jun-06 at 10:33 PM:
NAME: Chantelle

INSTRUCTIONS: i have suffered from cold sores for as long as i can remember, and when i woke up 2 days ago with yet another one, i decided to try and find something that would work better than the cold sore cream i have been using(which was absolutely pathetic)i got on this website and decidedto try ice and a teabag. and it works like a MIRACLE!!!!
ive applied the ice and teabag once and already i see a HUGE difference. so here's what i did.first i got a sandwhich bag and put 2 big ice cubes in it. i held them on my cold sore until they had melted. when the ice was melted i took a warm, wet teabag and
applied it to the coldsore. a tip - do not dry your mouth after removing the melted ice. only dry after finishingwith the teabag. do this as many times as you feel necessary!!!!!!



04-Jun-06 at 11:37 AM:
SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: angus

INGREDIENTS: nail polish remover ,ice, tea bag
INSTRUCTIONS: Hello , I got a coldsore and I was as usual unimpressed with it ,and the fact that all the products you can buy NEVER do anything to help, then found this site . I instantly felt excited and started aplying the most commonly listed and easilyaccessable remidies as I kept reading. after keeping the cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover alternating to ice and tea bags stuck to my lip for 3hrs I decided to read what was in the nail polish remover, First thing I read was ; don't aply to skin second don't inhale fumes !! Bearing in mind that I had been holding it directly under my nose for at least an hour without any halucinogenic or any other reaction Im assuming they were being cautious with their warnings. Anyway I woke up in the morning and the cold sore was the tinyest little scab. You all know how excited I was. Two weeks later I am now having round 2, but I was not as dedicated this time and the cold sore is winning big time. I have put on heaps ofnail polish remover thinking it was the ultimate winner and I neglected the others. LESSON LEARNT, always attack with full force from day 1 the whole lot, no shortcuts. The other thing is ,man I feel weird using ear wax as lip balm, if someone caught me, Im sure they would think I was eating my ear wax. The other thing is who tried ear wax first and was it the first thing they tried putting on the cold sore?

05-Jun-06 at 06:19 PM:
NAME_OF_REMEDY: cold sores
INSTRUCTIONS: Hello Everyone,
This website is great. I see so many ideas and suggestions to help one another. So here is mine. With all these possible remedies for cold
sores we should take the next step and attempt to figure out why these home remedies are working. For example, we know from the Abreva website
that it works because the cream changes the cell membrane that surrounds healthy skin cells. This modified cell membrane then acts as a barrier to the cold sore virus, making it harder for the virus to get into the cell. However, it does nothing for the already infected cells. The possible prevention of the virus transferring to other cells is good, but how does that help the infected cells? The remedies that are suggested (i.e. nail polish, shaving cream, tea,) all have some sort of chemicals in them. We should attempt to compare and contrast these. If a specific chemical is in nail polish, also in shaving cream, maybe it is that specific chemical has a direct effect on the cells that contain the virus. I donï¿1⁄2t have the answers. I donï¿1⁄2t have the resources. However, with a network of people looking for the answers, (knowing a friend of a friend in the chemistry field) it is possible that we will discover them.

03-Jun-06 at 10:44 AM:

-Fingernail polish remover
-Rubbing Alcohol
INSTRUCTIONS: Ever since I was a really young child I have suffered from cold sores (fever blisters). I am the type of person that will get them from eating a tomato, strawberry, or even italian salad dressing. NO MATTER what precautions I take (which include taking L-Lysine and keeping my lips moisterized) seems to prevent these horrible outbreaks. As I have said, I have gotten them about twice a year (if that) since I was about 8. I am now 17 about to turn 18 and in the past six months I have had 7 HUGE cold sores. One was even the size of a quarter and as it disapeared, it left a mole. So, upon having seven feverblisters within the past seven months, I bet one could assume that I have tried everything. And you are right. I have tried everything on this website and nothing much seems to work. Normally I just tough it out and pop the blisters as they form with a (clean, steralized) needle, first let it bubble it's infection out with the peroxide, apply rubbing alcohol and fingernail polish remover. Let it scab over and pick it every day until one day behind the scab you find blood (b/c once it starts to bleed you know that the infection is gone and it just has to scab and heal. This is a painful step, but I find it removes the infection faster). Continue to apply f ingernail peroxide, fingernail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol until it heals. Also to soften the skin after the FINAL scab has finally fallen off by ITSELF put Vaseline on it. I have also found that Vaseline helps prevent these cold sores if you apply it to your lips at night and sleep with it on until morning. I have done this everytime I have gotten a cold sore, until two days ago I woke up with one. I ran to Wal-Mart desparately and tried Abreva.. I thought it couldn't hurt since I had already tried everything else. It is almost completely gone within two days!! Amazing.. it always takes me about two weeks for mine to heal.. try both.. I hope it helps!

02-Jun-06 at 09:54 AM:

INGREDIENTS: toothpaste,nailpolish remover,j&j cream
INSTRUCTIONS: well i have been getting cold sores for a while now and tryed everything i could
think of then i found this site and it helped alot so thanks so much....first u like clean the sore with the nailpolish then u put some
toothpaste onthere then u apply the johnson and johnson cream for about a couple of days just remember it doesnt go away overnight believe me i know..

I was reading through your tooth ache remedies, and I saw that my own remedie wasn't on the list, so I'd like to contribute. This isn't really for toothaches, more like sensitivity to tempature. Combine these two toothpastes: Crest whitening plus scope & Crest cavity protection. Brush teeth with combined toothpastes. Sensitivity for me was greatly diminished; I could drink water as hot and as cold as it would come out of my faucet without pain, while before I couldn't stand drinking anything that wasn't 98 +- 10 degrees F. It wears off after about 4 hours.

27-May-06 at 07:46 PM:

NAME: Alicia


27-May-06 at 01:18 PM:


INGREDIENTS: Yin Chiao (internal)
Tea tree ointment(topical)
INSTRUCTIONS: I have suffered from cold sores for over 10 years. I generally get them under my nostrils or on my upper lip. Today I woke up
with them in both spots.When I first started suffering from them,they would last up to 10 days. I would feel like I had a slight fever, with clogged ears. A few years ago the woman who runs my local herbal shop recommended Yin Chiao. This supplement is a godsend. Whenever I feel a cold coming on or just have that "dragging" feeling I take the recommended dose (4 tabs 3x's a day). When I feel a cold sore coming on I increase the dose, until the sore goes away.
In conjunction with the Yin Chiao I put Tea tree ointment on topically (if you can find one that has some St John's Wort in it, better).I do use ice cubes at the onset...but the Yin Chiao works sores are usually gone in 3 days!I know there is some dispute on whether to pop them or not. I usually
do, as they are much less painful once popped, but I do use alcohol to dry up the ooze prior to putting the tea tree ointment on. The ointment seems to have a drawing effect, so I continue to wash it off and reapply.Yin Chiao is cheap too! I get mine in Chinatown for about $4.50 for 90 tablets, online it's slightly more expensive...but worth every penny!

26-May-06 at 07:14 PM:

INSTRUCTIONS: One capsule a day 500 mg
Find it at health stores or whole food markets you will never get one again if you maintain a natural lifestyle. Takes these dietary supplements for about a month and you should never get one again

NAME: kier

INGREDIENTS: Hand Sanitizer

INSTRUCTIONS: To start I want to say that I have been getting cold sores from the time I was 4 I can still remember the first time I got one I my lip was so big that my mom took me to the Drs to see what was wrong with my lips.I have to tell you this story. Here its one day until Mothers Day. So the Dr dose all kinds of Blood work and everthing came bad fine and he didnt know why I had theres cold sores. So he gave my mom this cream to put on it and sent us on or way. Well the cream made it even more bigger and gave me bigger blisters on my lip. So I would not put any more on. Now here I am 26 years old and still getting them. My Husband and my Kids were going to take me out to dinner for mothers day and here I wake up the day before with three big blisters and so I told my husband that I didnt want to go out for dinner and the look on his face just killed me.So I came to work and I found this web sit and right away I tried the Handsanitizer and let me tell you by the time lunch time came around it was down to two little bumps. So when I want home I told my husand that I would go to dinner. That next day ( Mothers day) I woke up and had no blister. I would tell everyone to us this.

13-May-06 at 04:52
SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: Hope

INSTRUCTIONS: I had bought a tube of this stuff called 024 and it is mainly for tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis and muscle relief. I have been using it on my husband because of his bursitis.So when I got my cold sore last night I was so mad, so I applied the ice, to keep the swelling down. Well when I woke up this morning it was starting to get the little blisters, on the top.Well I remembered all of the oils in this product and thought I would give it a try, it has, aloe vera oil, lemon oil, orange oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil. Well it worked for me and I can't believe it. The blister is gone and it is kind of dry right now and I usually get a swollen gland underneath my jaw, well it is barely swollen and my lip doesn't hurt like it normally does.This stuff is expensive, $20.00 a tube but it really works, not only for the cold sores, but if you have any arthritic diseases, this is awesome stuff.You can buy it only at CVS or Rite Aid. But if you went on their webpage you can find other stores in your area.I hope it works as well for you as it is for me......

10-May-06 at 07:35 AM:
NAME: Lisa

INGREDIENTS: First Aid Cream
INSTRUCTIONS: Thank you Sara from NYC! Two cold sores erupted on my upper lip yesterday. After finding this incredible site, I tried the nail polish remover last night right before bed. BAD idea for me, as my lip swelled tremendously! I searched the site again this morning, and saw Sara's entry about the Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cream. Didn't have any of that (and was not about to go out with this disgustingly huge creature on my lip), but found some first aid cream by Washburn Laboratories in a first aid kit. Put that on and within 15 minutes, swelling has gone down! Sore is still big, but is shrinking by the minute :-) Millions of thanks to Sara and others who suggested first aid cream--you're my heroes!

09-May-06 at 07:05 PM:
NAME: ms brown

INSTRUCTIONS: put finger in your ear and put the wax on the cold sore you can feel it tingling and drying up the sore immediately its gross but it really really works.

7-May-06 at 06:58
SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: John

INGREDIENTS: Lip Clear Lysine Plus
DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide
INSTRUCTIONS: I've had cold sores for weeks. This was my first major
outbreak. After trying Releev and a few remedies I found online (including toothpaste and some tablet supplements) and seeing no improvement, I put Vaseline on them to make them feel better. For about a week I covered my whole lips and the sores at the corners of my mouth with it. From doing a lot of reading online I now know that this was a huge mistake.
The Vaseline keeps the sores moist and creates a perfect environment for them to thrive. So this whole last week I had nasty cold sores at the corners of my mouth and my entire lips were bright red, swollen and burning. That's how they were yesterday morning, when I tried a couple of remedies on this site. Ice made them feel better, but didn't seem to do
anything to heal them. I tried Nyquil and teabags, which had no effect. I even tried nail polish remover. This might work to dry out a couple cold sores here and there, but my entire top and bottom lips were inflamed. I tried it in a couple places and it burned so bad I wanted to rip my lips off. So I went out to the best natural foods store in town and
got a remedy I read about on another site and one I read about here. The first one is called DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide). The stuff I got is a 70% DMSO and 30% aloe vera gel. I've read that there's a 90% gel, too, but it's too strong for most people. The other thing I got is Lip Clear Lysine Plus. It's like a lotion and it's specifically for cold sores. First I dabbed on the DMSO. You need to make sure that your hands and any place you put the DMSO on is thoroughly clean because DMSO penetrates tissue and if there's anything else on the skin it brings it along. The DMSO tingles or burns a little right after you put it on. I waited about twenty minutes after putting on the DMSO and then I coated my lips and the surrounding cold sores with Lysine Plus. The swelling went down in about ten minutes. I kept putting on more Lysine Plus the rest of the day whenever my lips started getting dry. It soothes your lips and cold sores and helps keep them from cracking. That night I did the DMSO again the same way, then put on Lysine Plus before I went to bed about 20 minutes later. When I got up this morning I put on Lysine Plus again and have kept putting it on all day. Now it's evening and my lips and cold
sores have shed a layer of dead skin, the swelling is gone and my mouth is almost back to normal. That's right -- in about 32 hours, my lips and cold sores are almost completely healed. I'm sure by tomorrow it'll be hard to tell that I had cold sores at all. Don't put yourself through any more misery than you have to -- use these two things and kiss your cold sores goodbye.

6-May-06 at 11:59
SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: jenny
NAME OF REMEDY: cold sores
INGREDIENTS: nail polish remover
clorex wipes

INSTRUCTIONS: a couple of days ago, i was sick with a fever and got a cold sore. I was just going to wait it out but I'm sick of having it. And it seems that its just getting worse. So I looked up cold sores on line and this page came up.I decided to try the nail polish remover because everyone said it worked. So I very carefully started to put it on. I started doing some cleaning while applying this every five minutes and decided, if lysol works, why wouldn't clorox?So I started to hold a clorex wipe over it. Then I rememberd My Big Fat Greek Wedding and tried the windex just to see if it works. I'm still trying it out but something seems to be working between the three

INSTRUCTIONS: dab a little nailpolish remover on a q-tip and hold it on
the cold sore for a few seconds. Wait five minutes and hold a clorox
wipe on the sore for a few seconds. Do the same with the windex. Good

04-May-06 at 04:22 PM:

NAME: try

INGREDIENTS: toothpaste
INSTRUCTIONS: While this is by no means a cure. It will help in a big way. As soon as you feel that familure tingle on ur lips, put some toothpaste on the lips. Make sure you cover the whole thing, you don't need to cake it on but put enough to cover the whole thing evenly.I fine that best one to use is the mint one, if it has listerne in it that is the best. Apply it at night before you go to bed. How I found this out was pure luck buti swear by it.P.S. apply often, making sure to rinse your lips before each time.

3-May-06 at 12:25 AM:

NAME: Josh

INGREDIENTS: Soap and Water
INSTRUCTIONS: I have not yet discovered a remedy that works for me at the onset of the cold sore. Unlike many of you that have posted, I very seldomly get the tingling sensation before the blisters have errupted! Sometimes I am lucky and they just disappear from this point but this occurs only maybe once out of every five outbreaks. I am definately going to try the Tea Tree Oil and L-lysine in the future. As a matter of fact, I have already begun taking the L-lysine as a dietary supplement. I have however, learned the following from past experiences.The most effective remedy for myself at the scab stage is to take several showers throughout the day, allowing the scab to become very soft. I also gently lather the scab with soap being careful not to peel the scab. This may be impossible given a hectic schedule, to take several showers throughout the day however, being the vain person that I am, I most usually call in sick from work during an outbreak as the stress of embarrasment is intolerable for me. Back to the remedy, once out of the shower with the scab soft and having a white appearance, pat it dry using toilet paper and allow it to continue to airdry. Do not pick or remove any scab until it simply sluffs off. Do not use moisturizers on it as I find it impedes the drying process. Having done this several times throughout the day, I have found it reduces the scabbing stage to a maximum of 2 days, sometimes less. This remedy is also very effective from the initial onset but you must first pop the blisters. I am a firm believer that popping the blisters, significantly reduces the duration of the outbreak. Also, make sure to moisturize the rest of your face while doing this to prevent it from drying out aswell. Remedies that I have tried that I have found to be less effective and infact more harmful are:applying rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, bleach and or hydrogen peroxide. I find that these methods, cause severe reddening to the skin around the sore aswell as further scabbing of areas that weren't affected by the sore itself, just the afore mentioned solutions. It may just be that I have super sensitive skin but nonetheless, BEWARE. I agree with several other submitions that OTC products such as CARAMEX, ZOVIRAX, LYPSOL, ZILACTIN and other film type lotions are a complete waste of time and money which lead to the outbreak spreading or becoming worse. I think that this website is wonderful in that it really showed me that I am not the only person that suffers from these embarrasing outbreaks. It is by far the best site I have found. It is great that so many people have share their practices. It will definately help others in the future! If not speed or prevent the outbreaks, at least it helps with confidence.

NAME: Megan

Tea Bags
Cold Medicine
Nail polish remover *optional*
INSTRUCTIONS: One thing before i start DO NOT USE VICKS VAPOR RUB Why you ask? because on the back it clearly states DO NOT USE ON OR NEAR MOUTH. it can be harmful. OKAYso right at this moment i have a cold sore. I have seen many remedies on this site and decided to mix them together. You dont need todo this in any specific order.
USE ICE in whatever stage your in. it may sound too simple BUT IT WORKS!!!TOOTHPASTE definatly works! Use it if you wanna get in the scabbing stage because the second night i put some on and in the morning it scabbedCOLD MEDICINE it does work it makes it smaller and takes away the germsnail polish remover- it does work BUT after taking it off it only appears to work for about 2 mins then swells back up you have to devote at leasta day to it for it to hit hard
TEA BAGS- best when used with ice. Instead of waiting until the ice melts make a transition from warm to coldim only 12 but im filled with knowledge about coldsores because i got them early. I FEEL SORRY FOR ALL GIRLS IN SCHOOL WHOHAVE TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE STARING AT IT AND ASKING YOU ABOUT IT SO MOST OF THESE REMEDIES WILL HELP THEM GO AWAY FASTER AND MAKE THEM PAINLESS

01-May-06 at 10:23 PM:


INGREDIENTS: Earwax (from clean ears)
INSTRUCTIONS: I know this is bizarre. Years ago a friend told me about this and I just thought it was gross. In a moment of desparation I tried it and works, everytime. So,keep your ears clean soyou can try this. Just use a Qtip or your clean finger and rub some on the sore as soon after feeling that tingle as you can. When I can catch the tingle, it never even forms. If it has made the bump it will be gone in a day or two.

30-Apr-06 at 04:09 PM:
NAME: Megan

INGREDIENTS: Nail Polish Remover -Optional-
Cold Medicine (Like dayquil etc)
Something to dry up the sore like the white stuff people use when they
cut themselves shaving or toothpaste but something to dry it up
INSTRUCTIONS: Hello there!
Im only twelve years old and I've been getting cold sores since fourth grade. I started getting them from my mother and aunt who've started having them the same year as me. I constantly felt bad because people would tell me i look 'gross' or they would askconstantly what that 'thing' was on my lip and quite frankly I didnt know. I asked my mom but she didnt really want to explaing it to me other than 'Wash your hands good and dont touch it or it'll get bigger' Well this is mostly for the girls out there who are young and haveto deal with people at school making fun of them. Usually I only get them once or twice a year and the first time is when I bit my lipsecond was chapped lips and third was stress.At this very moment I have a cold sore. Heres what I've been doing. Praying - If your a spiritual person ask god to 'please get rid of this cold sore before tomorrow!'Nail Polish Remover - This is optional because as much as I'd like to say it works. It doesnt. It will work for about two minutesbut after you take the swab or q-tip off for a few minutes it will swell back up. ( Wash your lips CONSTANTLY after doing this! If you ingest the nail polish remover drink lots and lots of fluids to get it out of your system and if you ingested a large amountcontact your local poison control. Even if you didnt get any in your
mouth spit out on the ground a couple times and drink something and wash your lipsto get rid of some germs)Cold Medicine- Dayquil, Nighquil or any other over the counter cough or cold medicines. Put a very small amount on the sore and it'll dry up.Currently I do not know for sure if it works for sure because I have it
on at this moment but you can email me and ask it seems to be working
though.White stuff in tube - I know this isnt very helpful but my mom bought this for me last year and it drys up cold sores fast! Its in a clear tube and its a white hard stick. You run a little water on it and apply it to your cold sore and in about 2 minutes it drys up.All I know is that people use it when they cut themselves shaving. (If you accidently swallow this its okay. Your mouth will get a bit dryand its an awful taste but you'll be fine)Some Products I suggest:Novitra - A little tube, its like abreva but this stuff actually works. Its about $16 I believe and its bigger than abreva and trustme it last way longer. Abreva for me lasted a week and this stuff lasted 3 years and I use it whenever I feel a lump on my lipIf you feel your getting a cold sore put this stuff on right away in the morning there will be no feeling of a bump.I do not suggest:
Abreva- This stuff doesnt work for a lot of people I know and quite
frankly its a scam. $20 for a tube that will last you about a week two
weeks tops
Nail Polish Remover- As you've read above it works for about two minutes and its very harmful if you swallow it.

Sat, 15 Apr 2006 23:22:08 -0400
this is my home remedy that i dfound works sooo well!

ingredients, aloe, blistex chapstick, rubbing achohol, nail polish remover, toothpaste

just put this on at ne order with the tooth paste and abreva last and i gaurantee it is gone sooner then ne thing you have tried well at least for me! hope it works!

11-Apr-06 at 01:22 PM:
NAME: Leah

10-Apr-06 at 02:09
SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: Tristine

Rubbing Alcohol
Sharp Edged Tool
Qtips and Tissue
Pickles (Pickle Juice)
Aneseptic Mouth Wash
INSTRUCTIONS: I have gotten cold sores quite frequently, just within the month that I have noticed. For ever since I could remember I would get them quite frequently. There have been periods of a few months to even a few years where I will not get them at all. I've tried the many prescription treatments, but none have really seemed to work the way I wish they would. I ended up getting 2 cold sores on my top lip within 2 weeks along with a canker sore on the inside of my mouth. As soon as they both healed I waited for a few days to make sure I did not kiss my fiancee, but about 4 days later I was at work and noticed the tingling starting on my top lip once again. Of course I was at work so I couldn't apply anything to help at first. When I came home I took a shower and wiped my face clean trying not to agitate my lip any further. I got out of the shower and decided I was sick of dealing with these sores. Found myself a pair of angled nail clippers and cleaned them off with rubbing alcohol thoroughly. Got in front of mirror and right in the center of the sore begin to puncture and cut part of the skin open where most of the sore was forming. Afterwards I started to squeeze the sore like a
pimple to get out all of the fluid dabbing it with tissue to stop the fluid from touching other parts of my lips. I repeated this until I got
nearly all the fluid out and noticed just a little blood coming out. After that I got a q-tip and dipped it in rubbing alcohol enough to let it drip, and put it right on the sore. Right afterwards made sure to wash my hands with soap and hot water. At first I could not find my carmex that I usually use, but found the Zovirax. So I got a tissue and dabbed the sore of any fluid once again, right after applied the Zovirax directly onto the sore. Washed my hands once again to prevent from spreading since I applied to Zovirax with my hands. Made sure to apply enough to see the ointment and fell asleep with it on my lips (this was on Saturday night). Surely I woke up the next day with the sore swollen like what usually happens. As soon as I woke up brushed my teeth, used mouth wash, and applied the carmex that I had found since my fiancee took the Zovirax with him. Note: I have washed my hands after every application. Used
carmex at work and only applied to sore, could not wash my hands after while I was at work, but made sure not to touch my lips unless I was applying the carmex. Came home, and actually forgot to apply the carmex before bed Sunday night. Woke up Monday morning with the cold sore looking nearly completely healed. Put some more carmex on to maintain healing and to stop from any possible pain. Now the Pickles and Mouth Wash is mainly pertaining to canker sores. The canker sore I had a few weeks ago was so bad it hurt to eat anything. I remembered using pickles before and seeming like they worked. I got sick of it so I bought a pickle,
bit off a little part of it and held it against the sore within my mouth letting the pickle juice squeeze onto it. It burned and hurt just a
little, but continued doing so with the pickle until I had finished the whole thing. Later that night I had noticed that I didn't hurt like it
previously was just by me talking. That night brushed my teeth which seemed to irriate it but right after used mouth wash. Woke up and repeated the mouth wash after brushing my teeth. Later that day it had started to hurt again, so I got another pickle and repeated what I did the day before. The next day after that I had noticed that it had extremely shrinked in size and in sensitivity. By the next day it had almost completely healed. Before I used this treatment it had been bugging me for about a week with no sign of it getting any better.

29-Apr-06 at 09:21 PM:
NAME: Steph

INGREDIENTS: Hot water, salt
INSTRUCTIONS: I read in a book that when you geta cold sore, if you put warm salty water on it, the swelling goes down. So I tried it,and it worked for the first two days. But on the third day I got a great idea. "Hey! What if you put boiling water on it?!!!"So I did, and I burnt my lip real bad. A red spot that could've lasted 5 days, lasted 10 days instead. So... yeah, if you'rethinking of putting boiling water on your lip... DON'T!!! :)

19-Apr-06 at 12:06 AM:
NAME: wampum2020

INGREDIENTS: 500mg or 1000mg tablets of L-lysine
Advil (or pain reliever of your choice)
Abreva (or cold sore ointment of your choice)
Hydrocorisone 1% ointment
warm water

INSTRUCTIONS: I usually get 2 different types of cold sores. The first type is the small annoying manageable kind. These I can usually treat with constant Abreva smearing and popping Advils (to reduce swelling). They're not such a big deal. I noticed these types when I eat a lot of strawberries, citrus fruits, BBQ sauce, or other acidic stuff. Also, over-exposure to the sun or chapped lips will give me these types or cold sores.The second type is the full blown whopper of a cold sore (and the reason we're all online looking this stuff up!!). I tend to get these after a sickness or stressful times. When my body's defenses are down these little buggers come out in full force, laughing all the way...they are the most painful and most embarassing types. They cause your lip to double in size, glands to swell, and of course that hot painful throbbing feeling. Not fun, and did I mention they are horrendously ugly!! Anyway, I found the usual Abreva smearing doesn't cut it in these cases (I have to pull out the big guns). Here is the plan I follow. Remember, I am not a doctor , blah blah, blah...this is just what works for me. I hope it works for you too!!
Day 1 -- The tingles...the redness....and finally the dreaded little
1. At the first tingle, rub on Abreva (or your OTC ointment of choice).
2. Take 3000mg of L-lysine tablets (space them out before meals) and also take Advil as needed throughout the day to reduce the swelling and pain.
3. When the little blisters finally appear and the lip starts to swell, pop them with a sterile needle and drain as much fluid out as possible.
4. Then apply a home-made salt paste: 1 tablespoon regular table salt and 1 tablespoon of warm water (just enough to dissolve the salt). Spread the mixture on the sore with a Q-tip and let it dry until it gets nice and crusty.
5. Rinse off and repeat a couple more times. It will sting and feel itchy. That's fine. It's doing it's thing!
6. When you're done, put the Abreva back on and just wait. Don't play with it because the skin is very sensitive now.
Day 2-- The swelling should be reduced by half (or more) by now:
1. Take another 3000mg of L-lysine and Advil throughout the day as needed.
2. When you get out of the shower the lip is usually soft and "opened" up. Take a Q-tip and blot some peroxide onto the sore. You don't want all that playing with it the day before to lead to infection. The peroxide should prevent that from happening.
3. When that dries, put the Abreva back on and maintain it throughout the day.
Day 3-- Back to normal size and hardly any pain, yeah! (If you aren't at this stage then repeat Day 2 activities, sorry.)
1. Do the "peroxide Q-tip blot" after the shower again.
2. Pat it dry this time and take a look at it. Can you see the new flesh poking through? Is the old flesh white or yellow? Is it separating and starting to peel off? DON'T PEEL IT OFF! This will make it bleed, and it slows the healing, and worst of all it will SCAR!!
3. Apply hydrocortisone 1% gel (or ointment) throughout the day and keep it moist. This will speed up the healing time.
Day 4, 5, and so on -- Continue with the hydrocortisone until completely healed. Good luck!!

Date/Time: 2006-04-01 18:56:39 PST

email address =
Country of Remedy = U.S.

Ingredients = Abreeva, Toothpaste,Time
Instructions = Well I am now 27 and have been getting these god awful things all of my life. But they have gotten worse over the past few years and I don't know why I think maybe stress and which is why I have like five huge ones on my mouth and face now. And by the sun which is why I got it this bad last year one time. And funny thing is I got a new job last Wednesday and I was thinking Friday boy it would really be bad to get a bad outbreak well here we are and I have to work on Monday WTF. What luck!!! Well luckily I had some Abreva fom my last cold sore 3 weeks ago so that is what I am going with now along with using my Dial soap and washimg my face then applying the Abreva. I will try the toothpaste along with some of the vitamins when I get paid.

Date/Time: 2006-03-18 05:48:24 PST

Country of Remedy = Canada
L-Lysine tablets and Zinc tablets taken together.
Tea Tree Oil and Betadine liquid are both very good for drying up cold sores, also for pimples. Vegemite is another remedy from a nurse in New Guinea, but I have not tried it yet.The most effective cure has been from a pharmacist, and is 100 mg Vitamin B2 ( Riboflavin) which is specifically for mucous membranes. Take one tablet three times a day for two weeks, then take one tablet twice a day for four months. It is supposed to keep you free from Cold Sores indefinitely !!

Date/Time: 2006-03-16 09:21:32 PST
Mikeemail address =
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Zovorax pill
Lysine cream
Instructions = Hello everyone, i have been getting these dang fever blisters since highschool >.< (guess i shoulda been a little pickier bout who i kissed). Anyway, i have tried and failed in treating this sooooo many times and I think I have finally got it. You get the tingle... grab an ice cube and get it on that lip. Then get to your local drug store and buy the topical Lysine cream, this should hold the virus at bay until you can get to the doctor and get some Zovorax. If you can get some Zovorax before hand it would be much better. According to my doctor the pill should be able to stop the blister before it happens if taken quickly enough.I know that I am sitting here with scabbs on my lip right now telling you this, but i didnt go to the doctor until after it was to late, he gave me the pill, and within hours the swelling and blisters had relaxed dramatically. i have faith that if i had had the pills when the tingling began, that these aweful scabs could have been prevented. good luck

Date/Time: 2006-03-23 11:04:26 PST
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Abreva 5 to 6 times daily
Instructions = Yuck, my first cold sore ever, at age 48. I sympathize with all of your that suffer these on a regular basis. I'm trying Abreva, on the recommendations of many. Seems to be working fairly well on day #2. Was flying from London to Chicago, at the start of the trip, got that tingling that's been spoken of. A few hours later, noticed the little blisters, by the end of the 8 hour flight, the flippen cold sore had formed. They're that quick, I guess. Anyway, Abreva going well. Agree with all others on this site, and other advice, make sure to keep you hands washed and beware transmission hazards via hand towels, etc.Hang in there!

Date/Time: 2006-03-21 11:27:05 PST

Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Vicks vapor rub
Instructions = Apply to cold sore as it wears away. It is the best that I have tried. The cold sore will heal within the week.

Date/Time: 2006-03-20 21:01:07 PST Angelo
Country of Remedy = United States

Ingredients = Sea Breeze astringent, abbreva
Instructions = I have been getting cold sores since i was a baby, i used to get them so bad as a kid both my bottom and top lip were coveredAs the years went on I started taking the pills, but I found out that if you keep taking these pills theyare very bad for you organs. I stopped taking the pills, and my outbreaks are not as severe any more cause of the pillsWhen I do get one now its the size of a pea, But I always have a bottle of abbreva in my house and also a bottle ofsea breeze astringent. I read on here it says to pop the sore, that is the worst thing u can do, It doesnt help healitr actually makes the sore more irritable more red and will take longer to heal. I hate cold sores just as much as the next personbut the best thing to do is think this way, as fast as it came is as fast as it will go away. When I do feel the burnig or tinglingi put the abbreva on immediately, then after a few hours i get a q tip or cotton and put some sea breeze on it, then rub that on my lip.I keep switching applications eveey few hours. I got a sore sunday, today is minday night and the sore is gone just a little bit of a swollen lip this remedy works very well trust me, I struggled with these sores all my life, I used to get real bad ones. Do not pick the sore or pop themtrust me. Follow my instructions and ur sore will be gone in no time. I am very glad I found this site, so i can share my remedy.

Date/Time: 2006-03-31 09:03:40 PSTryan
Country of Remedy = us

ngredients = denivir, alcohol, lysine vineger
Instructions = I am really happy to see a web site like this. unfortunatly it reminds me how many other people have to suffer. My mother is responsible for me getting this disease. She told me so when i asked her. She says she is very sorry and didn't know better at the time. I must have been 5 or 6. I am now 27! I get them a couple times a year, all though once a had a phisical and happened to have a cold sore at the time and the doc gave me valtrex. I did not get another outbreak for almost a year. but the next one i got was pretty bad and believe it or not, i also got one on my neck. This was all a result of the sun. I got way too much the day brfore. and i told people it was sun poisoning. but in the past i have tried alcohol, vineger, lysine, poping, not poping. usually i dont pop because of the scab that leaves. and vinegar seems to irritate it more...but my mother swears by it. In the last couple of years i have been prescribed DENIVIR. and if i can catch this thing at the early tingling stage i can stop it in its tracks. unfortunately i did not catch it this time. so i constantly apply the denivir and after reading this pape i decided to pop it and applied some after shave followed up with some toothpaste. it is friday and though i have to go to work in an hour i will not be going out this weekend. Im sure you have read that there is some serious hope for a hiv cure and or preventitive pill. thats good thats great! I do not suffer from that , but coldsores have been around for so much longer WTF! when are the going to come up with a cure or sure fire prevent. Somethings i notice to cause them is...sun, dental work, basically any trauma to the area, and it seems like any thing acidic my trigger, although i do usually eat a half a grapefruit a morning and that doesn't seem to cause it. but will make one worse.

Date/Time: 2006-03-31 07:26:17 PST
Ben D.
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Denavir
Instructions = I am a cold sore sufferer all of my life and I have been suffering miserably over the last 6 weeks. It started with high stress
levels and very little sleep in order to prepare for a professional certification exam. Then someone set me up with a woman and I was a nervous wreck. Then came a nasty virus. The result? SIX STRAIGHT WEEKS WITH COLD SORES. One after the other. I felt like I didn?t know what it was like to NOT have them. Interesting enough, the woman who I met recently (who unfortunately had to bear the brunt of my ailments as kissing has been off limits) told me about a friend who has been long suffering with cold sores. Her remedy? A prescription medicine called Denavir. I realize that this is a home remedy portal but you have to do this. It works!!! The sores have disappeared in 3 days! I did not even go to a doctor to get it. There are several internet sites where you can submit a form and for a small fee the prescription will be filled and the medicine sent to you. I have tried nearly everything on this site and I seem to be immune to everything. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - do this for yourself!! It is well worth the added expense. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!

Date/Time: 2006-03-29 22:17:43 PST
Miss Cheryl Brown
email address =
Country of Remedy = usa

L-Lysine (500 mg - daily((EVERY DAY)))eruption--more L-Lysine amino acid--3 tablets every time you think about it--take 20 in one day--side effects-diarrehea-nausea, not too bad--(do you want that sore inside YOUR lip?) BUT...always to remember to eat healthier, more water fruits, any melons--take 2 vitamin B6 every morning--You want to move this virus through your body as soon as possible-take a mild laxative, and delete bread, potatoes or fatty-buttery sauces in your diet for at least 7 days--eat as much protein, (red meat), salad or green vegetables, and try over the counter medication for ulcers; i.e., pepcid, zantac, WalMart knock off--trust me--what goes on in your stomach will HAPPEN on your mouth - you will always have the virus--try not to disturb it--AND once you have--know how to move it along. Keep in mind, if you ward off one attack with one 'remedy', it will haunt you the one time you think it will work! Remedies Only Happen on a Daily Basis: L-Lysine - EVERYDAY -500 mg--B vitamins( B1, B6, B12, works on stress, good for the skin and fights fatigue--with an added benefit of moving waste and pollutants through the body FASTER).Vitamin E--good for the entire body, Vitamin A (check with your Dr.--and sun exposure??) works for some people--Vitamin C is always good, unless you have an acidic stomach--and tends to give one Gas--but generally good for the body and skin. All in all- try to know YOUR trigger--fatigue, chocolate, sun, stress, dental work, trauma--Know what works if you have an outbreak--reduce your causes and maximize your cures!By the way--NEVER--EVER open a sore or put peroxide on an open sore--you will only SPREAD this disease to ANY and EVERY part of your body (including genitalia and eyes and nose and any other part of your body taht has a mucous membrane) YUK--Wash your hands!!!
25 year sufferer of Herpies Stomachatitous (sp?)

Date/Time: 2006-03-27 11:42:07 PST
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Abreva, Listerine (original kind with Alcohol in it)
sterilized needle to drain it
Instructions = I've had Cold Sores for about 15 years now. I used to use Zovirax, but it stopped working. Abreva works "okay" now, not as well as it used to. I woke up two days ago with the tingling and a small blister. I immediately put Abreva on it and it kept getting larger and larger. My lip has swelled to twice it normal size (so attractive). The next morning the small blister had multiplied and turned into one mega cold sore. I used a sterilized needle to drain it and applied listerine (mouthwash) to it. It burned since it contains alcohol, but it started to dry up the blister. I've been alternating Listerine/Abbreva/Ice and the blister has dried up, but my lip is still pretty swollen. My outbreaks aren't always this bad. This time I have the swollen glands, sore neck, fever, etc... My triggers are sunlight and stress. After I discovered this site, I added Nail Polish remover to the regime and it has the same effect that the Listerine does, but the Listerine doesn't taste so horrible if it gets into your mouth. Plus the mint, menthol and other ingredients in it help with the pain.It provides a sort of cooling sensation. I agree that if you catch it early enough you can avoid a huge outbreak. Sometimes though, they seem unavoidable. I'm hiding out until my swelling goes down. Since I can cover up the blisters with makeup, but I can't hide the "collagen gone wrong" look of my upper lip swelling.

Date/Time: 2006-03-27 11:05:06 PST
Country of Remedy = scotland

Ingredients = buckfast tonic wine
Instructions = when u first feel that tingle apply aciclover cream to affected area,eat probiotic yoghurt, and drink as much "buckie" as you can stomachavoid all foods containing nuts, choc etc.i have noticed the last three causes of infection where caused when taking prescribed antibiotics(coincidence or what)ive tried every remedy going but to no avail then discovered a bottle of the monks stuff almost cured it overnight,ps that night was spent in a police cell!

Date/Time: 2006-03-01 19:08:36 PST
Shane K
email address =
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = A small sterilized needle(you can use a sewing needle
just hold it under an open flame for a little bit)
Hand Sanitizer(make sure it contains alcohol)
Caladryll Ointment(usually in a pink bottle and is pink itself)
Neosporin Ointment
Napkins or cotton balls
Instructions = Take the sterilized needle and pop the small fluid filled blisters (this may sound like it hurts but trust me it doesnt), then clean off all fluid with the napkins or cotton balls without letting it touch other unharmed skin, then put the hand sanitizer on it until it stops burning and tingling then clean it out again, after that put the calladryll ointment in it which will dry it and leave it over night, the next morning clean it off and it should be completely dried, take off the dried blisters and put on neosporin to heal it, this rememdy will heal the sore in about 3-5 days and works very well

Date/Time: 2006-03-10 12:24:47 PSTe
mail address =
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Finger Nail Polish Remover
Zilactin B
Fingers Crossed
Instructions = As someone who is effected by cold sores at least 1 to 2 times a month I would think I had the perfect remedy. Not every cold sore will react the same. However, the best remedy I have found was when the lip starts to tingle I immediately put abreva on the area. Once I see the blisters start to form then I pop them and apply the nail polish remover. Once I apply the nail polish remover then I apply another coat of abreva let it dry and then put a thick coat of zilactin B on top. Now the Zilactin B is brown and makes it look ugly but it works I promise. I will repeat this process at least 5 to 7 times a day. It is generally gone by the end of the second or hardly there at the begining of the 3rd day.

Date/Time: 2006-03-10 16:01:09 PST
Country of Remedy = United States

Ingredients = L-Lysine (1000 mg)
Super Lysine Plus+ Cream
Instructions = A couple weeks ago, i started to notice a cold sore forming. I started putting the regular cream that I had laying around
(Novitra) on the tiny blisters that i noticed started forming. It just kept swelling up and nothing was happening. The next morning i awoke to find a whole mess of cold sores on my upper lip, and my lip was so swollen. I kept putting on the cream for the rest of the week. This did not work at all. Over two weeks later, it finally healed. Now today, I began noticing some more little blisters forming (NOT EVEN TWO DAYS AFTER MY COLD SORE HEALED). I quickly came home and began applying Super Lysine Plus + cream that my girlfriend's roommate gave to me. I then stumbled upon this site and went to the drug store and picked up some rubbing alcohol. As soon as i got home, i used a q-tip to apply the alcohol to the spot. I then put a layer of toothpaste on there and let it sit for about 30 minutes. I took off the toothpaste and put more alcohol on it. The blisters are almost completely flattened out and gone. Hopefully this goes away within 1-2 days.

Date/Time: 2006-03-13 15:46:42 PST
Warren Fort
Country of Remedy = US

Ingredients = Nail Polish Remover (Non-Acetone)
Instructions = I am a 25 yr old student and I rarely get cold sores. Recently I received a cold sore on my face near my lips. I found this website and looked at prior post and noticed the remedy of using nail polish remover IT TOTALLY WORKS! Really, I literally had a cold sore of little bumps
on my face and noticed that in a couple hoursthe cold sore area was getting bigger. I used a Q-Tip and dipped it in some nail polish remover and applyed the the Q-Tip swab repeatedlyabout 6 times and went to bed. The next morning I was surprised and noticed the cold sore area swelling went down and the small little sores were reduced after one night! I repeated the use of the NP Remover and Q-tip swab continuusly throughout the next day and finally went to sleep.When I woke up the next morning, the entire cold sore area was gone.
NO SWELLING, and NO LITTLE Bumps. This really works. You should see
result in 1 day and more results in 2 days.

Date/Time: 2006-03-14 06:04:00 PST
email address = purple dragon
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Abreva
New Skin
Aloe lip balm
Instructions = I have been a cold sore suffer for many years now, and it seems the older I get the more often I get them. I usually get them around the time of my menses or when I go on vacation or to go see my boyfriend who lives out of state *go figure*. And believe me, I've tried everything. I've found most topical over-the-counter ointments don't work all to well, but Abreva does, from time to time, seem to help the pain deminish and quicken the healing time. However, I've noticed over time and here recently it's lost it's potency. I've always popped mine, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Applying ice to help the swelling upon the onset is always a good idea with ibuprofen to also assist in reducing the swelling. Since I'm not big on chemical meds, I prefer homeopathic and herbal remedies, so here's what I've found works really well....turmeric. Turmeric is a spice, the one that makes curry yellow. It is a natural anticeptic and blood purifier, plus it helps boost the white blood cells. You can take turmeric internally or find topical ointments in most herbal or Middle Eastern shops. Upon the onset of the tingle, I apply turmeric lotion every hour and take turmeric tablets, as
recommended. I've also found that "smothering" the cold sore also helps deminish the appearance and speeds healing. New Skin is perfect for this. If you've ever gotten a tattoo, you know most artists recommend New Skin to speed healing and to keep moisture from penetrating the ink, to avoid fading. The same sort of concept works here. By apply New Skin to the sore, you dry it out, really quickly...once tried and the application begins to look "flaky" gently peal off and reapply. I won't lie to you, it does sting a bit, but it has helped me to rid myself of the sore within 3 days or less. I usually alternate between icing it down, applying turmeric cream and then New Skin. Once I can tell it's scabbing up and healing, I keep it moist with a aloe moisturized lip balm. Hope this helps. :)

Date/Time: 2006-03-14 22:40:43 PST
Country of Remedy = Canada

Ingredients = Hot washcloth
L-Lysine pills
Lots of yogurt
Instructions = I've had these darn things on my lips since I was a kid and this is my first time on such a site. I'll definitley try some of this stuff out. Well I woke up this morning with 3 blisters. I went to work on them right away. Usually, I dab the area with the hottest water that I can stand with a washcloth. It kind of burns the blister a bit and feels like it's killing anything in there. Then I add some aftershave to dry the suckers out. I use a product here called Zovirex. It's a topical ointment, kind of a paste and dries the sore out and sends it into the healing process. You apply it about 4 times a day. I take a few thousand mgs of L-lysine. I saw that one Canadian said we don't get it here. Some health food stores can sort you out, and I've just heard that there is a form of it available now. I got mine right off the shelf. I use this now when I go grocery shopping and it allows me to buy food that is L-Lysine rich, so I am constantly getting this in my daily diet. It's also good to know what to stay away from. Peanutbutter is one of the worst foods you can eat for outbreaks, for example. So I've cut it out of my diet. Yogurt is one of the highest, so I have incorporated more of that in my diet and I eat tons of it when I have a cold sore. I think it works. So, it's 1am now and I see that my blisters are changing color, by morning they will be well on their way to healing. Hope this works for you.

Date/Time: 2006-02-16 09:12:50 PST
email address = peaches n
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Abreva, Aloe Vera Gel, Ice cube and napkin, Alcohol prep
pads and bandaids, and Cream of Tartar
Instructions = Last night I was at work and I got this tingly feeling itch on my upper lip. I continuously put Blistex slik & shine lipgloss
on my lips. About 30 min later when I left, I went sraight to Wal-Mart and bought a tube of Abreva. I put that on until occasionally until I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and re-applied the Abreva and then Decided to try and ice cube in a napkin. The swelling went down so i added more Abreva and then went to bed. When I woke up this morning, it actually appeared worse and with a date tonight I began to freak out. I generously applied the Abreva and then read some tips from this site. For about 10 minuetes I left Aloe Vera Gel on my sore and then I got another ice cube and napkin and held it in place until it melted. I then got an alchol prep pad and placed it over the sore and put a bandaid there to hold it in place. By the time I got out of my 20 minuete shower, I took the bandaid off to see how it was doing and it was actually going down. I got another bandaid and alcohol prep pad and replaced them over the sore. Right now I am writing this rememdy down for you guys to know because truly, its working. Hopefully it will continue
to make good progress. Also, I havent had a cold sore in over a year until last night. Usually once a month I take 1 teaspoon of Cream of Tartar. My mother told me that it cleanses your blood stream and it will keep the sores from sneaking back up. If you take the tartar at the first sign it can also stop them from developeing. (Cream of Tartar also helps with warts and fungi that could develope). You guys dont have to try it, but it really is working.

Date/Time: 2006-02-22 14:15:07 PST
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Purell
Fingernail Pollish
Q tip
Rubbing Alcohol
Tea bags
Herpecin L
Neosporin LT
Instructions = Tuesday during work I started to feel a numbing spot on my lip. I KNEW what was coming. I HAVE to get rid of this thing before Friday. I have some HUGE plans and have taken the day off to spend the weekend out of town with my new boyfriend. I went on this site and found some VERY HELPFUL information. THANKS EVERYONE!! Of course this was AFTER I went to Wallgreens to pick up Abreva (which did not work) The first day I put that on every two hours and when I woke up Wednesday morning I had two big clear bubbles. When I got to work, I grabbed some ice and put it on them for about 15-20 minutes. This helped A LOT with the bubbles. When I got on this site I saw the suggestion to use Purell and I have that here at work so I started piling it on every hour and rubbing it in really well. I also kept putting ice on it every three hours. This turned the cold sore into a dark orage/red spot. There was still some swelling around it though. When I got home at 5:30 I used a q tip to alternate between fingernail polish and rubbing alcohol. Then 30 minutes later I put more purell on. Right before I went to bed I repeated this. This was about 10pm. When I woke up this
morning, it looked a littler better. I put more Purell since that seemed to help the best to dry it out on it. Around noon today I went to get Herpecin L and Neosporin. The spot was flat and wasn't flakey or anything. It looked more like it was a red spot under the surface. As soon as I used the Herpecin L the swelling dissapeared. I put Neosporin on top of this and it raised the red spot to the surface to look like a soft scab that would go away soon. It is now 4:15 and I have used the Herpecin L and Neosporin three times now. It looks so much better!!! I think it should be gone by tomorrow. There is a small white ring around the soft brown scabs so this is good news. I will repeat the herpecin L every hour and the neosporin every three hours. I am VERY EXCITED!!!

Haywood J.
Date/Time: 2006-02-24 15:22:09 PST

Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = L-Lysine, Acidophilus, Vitamin C
Instructions = I have prefected a cold sore treatment for myself that has been working 100% for a year now. Take 1,000 mg of L-Lysine twice daily, 500 mg of Vitamin C twice daily, and 1 billion active culture tablets (Acidophilus) twice daily. The L-Lysine and acidophilus are most important. When you purchase acidophilus tablets, make sure that they are not frezzed dried and have at least 1 billion live cultures per tablet. Acidophilus is an organism foung naturally in the intestine and dairy products. It completely inhibits HSV-1. You can find these products at Wal-Mart or any other store that has a large selection of natural meds. Make sure to look up these meds online to get more background info.
Hope this helps.

Date/Time: 2006-02-26 07:59:40 PST
Country of Remedy = usa

Ingredients = Vinegar and cornstarch
Instructions = I make a gooey paste of vinegar and cornstarch and put it on the affected area with a clean toothpick as soon as I have any symptoms (tingling, blisters etc.) I let this "plaster" dry and keep it on as long as possible. It tends to cracks and crumble away, so I just reapply as often as I can, using a fresh batch every once in a while, with a fresh toothpick (as long as I'm not going out in public). At night it helps to put a bandaid over the plaster once it has dried so that it stays in place all night. I keep doing this until the area dries out, stops tingling, and starts to form a scab. As someone who has had giant spreading and lasting coldsores, I can say that this REALLY helps shorten the infection and stops spreading in its tracks. I believe that there are sound biological reasons why this remedy works. First, the vinagar changes the pH of the area (makes it too acidic), and all
biological organisms like a stable pH. Second, you are drying out the area, which is also detrimental to living things. And third, the vinegar and cornstarch "plaster" might function to shut out oxygen and light (this last is a more tenuous argument). In summary, you are making the environment very inhospitable to the coldsore virus, and that's what you want to do.

Date/Time: 2006-02-27 05:43:26 PST

email address =
Country of Remedy = NL

Instructions = As soon as you suspect the cold sores, just sit with your nail vanish remover and a cotton ear bud. Drop some every 20 minutes. Within 6 hours, the sores will have dried up. I got cold sores and ididnt know what it was the first time. I had to go on a trip so I just left. Bythe time I returned in the evening, my upper lip was so sore and painful that I just wanted to cry. I read about cold sores and sat with my nail vanish remover for 6 hours. Before I went to sleep at 00hr, it had dried up, and I could smile the next day. The scar disappered completely in 3 days


Date/Time: 2006-02-27 11:55:29 PST

email address =
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = L-Lysine
Acetone finger nail polish remover
Valerian-Root with Passion Flower
Stress Tabs
Instructions = I have suffered from Cold sores my entire life. I would always get one during sex education
in school. It never failed! So I was the topic of many jokes during this time. There are many reasons why you get an outbreak. Your system is not in balance. I had read at one time that there are two amino acids in your stomach. L-lysine and L-Argenine. When you starteating an excess of foods that contain Argenine, such as red meat, CHOCOLATE, NUTS, etc. you becomedeficent in Lysine. So taking the supplements is necessary to help to balance your system again.The laxative is to help clean the toxins and build-up to help you heal faster. A lot of people experience an outbreak during stressful times in their lives. Stress tabs with added zincare good choices to take while under stress, but my all-time favorite stress remedy is Valerian root. If you can find valerian with added passion flower, it is even more effective. Both herbs are nerve tonics. When I worked in Corporate America there would be times that I relied on valerian root. If you have problems sleeping, take two valerian tablets a half an hour before bedtime and you will sleep like a baby. Unlike sleeping pills, Valerian root allows you to get yourREM sleep and therefore you awake feeling refreshed. When I first feel an outbreak coming onI do use nail polish remover. It is important that it contains acetone. The non-catone varietyfor false nails does not work! I also put a little desitin on the infected area. The Desitin helpsreduce redness. When I am out of nail polish remover, I head for my Listerine. Make sure to drink plenty of water, get good rest and watch what you eat. Stay away from chocolate, limit your redmeat, eliminate nuts, peanut butter, and fried foods. A natural source of lysine is Flounder. When I am out break free, Flounder is not my favorite fish, but when I have an outbreak, thereis nothing that tastes as good as flounder. I hope these remedies will
help you as much as they have helped me.
Sharon Palumbo--

Date: Saturday, February 4, 2006Time: 3:24 PM EST

Country of Remedy = United States

Ingredients = Abreva
Rubbing Alcohol
Knowing what not to eatInstructions = I woke up this morning with a cold sore. Given last night's stressful events, I'm not surprised. That doesn;t meand I'm happy about it either.The first thing I did was apply Abreeva. I have gone through seleral tubes of the stuff in the past. It is pricey, but well worth it.Next, I changed my diet. It is hard to fathom this, but Cold sores are caused by a virus, and foods that contain arginine acids promote viral growth. When I have a cold sore, I avoid caffiene, chocolate, peanuts ans other nuts, whole-wheat products, oatmeal, grains and seeds. I know it sounds hard, but anything to make this go away. In addition, I take Lysine. Lysine inhibits viral growth. I take 1000 mg daily, but when I have a cold sore, I up the dosage to 2000 mg with everyt meal. Today was the first time I have used rubbing alhohol. I held a q-tip soaked with it on the sore for 5 minutes or so. Already the sore is half
the size it was.When I finished applying the alcohol, more Abreva went on.I'll keep this up (alcohol and abreva evey hour and lysine with every meal) until the sore is gone. Usually 2-3 days.
Good luck.

Ingredients: Well the best thing is to put ice when you first know your going to have one like tingle and itch.
Instructions: Just put ice on it hold on for about 5 min then repeat every hour you will feel it working.

Date: Monday, February 6, 2006
Time: 8:45 AM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Echinacea Teinture.
Instructions: You can buy it anywhere, in a small bottle. Works excellent!!! Cold sore goes away next day! Just keep dapping every hour of more.

Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Time: 1:15 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail Polish Remover, OTC cold sore products
Instructions: I got the idea of Nail Polish Remover from this site. It worked wonders. I reccommend taking a deep breath and hold it in while you do this! About 3 mins after you do that, just use you normal OTC cold sore products (ie Abreva, Lysine, etc...)

Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Time: 5:10 PM EST
Country of Remedy: US

Ingredients: Enema
Instructions: Skin problems usually indicate toxins in the body, this includes cold sores. If you give yourself an enema when you first feel the sting of a cold sore (at least within an hour or two), it should disappear within 24 hours and shouldn't require any other treatment at all. If you wait until it has formed into a cold sore, taking the enema will still stop the pain and speed up the healing process (should be gone within 2-3 days). You may also want to apply neosporin.


I had a bad cold about 2 weeks ago and my uncle had given me some Cayenne Fruit 40,000 STU. I took 3 a day just like it says and the cold went away fast.

Well yesterday morning I got up with the tingling on my lip so I rushed to put some ice on it and kept it on my lip for an hour to keep the swelling down. Then I took 2 capsules of the Cayenne fruit with a glass of water and I put some Abreva on the cold sore, I took my 3 pills today and my sore is almost gone it didn't even open up like it usually does it is still dry and a little puffy but it is not creating a mess and is not even hurting. I had figured what the heck it is good for colds maybe it would be good for cold sores.

Well, I would definitely say that Cayenne Fruit worked wonders on my cold sore and I hope that it does for you too. I know how embarrassing these things can be.


Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2006
Time: 9:30 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Ice
Salt Water and a Cotton Ball
Acyclovir (or a variation of the drug)
Instructions: I have had cold sores for as long as I can remember. As a child in the first grade,I spent many weeks at home when suffering from painful and ugly blisters all over my mouth.Over the years, I have done a significant amount of research on cold sores, seen many dermatologists, and tried several home remedies. I am now a senior in college and am doing a senior research project on HSV-I (herpes simplex virus I), which is
the cause of cold sores.

First, I'd like to point out that cold sores are caused by physical or emotion stress.Anything that boosts your immune system, protects your lips, or relieves your worries about cold sores, will aide in the healing process because they prevent or remove most of thethings that cause cold sores in the first place.

Second, cold sores are caused by a virus, which means that there is, unfortunately, no cure.
It also means that anti-BACTERIAL drugs or ointments are clinically useless (unless you havea secondary infection at the site of the sore).Also, before I get into remedies, I would like to point out that symptoms of cold soresdecrease with age in almost all clinical studies. They also decrease in frequency.

Now, to the home remedies.I have found that Acyclovir (or a varioation thereof), which can be prescribed by your doctor,is most effective if taken at the first indication of a cold sore. However, the virus in yourbody can develop an immunity to the drug, so with oral herpes, it is best to ONLY take the pillwhen you feel a cold sore coming on. You should also take another pill 12 hours later. Unfortunately,this is not always enough to prevent an outbreak, and I have found that once the virus reaches thesurface, the Acyclovir does not decrease healing time or prevent the virus from spreading.Ice is particularly effective at the initial swelling of a cold sore. Unfortunately, the ice has to be applied throughout the day in order for it to continue to be effective. The reason ice works is because it numbs the nerve endings near the surface and prevents the virus from erupting. Also,ice is used to decrease swelling. Swelling is caused as a reaction of the cells in the body toa foreign invader.The best cure for a cold sore is to stop it early. At the first available opportunity, a drying agentshould be applied to the sore with a cotton ball/pad. Drying agents include things like salt water
(my personal favorite because you can make it at home), vinegar, and anything containing salycilic acid.
An active cold sore produces fluid under the surface of the skin that is a result of reproducing viral
particles. The fluid is filled with active viral particles looking for a new place to start a vesicale.Cold sores are actually a GROUP of vesicles started at several nerve endings on the surface of the skin.Drying agents work because they draw out the fluid in a cold sore, reducing the amount of active viral particles at the surface of the skin, and their chance to start a new vesicle. I have found that thistreatment works no matter how big my cold sore has gotten, especially if I wake up in the morning andone has already formed. Applying this a few times throughout the day is best.Hope all that helps. E-mail me with more questions if you have them. I'm not a doctor, but I havedone a lot of research on the subject.

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2006
Time: 10:12 PM EST
Submitted by: Isis Okowita

email address:
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: SOAP, Valtrex, Vaseline. ice, time, q-tips, aspirin
Instructions: I feel your pain. I'm a long time sufferer of severe cold sores/ fever blisters. I've had it since I was a kid. I get them in 3 different spots on my face, and left untreated mine can become the size of a quarter. First, for all of you suffering like me, I want you to know that you are not alone, and a cold sore does not make you ugly, dirty, etc. So I'll start with the basics. Cold sores are caused by Herpes. There are 8 different types of Herpes. The Herpes viral family is universal, this means that EVERYONE has had herpes in some form or another. Do not feel ashamed! Herpes viruses cause chicken-pox, shingles, keratitis, mononucleosis (mono, aka: the kissing disease), karposi sarcoma. epstein-barr disease, roseola infantum, and etc.Most cold sores are caused by the Herpes simplex 1 virus; it infects 80% of the entire human race. This means that 4 out of 5 people have the same affliction as you.
If your reading this though, you're probably one of the unfortunate 30% of the population that gets regular recurrent eruptions. Most likely you got this virus as an infant or a child from your parents or a family friend. I know I did.But, I've been reading through these home remedies for cold sores and some of them really frighten me. Please DON'T pick at the scab! Don't lance the blisters with a needle, you'll risk a secondary infection or even tetanus, aka: Lock-Jaw. Nail polish remover is not FDA approved for use on the face, the acetone in it is carcinogenic.Herpes simplex 1 is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!! And I don't mean you can give it to some one else, I mean that you can give it to yourself. Normally, the virus inhabits only 1 nerve cell in your body. And when you get an eruption it will occur in the same area every time, because that the area serviced by the infected nerve cell.However, from the first tingle to healing scab you're shedding herpes virus particles. This means that inadvertently you can transmit the virus to another nerve cell and get recurrent eruption in a different part of your body.The single most important step in dealing with a cold sore is cleanliness. After you touch the cold sore area, wash your hands with warm water and soap for 60-90 seconds. Believe me you don't want to infect another area of you body or someone else!Most over-the-counter meds just treat the symptoms and won't heal it faster. For the pain, I've found that icing it for a few minutes or an aspirin/ advil works just fine. As it heals the scabs itch and crack so I apply Vaseline with a Q-tip to moisturize. If you want to use Neosporin, Abreva, or an antibacterial cream instead feel free. But use a q-tip not your hands to apply. If you use chap-stick, don't share and have a special tube that you use ONLY when you have outbreaks.If your sores are frequent or very severe, talk to your doctor. At the first tingle I take 2 grams of Valtrex and then 12 hours later another 2 grams. For the most part it nips an eruption in the bud or minimizes it. But Valtrex isn't for everyone and are side effects. I've a friend on Famvir for her cold sores so that might work for you instead.Most importantly, Cold sores take about a week to 10 days to heal. They heal faster if you leave them be.

Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Time: 12:13 PM EST
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: L-Lysine
Sea Salt
Nail Polish Remover

Instructions: I have been getting cold sores since I was a young girl. I HATE them! I\'ve tried everything. I mean everything. I noticed that taking Lysine really helps. I haven\'t had a coldsore in over a year. I take 1000 mg a day.Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night with the burning and
itching, and knew I was getting a cold sore. I immediatley took 1500 mgs of Lysine and smothered the area with abreva.I had a hard time going back to bed because I just knew it was gonna be ugly. Sure enough I woke up with 2 sores. One is on the skin above my top lip on the left side the other is on the lip skin on the top right side. YUCK!I feel so terrible today. All I have been doing is reading this website. I have toothpaste on right now. It really soothes the itch and tingle and pain. I also tried nail polish remover, purell and been eating lysine. I hope something will work fast. I work in a bar where I deal with a lot of people. I need to look good.I am supposed to go in tonight, but it depends on my lip. Organic sea salt really does clean the sore and feels good, and has a drying effect. Once the sore is dry, I use abreva as a moisturizer. But honestly nothing i\'ve tried makes it magically dissappear. I just wanted to share with you all my experiences.I would pay any amount to not have this yucky problem.

Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Time: 3:45 PM EST
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: Nail Polish Remover
Instructions: Hiya! I have gotten cold sores for years and I have tried everything under the sun. Granted, I use valtrex at the first tingle, I
also use abreva and it takes a few days. Last weekend I tried the nail polish remover and I was amazed! Two days and no scabbing. The bumps just disappeared. It was amazing. It stings and burns, but it works.

Date: Sunday, January 29, 2006
Time: 5:01 PM EST
Email address: Anna
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Fingernail Polish Remover
Blistex - Medicated Lip Ointment
Instructions: First of all- I would like to thank this website tremendously-. I just experienced my frist ColdSore this week and came across this site. I saw the nailpolish remover & nyquil idea and thought that it would be useless, and was a little reluctant to try it. But, i decided to go for it! And look at me now! it worked. THANK YOU. so i would like to suggest that using nailpolish remover and nyquil on the sore for about 5 minutes each. Then apply some Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment on the sore to keep the burning away. JUST TRY IT!

Date: Friday, January 20, 2006
Time: 4:38 PM EST
Country of Remedy: United states

Ingredients: Neosporin
Instructions: I have been getting cold sores since I was ten. I get them when I haven't had much sleep mixed with a very stressful episode. I've tried every single remedy listed above without success. Even Abreva only aggravated my cold sore. I haven't tried the nail polish, because I wasn't brave enough for that one. The one remedy that I have found to not only immediately ease the pain of a cold sore, but it heals it within hours: Neosporin. Think about it, one of the characteristics of neosporin is to heal wounds faster, and it works on cold sores. Apply it on at night and in the morning you'll see a big difference!

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2006
Time: 3:06 AM EST
Country of Remedy: Australia

Ingredients: Nail polish remover
Instructions: I stumbled across this site sporting another dreaded cold sore and was amazed to discover these remedies. I was dubious at first but figured the nail polish remover remedy was worth a shot, given I had some on hand. Well I've tried it now for two cold sores and both times it stopped them dead in their tracks. the first time I was sceptical and thought perhaps it wasn't goingto be a cold sore anyway, but then I tried it again several weeks later when my upper lip started to go deep red. I applied the nail polish remover with a cotton bud when the skin near my lip had just turned red, before any swelling had started, and then followed up with Zovirax. I found the nail polish remover didn't really sting at all. Luckily in Australian Zovirax is sold in supermarkets and over the counter in pharmacies for about $14, so its not the expense it is in the US. The second time there had been a little swelling but the nail polish remover seemed to dry it out, and the blister never formed or filled with fluid. There was no scab, it just healed while my lips dried out a bit. Such a relief. I have been getting cold sores of varying severity about every 2 months, sometimes with my menstrual cycle and sometimes due to stress, and using Zovirax for years, but this nail polsih remover seemed todo the trick. I hope it lasts! Note there is a site called that allows international shipping, and I have ordered some of the other suggested US over the counter lip balms etc through this site, just for back up.

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Time: 2:06 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Illinois, USA

Ingredients: Ice
Wet dishcloth
Neosporin (lip treatment)Instructions: This is a combination I made my own but I got hte insipration from others on this pg. When you see the puffyness coming immmediately put ice on the spot until all the ice is gone. Wet a dishcloth and rub in on the cold sore until you broke the (sac)? with the puss inside. Dab some peroxide onto the sore. Put some abreva on it afterwards. After a while when the abreva dries up put the neosporin on it. Alternate between abreva and neosporin.

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Time: 9:20 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Instructions: This actually isn't a remedy. I read a lot of people used nail polish remover on their cold sores so I tried it last night. I
used a cotton swab and held it on my sore for about 30 seconds. It ate away at the skin on my face. Now, instead of a cold sore the size of a peanut, I have a huge area of red painful skin covered in a thick scab about the size of a quarter. I would be very careful using nail polish remover!

Date: Sunday, January 15, 2006
Time: 11:07 AM EST
Dinah Lewellyn
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Cold-Eeze zinc lozenges
Instructions: First of all, allow me to praise this website! When I got my first cold sore back in 1998, nothing like this site existed, and
I just had to weather through it (and note, girls at cosmetic counters--ALWAYS ask for lipstick to be sleaned with alcohol before you try! My friend and I BOTH got coldsores about a week after trying on lipstick. May or may not be a coincidence. Anyways: COLD-EEZE lozenges are hands-down the BEST cold sore remedy!!! I tried almost everything on this site upon finding small blisters on my lower lip, patiently: --ice for 45 minutes(seemed to help the swelling of the blisters, but gave my mouth "ice-burn"--nail-polish remover (the objective of this is to dry out the blister as fast as possible, I assume?) It just irritated the blister, and prolonged it--egg-whites and milk--seemed to make the blister puffier --earwax--I don't understand how anyone would have enough of thatto apply to a cold sore, I didn't anyways--tea-tree oil--this helped the most out of the remedies touted on this site--I have a blend of essential oils (Osea Corrective oil) that I use that also has jumiper and lavendar oil in addition to tea-tree, and this made the blisters calm down a bit, and I would think, acted as an antiseptic--abreva--ALWAYS seemed to make the blister WORSE! go figure.and then... when I was ABOUT to give up hope, I remembered that someone posted about Cold-Eeze, and I remembered that I had some in my medicine cabinet, and I CANNOT STRESS TO YOU ENOUGH HOW WELL THIS WORKS!Within 5 minutes of applying the wet lozenge to my cold sore, the blister WENT AWAY, the entire area SHRUNK, and the cold sore doesn't even look like a cold sore anymore. It blended in with my lips.I just needed to share this with you all, since the other remedies, if you are patient, probably work in the end, but this one really is a MIRACLE for those of you who don't have more than a couple of days to recover.I will also say that I was so skeptical at first, I decided to alternate with the lozenges and abreva--and everytime I stray from the cold-eeze, the sore gets bigger! I now apply the wet lozenge to the affected area once an hour, and it is sloWly disappearing.Please note that the blisters never popped on my sore in the first place--I thank all the other remedies on this site for that!Remedy: place a cold-eeze lozenge in mouth until wet enough to apply to sore without irritating it, and apply for about 20-30 seconds. The wash the lozenge and place it back in its plastic for future use.
I believe that this works because of its high concentration of Zinc, honey, and lemon.IT WORKS!!!!

Date: Saturday, January 14, 2006
Time: 3:40 AM EST
shine shamba
Country of Remedy: Tanzania

Ingredients: tea bag + Nail remove polish
Instructions: I am so surprised to find that even people in USA are using the same remedies as we use here in Africa after being
advised by our local witch doctors. Yes and yes tea bags really work, the work good if they are concentrated one tea bag with 3 spoon full of water, make sure its not caffeine free or any modified type, just a regular tea bag. This is the best way the blister is not? NEVER?. going to last for more than three days.

1. Poke the blisters if they have already appered. Wash entire affected areas with the concentrated tea for 15min (this stops HSV viral activity)
2. Apply nail polish remover(work best) or any other alcohol if nail polish remover is not available. (this kills up the enzyme activity that makes the blister to spread around and being itchy and painful); let is sit for an hour or so.
3. Apply ice as much as you can to lower the swelling( this also constrict blood vessels around the infected areas)


Date: Monday, January 9, 2006
Time: 8:13 PM EST
Country of Remedy: U.S.A.

Ingredients: nail polish remover
tea bags

Instructions: Thank you, thank you, thank you all!! You saved me this week. Lip swelled up Saturday afternoon, important photo shoot Monday. I
found your site mid-afternoon Sunday. I had pumped myself full of Valtrex at the first sign Saturday with no relief or effect whatsoever. After reading everyone's suggestions I applied nailpolish remover with a Q-tip ever half-hour for a few hours, thenmoved on to hot lipton tea bags off and on for an hour. By Sunday
evening the swelling had gone down and the bubbles had already scabbed. Monday morning I woke up, prepared to cancel the shoot and blow my career, but miraculously there was no more lump, only a little brown scab on the under side of my top lip (easily covered with make-up). I am so indebted to all of you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Genius creatures!!

Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2006
Time: 7:23 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Instructions: Okay, so i don't have a remedy as of yet. I just wanted to share how wonderful it was to read some of your stories on this
page! I have been suffereing from Cold Sores since I was one! I have gotten them from stress, when the seasons change, when my diet changes, when I drink too much soda, when I drink too much name the situation, and I have probably gotton one. I have tried EVERYTHING! I have even taken shots from the doctor of vitamin D because he said it was a lack of vitamins in my body. I have eaten brocoli with every meal, I have tried every over the counter and under the counter meds available to me. Carmax doesn't work, its spreads it and prolongs to healing for me. Abrevia shortened the time period, but I usually get cold sores for about a month on end and cutting it down to about two weeks didn't do a whole lot for me. The best thing that I got was neosporin lip treatment. That works some, but it mostly cuts the pain and itching in half. I alwys get cold sores during the night, waking up to a throbbing, puffy lip that half the time looks like I got beat up! I was at my whits end until tonight.I am so releived that there are other people out there who were looking for remedies and support. I am trying the nail polish remover method right now, and after the first ten minutes, my cold sore definately feels much drier and is not as big! I hope this works and I will be able to share in the success stories that are here on this page!

Date: Tuesday, January 3, 2006
Time: 9:46 AM EST
angelina lee
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: ice and finger nail polish remover
Instructions: o/m/g if you have a cold sore you have to try this place half an ice cube on your lip till it melts. then take finger nail polish remover and put it on your lip for about 10 minutes 3 times a day and bythe next day you can't tell its there

Date: Monday, January 2, 2006
Time: 10:03 PM EST
Country of Remedy: NYC, USA

Ingredients: Nail Polish remover
Jomson + Johnson First Aid Cream
Instructions: I've had TERRIBLE, UNSIGHTLY cold sores for the past 11 years and lemme tell you -- THIS cream crap WORKS! First off... I caught one big nasty one on my mouth a month ago, got on this page, tried toothpaste, abreva, nail polish remover, and voodoo (just kidding) -- that nasty guy is still calloused on my lip. Go figure I just got yet ANOTHER one on the side of my chin 4 days ago (which has only happened there a couple times in my life) and I thought I was on the road to recovery for that one -- UNTIL TONIGHT when it exploded even larger! Anyhow... Nothing has worked this well EVER for me until now. I read below someone talking about Neosporin CREAM ointment and I figured I would try it. After a month of blisters back to back I try ANYTHING. I ran on over to Wallgreens and was heartbroken to find out there was no Neosporin CREAM ointment -- my only comparable (IMO) option was this J+J First Aid Cream so I grabbed it and kept my fingers crossed all the way home. THIS STUFF ROCKS! I did the usual ouchy Nail Polish Remover step #1. then #2. applied the cream. I am quite happy to report that homeboys have already proceeded to flee the scene of the crime! This cream stuff is amazing! It's not oily -- it dries up kinda like calamine lotion. So it must be drying it out and at the same time the nasty bugger must be absorbing the medicine or something! It's also clear -- so if I'm lucky, and can actually get away with it (without looking like an idiot), might be able to apply some concealer over the red marks on my skin tissue from my past month of cold sore hell! You guys should try this! It was only 4 bucks at the drugstore. It works like a industrial tube of Abreva I sware. Worse case scenario it won't work but you'll have some ointment for your next "minor cuts, scrapes or burns". Good luck!

Date: Monday, January 2, 2006
Time: 6:18 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Rubbing Alchohol
Instructions: I mostly get my coldsores during the night. I have realized they are more likely to outbreak if I drool while I'm sleeping.
After reading ingredients in many coldsore prevention and treatment OTC remedies I started cleaning my lip with rubbing alchohol everynight before bed, especially around my menstral cycle and have noticed a significant reduction in outbreaks. Please try this and repost it if it works for you.Also I have not had any outbreaks due to sun exposure, I've tanned in beds and at the beach and have never had a breakout even without sunscreen. I believe the heat is more likely to cause the outbreaks then the sun.

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2006
Time: 9:49 AM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Sterile needle
Cotton Swab (Q-Tip)
Alcohol or Campho-Phenique
Instructions: This process won't work a miracle, but it will dry that
cold sore up in no time!
Here is what I do:
1. Pop the first initial blister(s) with a sterile needle. You can use a pin that you've held under a flame for a minute or so.
2. Immediately absorb the cold sore "juice" with a cotton swab. DO NOT let the juice touch ANYTHING but the cotton swab!!
3. Immediately discard the cotton swab(s) and the pin
4. Blot the open sore with alcohol or Campho-Phenique (OTC)for at least a few minutes (FEEL THE BURN?? Then it's workin'!)
5. Repeat step 4 until the cold sore has completely dried or scabbed overThis has helped my cold sores dry up and disappear in as little as 3
days.... compared to the 10-14 days they USED to last.Now I know a lot of people claim that popping the blister is the WORST thing you can do, but think about it.... what does a cold sore do ON ITS OWN? It gets bigger and bigger, and more and more painful until eventually it bursts on its own and dries up, right?? So really all you are doing by following this procedure is speeding up the whole process!

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2006
Time: 6:29 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Ice, lysine, tea bags
Instructions: Hello to all. Thanks to all who have posted on this website it has improved my life considerably about understanding my body and cold sores.I think we all react differently to different remedies in the same way we have different triggers to cold sores. I got a cold sore 5 days before new years and it really pissed me off. I noticed the day i got it i woke up with a sore throat and my left lymphnode was inflamed.My cold sore developed on the same side. Anyway when i noticed it forming i immediately put ice and took 3000mgs of lysine. Unfortunately it did not stop it from forming. This doesnt mean that i have dont believe lysine though. i used to have 4-6 outbreaks a year and for the last year i have been using lysine they have gone down to 1-2 and much less severe. Well this one formed and i couldnt do anything about it.I took the lysine and used ice and i think it cut down one the size of it. I dont think its a good idea to pop it, instead i just keepice on it many times a day. I alternated this with a warm tea bag as well. This seemed to speed up the healing time very nicely. It took 5 days for it too fully heal and i was able to have a great new years as well. Going from 2 weeks to heal to 5 days is certainly an improvement. There have been many times when i felt that tingle and i put ice on it and took some lysine and it never developed but i guess it isnt completely fool proof. Thanks again to all who have posted these remedies! Keep up the fight! and Happy New Years!

Date: Saturday, December 31, 2005
Time: 4:58 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: grapeseed oil
Instructions: Just spread some on your lips. The effects are almost immediate.

Date: Thursday, December 29, 2005
Time: 8:13 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: abreva
sterile needle
nail polish remover
Instructions: when i first get a tingle, that warm red bump is already forming and there is no stopping it. i start by putting abreva on it.this is usually when i wake up, also take about 3000 mg of the l-lysine with a ton of water. then i start making a paste ofl-lysine tablet (500 mg), 2 asprine, a half teaspoon of alum (which is a pickling agent you can find in most grocery store spicesections), powder them, then add evough water to make a paste. it should be thick and really gooey. pop all of the blisters with a sterile needle and gently press a tissue until the puss is gone then, with a q-tip apply this to the spot you get a
cold sore the alum dries up any blisters, the aspirine kills the pain, the l-lysine helps prevent more of the virus from spreadingtoo far (but you dont really need put it in the mix)the paste doesnt take long to dry all the way, and it is crusty once it does dry. if you want, just crush the alum add water, then apply. once
it is crusty, you need to re-wet it. and re-apply whenyou can see flesh through the white.the alum does, i think, causes more irritation the first day but it causes all the blistersto crust over in one day, and is worth the irritation. adding the the other ingredents just make it a little less irritable. if you dont have time to walk around with white paste on your lips you could just pop the blisters and apply finger nail polish remover.i dont use that unless i need to leave because it stinks and i hate the taste. it still works just as well as the alum though (and you can leave the house with it on) i have read this entire site and the most effective thing to do is to dry the sores as fast as possible. it doesnt matter how you do it, just keep them dried up. carmex just spreads the virus because it keeps the site moist.when ever i cant use alum or nail polish remover, i use abreva inbetween. i also use it every night before i go to bed and take my 3000 mg of l-lysine. also once i am sure that i only have scabs on my lips and not infection, i use neosporine to
heal the scabs faster.when i dont have a cold sore, i still use the abreva every night and take only 1000 mg of l-lysine. then the next mornning i re-apply the abreava. that keeps me outbreak free. the latest cold sore i had was when i ate a bunch of cashews the night beforei completely forgot that help make cold sores appear. be careful! remember, healing them just takes matter what! 90% of the population gets them.

Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Time: 6:36 PM EST
email address: yasdnil
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Alcohol
Instructions: Pop blisters immediately. Soak up liquid with kleenex. Apply alcohol with a Q-tip and hold for a minute. Repeat a few times a day for 2 days. Then just leave it alone. It will be very small, it will not hurt, and it should heal in about 2 or 3 days. Works for me every time!

Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Time: 12:11 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Sea Salt, washcloth, hot water
Instructions: basically this really works for any type infection (body piercings, acne, oozy wound) but does great on cold sore also.. take as hot of water as you can stand and put around 1 tablespoon of seasalt to 1 cup of water -- let it dissolve-- dip the washcloth into the water and apply it to the cold sore-- it will be hot and sting a bit but its worth it once it cools down, re-dip and apply...the more you do this the seems to suck the infection out and drys out the cold sore...Learned this when I was getting body piercings and they would get infected and it works nicely...

Date: Monday, December 26, 2005
Time: 2:48 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: alchol
hand sanitizer
triple antibiotic
ice cube
nail polish remover
Instructions: Ever since I could remember i always got cold sores! I'm 18 now and its so embarresing to go into public knowing everyone is staring at your lipSo what I usually do is call off work and say I have a family emergency
and I will be back in about a week, and then I stay in bed all day prayingit will go away. I usually get them when Im under a lot of stress. Like christmas! i got one the day of x-mas how wonderful! im just hoping it will be gone by new years! so i finally decided to go on the internet and search for the quickest way to get rid of a cold sore, and I finally
FOUND IT!For the first day I applied abreva like every half and hour. Then I i placed an ice cube on my lip until it melted. But you want to make sure your hands are always CLEAN people, thats how they spread! use a q-tip to
apply nail polish remover. I know it sounds crazy but it so works great!I usually switch it up every ten mins from putting nail polish remover, triple antibiotic, bleach,and toothpaste. I know bleach sounds crazy too but someone told me to try it bc it works and it does. all of these might tingle a little but trust me its working already for me. Ohh and use a needleto pop it first so all that yuck will come out of it. make sure it doest spread though bc it will make another cold sore. so do that first and then apply all those ingredients every ten min. and it should go away in like 2 days! Good luck!!!

Date: Saturday, December 24, 2005
Time: 12:23 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Instructions: To start, I'd just like to contribute to the suffering community that I am a victim of this curse known as the herpes simplex virus. I understand completely how important it is to rid of these unsightly blisters and scabs in order to take control of your life and reclaim the confidence this illness has robbed. I have been plauged with these (just as many others out there) since I was a child. I was misdiagnosed as a child patient of impetigo, a bacterial skin infection. I was treated with Batroban, an ointment which only seemed to spead it around my lips. On vacation growing up, I got one of the worst outbreaks of my life, enveloping the entire left side of my face. I grew up dealing with these chained outbreaks, taking usually 10 days to heal, considering that there wasn't another one developing in the midst of the outbreak (happening 3-4 times an outbreak). I'm 19 years old now with cold sores coming less often, but still full-blown when they appear. I have tried several methods, some I found to be innefective, some helpful, and others dangerous.Innefective:L-lysine tablets helped me maintain health but I found that taking them during an outbreak, if not ingested immediatly after forming, are usually ineffective. (Most of mine, as others, form overnightanyway)Toothpaste was hopeful, but after it dries (usually overnight) it makes it hard to remove. Scraping it off usually leads the sores to be reopened and lead to more pain.Ice is a double edged sword, in my experience. It helps take the immediate pain away and release swelling, but it sometimes make the sores spread and itch afterward.Perscription medicine and over the counter balms worked the same or less than herbal and home remedies. Don't waste your money (in my experience, anyway)
I read on this site once that bleach was effective in removing sores. To be honest, the first time I used it, it killed the infection and I recovered very quickly. However, the second time I had a wicked outbreak
and I pressed the bleach (on a Q-tip) on my upper lips too long, which caused a burn. Bleach is a very strong base with a low pH level. This liquid attacks proteins, including skin. If you decide to use this (I
recommend no one does - a sore is a sore, but a burn lasts much longer), use it briefly and never more than once or twice during the sore's onset.Scalding the blisters with hot or boiling water in attempts to
steralize or burst the sores will only make it worse and agitate it more. Use cold, not heat. Hot watercould cause burn marks much worse than a few sores.
My Prededure:
1) You feel the onset of the blister. Don't touch, itch, or irritate. I do usually run it under cold water to numb it and immediatly get to step two.
2) Dry it out! Don't mix this step with moisturizing. I have read a lot of alcohol and Neosporin. Please, dry first (1-2 days), then treat. Use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover (a recent remedy many people swear by). Steeped tea bags usually help relieve the pain and itching temporarily, too. Just be careful not to burn yourself. If it has formed blisters already, use a sterolized needle to bust and drain them before
3) After a few days, the blisters and itching, along with the reddish area should be gone. Treat the rough and scabbed area with moisturizer or a first aid cream (like Neosporin) and let the scabs fall off naturally. Picking at them will only cause bleeding. Blood coagulates and causes, yep, more scabs.
4) Scabs fall off and a mark (scar) is left. Generally very temporary. I usually use carmex now to smooth it out and re-moisturize the new skin (not the scab).And remember what mom always says : Leave it alone! Picking at it, scrubbing, and agitating will only make it worse! 3-5 days is better than 10-15.
Get plenty of water. Avoid sugar, nuts, and chocolate. Eat fruit and low-fat sources of protein. Rest up and follow your body's advice: stress is the problem and only acceptance and relaxation will be the true
preventor of illness and this terrible virus.God bless and good luck!

Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Time: 3:24 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail polish
Instructions: Monday night I started getting the familiar tingling sensation on my lower lip and gobbed on Abreva
which has always worked in the past. Tuesday morning, I woke up with a small bump still which formedinto a blister by the end of the day even though I continued to apply Abreva. The blister was only about 1/2 the size of ones I usuallt got, so the Abreva might have helped somewhat.I searched for home remedies and found this sitw which suggested nail polish remover. Today, Wednesday, the second day of the blister, I went and picked up some nail polish remover.I have been sitting here for approx one hour and fifteen minutes with a Q-tip/nail polish remover
pressed againt the blister...chaning out to a new Q-tip about every 5 - 10 minutes.Its amazing! In just a little over an hour, the blister has gone actually appears that it has poppedand now there is a virtually flat red spot where the blister was. I am going to continue applying nail polish removerthe rest of the day and have hopes it will be greatly improved tomorrow.Be advised, this does sting and pretty bad at times but it's very much worth the trade off.

Date: Friday, December 16, 2005
Time: 9:47 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Good old US of A.

Valtrex, Bleach, Anti-bacterial soap, Lysine,New Skin,Clean Make-up.
Instructions: Take Valtrex asap 2 tablets twice daily. Take Lysine at least 1000mg three times daily.If sores develop burn them off with bleach on q-tip.You will know that sores are gone /dark q-tip/. Wash with clean water and antibacterial soap.To COVER UP-- use New Skin to seal and Make up that matches your skin tone. Keep taking Lysine it prevents more sores.Stay away from :Citrus fruits /vitamin C/, Tomato products, Peanut Butter, Anything with Arginine /great amino, but helps virus replicate itself/.Hot foods Chinnese Thai or Mexican...Reduce stress, stay out of cold. Miserable weather stresses your body. Immune system is overstressed, virus acts up. Sunlight can cause cold sores also- wear lip balm.

Date: Thursday, December 15, 2005
Time: 10:20 AM EST
Email address: Heather
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail Polish
Colloidal Silver
Instructions: I've suffered from cold sores for years. And a variety of things bring them on: sun, stress, lemon zest, illness, dental work. It is December and I just got a cold sore yesterday - this is the third month in a row I've had one and I'm so frustrated. I've found that no one remedy works with the same efficacy twice in a row. Last month I used Colloidal Silver (available at any whole foods market) and it worked really well. My cold sore was crusted over in a day. This time I'm using nail polish remover and have noticed a significant improvement since this morning. I've also found that lactinex, an over the counter vitamin that you can get from the behind the counter at any pharmacy, works if you take 7 pills at once as soon as you feel the initial tingle. I've also popped the blister and put peroxide or alcohol on it. I hear outbreaks decrease significantly after 35 years of age - I never thought I would say it, but I can't wait until I turn 35! I'm going to try earwax with the next one.

Date: Thursday, December 15, 2005
Time: 3:31 AM EST
Email address: Helen
Country of Remedy: England

Ingredients: Nail Polish Remover
Skin Astringent
Instructions: Have read this site, and have a cold sore on my bottom lip. Am a very appearance concerned person, so I dont like blemishes of any kind.Its also my first ever cold sore too... so I was mortified when I woke up.Ive tried all of it so far, nail polish remover, ice, skin astringent, and finally toothpaste.For me I have not had any success, I still have an awful angry red scab on my bottom lip, that is very painful. However, I had a tingling on my top lip, and I did all the above and so far the tingling has stopped, so Im hoping that it worked.I dont know what Lysine is, or what its name would be in UK, if anyone could enlighten me?? You all seem to mention it a bit.

Date: Monday, December 12, 2005
Time: 1:44 PM EST
Email address: Megan
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: alcohol
ice cubes
Instructions: I have been suffering from cold sores for about 10 years. They are the most resented gift from an ex-boyfriend! I have tried
everything you can imagine and have found that they build up a tolerance for every treatment I use. Also, you must keep in mind that there is no cure and you can only try to prevent them from recurring, and when you get a blister it has to go through the full cycle before it goes away. I have found that the best prevention is L-Lysine. I take a pill daily and then increase the dose when a blister forms. The sore does not completely go away, but it doesn't get as huge as they use to get. Also, I prefer to pop the blisters with a sterile needle and apply alcohol or peroxide. This helps dry them out faster, speeding the healing time.
Hope this helps!

Date: Saturday, December 10, 2005
Time: 11:14 AM EST

Ingredients: nail polish remover
Instructions: I am so happy that I found this website. When I have an outbreak of cold sores, they appear on my left side of my face, not
around my mouth. So, I tried the nail polish remover and toothpaste remedies and they worked!! After only 2 days, the sore is nearlygone.
Thank you, thank you.

Date: Friday, December 9, 2005
Time: 9:25 PM EST
Email address: jon
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Hair dryer

Instructions: Ok, I used to get massive cold sores. They would take two weeks to heal and I looked like a leper the whole time. I still get them but only about once or twice a year now. However, now they are the size of a BB instead of a quarterand they only appear on my lips so they are not as noticeable as before.Here is what I did. I made a cone by rolling up a piece of sturdy paper. Then I taped the larger opening around a hair dryer.This allowed me to focus the hot air from the hair dryer onto an area about the size of a pea. Then I sat home all weekend andblasted the cold sore off and on. The hot air will burn you if you put it too close. That's not what you want. The idea is to dry out the cold sore without chapping half your face. The cold sore virus seems almost intelligent at times. To me, it seems like it is always looking for its chance to get you.From my experience, you need to rotate your treatments. I think it catches the virus off guard and makes your outbreaks occur less frequently. For instance, on my next outbreak I will try to apply dry ice and see what happens.I don't know if there is any sound science in this, but one thing I do when I start to feel "the tingle" is drink a big glass of cold water. Then I pinch the tingle spot so that it really, really hurts (only before a blister appears). This virus lives in the nerve endings so I figure I can send some pain signals its way.This might sound crazy, but my outbreaks only last 2-3 days now so I must have done something right, because my life is just as stressful as itever was

Date: Thursday, December 8, 2005
Time: 5:25 PM EST
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: Canada
Name of Remedy: cold sores
Ingredients: aftershave
Instructions: as soon as you feel a cold sore coming ontake a q tip and
pour some aftershave on it and dab it on you lip, it may taste a little
bad if you end up getting a little in your mouth but it is a godsend
for me

Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Time: 2:21 PM EST
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: L-lysine
Avoid coconut
Instructions: Most all of my family members suffered from fever blister and we do belive that coconut does contribute to the cause.L-lysine has become a life saver for us. We will take several at the on set of one, but then finish taking the remained of the bottle but only a couple a day. I went from approx. 8 a year to not having one for about 8 years.

Date: Thursday, December 8, 2005
Time: 5:25 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: aftershave
Instructions: as soon as you feel a cold sore coming ontake a q tip and pour some aftershave on it and dab it on you lip, it may taste a little bad if you end up getting a little in your mouth but it is a godsend for me

Date: Thursday, December 8, 2005
Time: 5:54 AM EST
Email address: Samantha
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: *Nail polish remover
Instructions: I found this site on Tuesday after I developed a large and unsightly cold sore (as all of mine are!) I had gone out drinking
with friends the night before, it was windy and freezing cold outside, and i forgot to put enough Chapstick on my lips. Sure enough, the next morning I woke up to the telltale tingling and small bumps forming on my upper lip. Since I had to go to class, I just popped some Vitamin C, covered it with lipstick, and hoped for the best. When I returned home a few hours later, sure enough, my upper lip had swollen to four times its normal size and there were two huge red blister clusters fully formed. Usually for me, this isthe point of no return, and I tried to accept the fact that for the next two weeks I'd be slathering on the makeup, feeling self-conscious, and avoiding public outings at all costs. Usually my cold sores take 10-14 daysto heal. I found this site on accident when I was looking for the name of the vitamin (L-lysine) since I figured the vitamin C wasn't doing its job. I read all of these posts, and usually I would never try home remedies(I'd be too scared to make it worse,) but I am leaving to visit my boyfriend's family in 5 days and I was desperate. Following the instructions, I popped the blisters with a small needle (I have NEVER popped the blistersbefore- my hands were shaking) and then held a Q-tip over each blister to soak up the liquid. I didn't squeeze them, even though the instructions said to- I thought that squeezing them might damage the skin on my lips and make them worse. Right afterwards, I slathered nail polish remover on the blisters, and then covered it all with a thick layer of toothpaste. For the next 3 hours, I alternated between putting more nail polish removerand toothpaste on. I had class that night, so I washed it all off and put lipstick on. When I returned home that night, my lips were still swollen as ever and the blisters were still fully formed, and I was worried thatI hadn't even popped them right. The area of the sores was bright red too, presumably from the nail polish remover, but other than that, they didn't look worse- they just looked as bad as they would otherwise. Disappointed,I decided skip the nailpolish remover since it looked like it was just irritating my lips, and decided to just put toothpaste on as I slept, but I admit I didn't have high expectations. I woke up the next day- the day after the sores had formed- to see that my lip was still swollen, but the blisters had tiny scabs on them. Usually it is about 4 days before I start seeing scabs, so I figured this was a good sign. I washed my lip with Dial Soap, put on lipstick, and went to work. When I came home later that day, Iwashed the lipstick off to see that my lip swelling had gone down to about half. At this point, it looked as if my cold sores were healing 500% faster than normal! I couldn't believe it. Since the blisters hadalready scabbed over, I figured I didn't need any more toothpaste, so I put on a dab of Abreva to help speed the healing and make the swelling go down some more. After the Abreva wore off, I didn't put anything else on,I just kept my lips very dry. Today is Thursday and I woke up to normal-sized lips with small scabs in the location of the sores. The scabs don't look worse than usual, if anything they are smaller, shallower, and lessnoticeable. If I didn't know better, I would say that I had gotten cold sores over a week ago rather than 2 days ago!! I have been getting cold sores (and sometimes very bad ones, all across my lips) for 10 years now and I have NEVER seen my cold sores heal so fast. I can't believe this home remedy actually worked, but it did, and believe me I will be using it again. Thank you so much to everyone that posted their remedies, and to any cynics reading this, trust me when I say IT WORKS.

Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2005
Time: 5:29 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail polish remover
Instructions: I am exposed to lots of young sick kids in the winter. This year it seemed like every other week there was a new outbreak of something. I had a record 5 outbreaks of cold sores in 4 weeks and found this site as number 6 was approaching. I tried the nail polish remover thing and it worked quite well. Just a dab on a Q tip and applied directly to the cold sore. I stoped it while it was small and it never developed any further. I made sure to keep my mouth tightly shut as to not ingest any of the nail polish remover.

Date: Sunday, December 4, 2005
Time: 1:18 PM EST
Email address: Justin
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: ear wax
Instructions: Ear wax, yes it is a little gross but you dont need to gop it on just a small amount will do. I've tried nearly everything else. DO NOT pop them, it will litereally erupt within hours if you do that. The fluid within the cold sore is extremely contagious and will spread fast.

Date: Sunday, December 4, 2005
Time: 9:28 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Campho-Phenique
Instructions: Buy Campho-Phenique gel at any drugstore, costs about 7 dollars. Just apply it liberally after you already have a cold sore (when it's in the blister stage) and it dries up the blisters within a few hours and it should clear up completely in a few days. Also gets rid of the pain and itchiness. Works a lot faster than most medicines I have tried.

Date: Sunday, December 4, 2005
Time: 6:12 AM EST
Country of Remedy: Wales

Ingredients: Ice cubes
Hot water
Tea bag
Instructions: I get really bad cold sores that seem to last for ever. I'm 16 so my image is important to me, so a cold sore is never good. I always used to use over the counter remedies such as Zovirax, my mum swears by it though it seems to habve no effect on me. Yesterday I was looking into cures for cold sores when i found this page, it just saved my life. My cold sore was full of puss and so big it was off my lip, so i tried some of the remedies on this site.I can never tell when I'm getting the tingling stage as i usually get cold sores when my lips are chapped so it's good to be able to get rid of them once they've surfaced. I
found this one most affective.

1. Place 1 or 2 ice cubes in a tea towel and hold to the cold sore until ice has melted. This will take away the swelling and kill off some of the germs.
2. Boil the kettle and make a jug full of hot water, dip another tea towel into tthe water, only the tip, and dap that onto your cold sore for about 5 mins, keeping the tea towel hot. Caution this will hurt a bit as it will be hot.I know this seems to be the opposite to above but it seriously works. This will make the cold sore soft.
3. With the jug of hot water you just had, put a tea bag into it and make some tea. drain the trea bag but not too much and place this over the cold sore for as long as wanted. This will remove most of the puss. Caution this will hurt a bit also, as it is hot, though try blowing on the tea bag a little to cool it down. After your cold sore will seem much smaller and start to scab soon. I've had my cold sore for 4 days now and its already into the scab stage, it will be gone pretty soon.

Don't just trust me on this try it yourself. And I also want to try the earwax, it sounds...interesting!

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Time: 8:23 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: ice cubes
rubbing alcoho/nail polish remover
lysine tablets
liquid from a vitamin e soft gel to manage the pain

Instructions: i found this web site saturday when i felt a cold sorei found this site in a moment of desperation on saturday when i could feel a cold sore surfacing.since my doctor wasn't around due to the thanksgiving holiday, i was on my own. i sort of compiled some of the suggestionsfrom this site, and i was able to contain it quickly (it still ran it's course). it's not even noticeable anymore (it's tuesday); it never really wentoutside of my lip's what worked for me:this is commonsense, but it's worth repeating:i was very careful to only use a q-tip/cotton ball once to apply the treatments. i washed my hands every time i applied something. my fingers never touched the sore. remember it's VERY contagious.--i took 3,000 mg of LYSINE right away and twice daily thereafter (find out how much is recommended foryour body type). the tingling phase only lasts about an hour for me, and then the sore appears, so i'venever prevented them from occurring. this is more of a containment treatment.
--i alternated between ICE in a ziploc bag (5-10 min. intervals) and
ALCOHOL/NAIL POLISH REMOVER on a cotton ball (2 min. intervals)
treatments followed by an application of ABREVA (with
a clean q-tip. Repeat throughout the day (maybe a total of 15x for each
treatment). carefully monitor the
alcohol treatment; discontinue if your skin becomes increasingly red.)
--throughout the day, for the pain, i took IBUPROFEN. and at night i
used a needle to prick a VITAMIN E softgel tab.
i squeezed the contents onto the sore.
--overnight,the sore did not expand in size, but it did
(disappointingly) continue to develop. i did not drain
the blisters. i just kept applying the treatment. on sunday night, i
put NEOSPORIN on it instead of abreva.
--by monday, it had significantly dried up. i applied the treatment
once in the morning and then did not touch it
at all from that point on.
--and today, tuesday, it's practically gone.
i sincerely hope this helps you. good luck!


Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Time: 8:06 PM EST
Country of Remedy: California

Ingredients: Lysol spray. Yes the spyar that you would buy at the super market. I swear, swear, swear buy this.
Instructions: Spray a little of the lysol on a q-tip and dab it only on the cold sore twice a day every day until its gone. This will work within 2 day's.

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Time: 3:15 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

ngredients: alchol
gold bond powder
baby talc powder
Instructions: When you first fell the tingle, apply abbreva and take valtrex. Have your dermatologist write a recurring perscription. Since it is an oral medication it is stronger and absorbed at faster rates
than those antiviral topical treatments which are absorbed at a much lower percentage rate. Valtrex should stop the sore from even appearing, but if you do not take it in time the sore will come out although not as
bad and will last only 3 days or less. After the blisters form, apply rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball or Q-tip. Never wash your face or touch the blisters at all no matter how much you want to scratch or pop them, let them be. Use regular strength Noexma cleansing pads to wash your face and do not let the pad touch the blisters, only use the alcohol for the blisters. Do not apply moisture to the blisters. If you are going somewhere, do not apply make-up. First apply the rubbing alcohol and let it air dry. Then apply a thin coat of abbreva and rub it in with a Q-tip. Next, if a women, first apply an allergy free translucency loose powder that is one shade lighter than your skin (either clinque or bare essentials) with a cotton ball. Then apply either gold bond powder or baby powder on a cotton ball over the colored powder and that should make the sore at lot less noticeable. Putting all this listerine, nail polish remover and toothpaste will only redden the appearance. Just use a drying agent and a gentle powder. After the blisters flake off, use a vitamin E oil when in the last stages.


Date: Monday, November 28, 2005
Time: 3:01 PM EST
Eva Myron
Country of Remedy: Australia

Ingredients: lysine tablets
nail polish remover
avoid sugar,especially chocolate
Instructions: I have not only suffered from cold sores for 28yrs but also impetigo.I get an outbreak onceor twice a year some worse then others.One in particular stands out in my memory.Imaginea really fat lip from a major blown out cold sore, plus 2 huge impetigo on my left cheek.If you are not familiar with impetigo,let me put it this way, I would much rather a cold sore any day.It is THE most embarrassing thing I can think of.Made worse by the fact that you can't reallypredict when one is going to occur.This web site is brilliant because I
don't feel so alone.My mother also gets cold sores so I guess I got them from her because I've had them from infancy.I've spent alot of my life feeling sad because of this and wish there was a miracle cure.However there isn't so I shall share with you some things that have helped me.By reading the suggestions of others on this site has been great.I recommend the nail polish remover on popped blisters!!!!!Also lysine tablets, I take approx.6 a day when I've got a coldsore.Within 24hrs no joke my lip was back to normal.Sugar is really a bad trigger for me, especiallychocolate.I therefore discipline myself to have limited amounts of sugary things.I guess in some ways I've learnt to live with it, I just avoid being seen by anyone when I'm at my worst.I haven't had a really nasty breakout for quite a while now so these suggestions must work.

Date: Friday, November 25, 2005
Time: 1:42 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Date: Friday, November 25, 2005
Time: 1:42 PM EST
Email address: Kelsey
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: USA
Name of Remedy: cold sores
Ingredients: steralized needle
nail polish
Instructions: Hi i am 13 years old and have been suffering fromcold sores since forever! This morning i woke up with a huge cold sore on my bottom lip and not just one blister but 3!!! well i was angry and since i dont have to go back to school for three days i decided to look up some remedies. I found that popping the blisters w/ a steralized needle then putting nail polsh remover on it w. a q-tip mentioned quite a few times so decided to try it out.I did and amazingly within a half hour i can already see a difference!!!!!!!!!! i am soo thankful for this since i reallly like this guy a school and am trying to get him to notice me!!!!!!!!! i know i am young but hey i can have some fun! i am also tepted to try some toothpaste tonite and a tea bag. can neone comment on those and how well they work for me??thnxbunches u guys r my heroes

Date: Monday, November 21, 2005
Time: 3:25 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Instructions: I forgot to mention something really important - make sure to also use a sunscreen every single day, especially around the mouth area if you sometimes get cold sores around you mouth, because the sun can trigger them. And keep your hands out of your eyes. It can acually lead to blindness if you don't keep your hands clean when you have an active sore. If this is your first time doing research on cold sores, this article is a good start. Good luck to everyone.

Date: Monday, November 21, 2005
Time: 1:59 AM EST


Instructions: If you missed the tingling stage, and you want to shorten the cold sore cycle, please try this. It might help you.I've been getting cold sores for twelve years now, and they're awful. I usually get two outbreaks per year, but this is my third one this year. They make me want to stop my life till they heal, and the times when I can't do that it is so uncomfortable to be outside the house.Anyways, I took a nap Saturday afternoon (it's now Sunday night) and woke up a couple of hours later with a few bumps on the left side of my lips. I cancelled my plans for the night and got ready to go to war with this cold sore!!! The whole cold sore cycle is almost over now (1 1/2 days), so I wanted to share what I did in hopes of helping someone else.I immediately put some Zilactin L (in my opinion this is the best stuff for cold sores), waited about 20 minutes and added some Abreva (I've never tried Abreva alone, so I'm not sure if it's better than Zilactin or not). This is the process I used the last time I got a cold sore a few months ago, and after it dried up, I put some Neosporin on the scab. The whole thing (all the core sore stages) lasted 3-4 days, and I was
very happy with that. This time though I decided to try some of the home remedies to see if I can cut the time even shorter. So I came online to this site again to get some ideas. I first found this site about a year ago, and tried a bunch of things but everytyhing tried then sadly didn't work for me. But I think that's because I got a needle and alcohol, sterilized it and popped the blister. Only problem is that it left a huge scab (and one that looked like a cold sore in itself) that took 2 whole weeks to heal. I DO NOT RECOMMEND POPPING THE BLISTER. AT ALL. It was a huge mistake for me last time, even though I was very careful and meticulous.Anyways, yesterday after putting on the Zilactin L and adding Abreva (gave time for the Zilactin to work first though), I came back to this site and decided to try them again after the two medications had been on the sore for a good few hours (I'd kept putting more on every 1 1/2 - 2 hours or so). I took 6 tablets of Super Lysine, then I put an ice cube
in a sandwich bag and held it to my cold sore. Then I boiled a tea bag and did the same. I repeated the tea bag (it felt good lol). Then I put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and held that to my cold sore. I did each of the three for about twenty to thirty minutes, and longer for the alcohol. Then I put some tootpaste on the sore and let it sit there for about 3 hours. When I got ready for bed (which was pretty late - doing all this kept me up), I carefully lifted off the toothpaste, cleaned the area and found that the sore had never had the chance to grow past it's small blistering stage. I swallowed 6 more Super Lysine pils,
put on Zilactin then some Abreva and went to sleep. When I woke up today, the cold sore hadn't grown larger, the blisters had completely dried out, and there was only a scab there. I was sooo happy!! It had been less than 24 hours since I'd first gotten the bumps. So I put some Neosporin on it and hopefully by tomorrow the scab will be gone.

A few tips:
Always use a q-tip when applying anything to your cold sore. Don't touch it. And wash your hands really well, alot. When you clean the cold sore use an antibacterial soap, but be gentle. After the cold sore is gone, throw out your toothbrush and get a new one. Always use a lip moisturizer with an spf of at least 15 - Neutrogena (SPF 15), Herpecin L (SPF 30 and also has Lysine and some vitamins), Softlips(the Cherry one is SPF 20) and Blistex Spa Effects (the only Blistex product I like and they come as three small ones in a packet and are SPF 15) are good ones. If you're not comfortable carrying tube with Herpecin L written on it, try to either pull off the label or cover it with something. Whatever you do and whatever brand you choose, please do use something because protecting your lips from the sun really does help cut down on cold sore outbreaks. After an outbreak though, cut off the top part of your tube to be safe and to avoid spreading it to other parts of your mouth. Also, don't share glasses or utensils with anyone when you have a cold sore. Definately don't kiss anyone. It'll just spread the misery. I got my first cold sore at nineteen (twelve years ago)the day after kissing the second guy I'd ever kissed. He didn't show a cold sore on his lips at the time and when I asked him after I got mine the next day he said he never got cold sores. My guess is that has Herpes Simplex 1, the virus for cold sores, but he's one of the 20% or so (can't remember the exact statistic) that has the virus but are fortunate enough that never actually shows on their lips. So please, please be careful with who you're with. I've been reading everyone's posts and it makes me really, really sad to think of how many people get this as children. That must be so traumatic. And it makes me sad to think that when I do have kids one day I'll to want to kiss my children but would feel afraid that I might be doing them a disservice because I might spread the virus to them, even if it's not during an outbreak. I think it can be spread during the initial stages even before you feel a tingle. sigh. As a preventative measure, and since I almost always miss the tingling stage and wake up with a cold sore, I'm gonna make a habit of getting an ice cube and rubbing that on my lips every single night. I'm also
going to look into taking some pills on a daily basis, Vitamin B 50, Lysine, Echinanea or something as well as try some of the other tips on this board to prevent the cold sores from even coming up. I also found some tips at 2196 3.html if anyone's interested.Thanks for everyone who put their advice on here. I do believe that the
home remedy ideas I got from here, particularly the rubbing alcohol and t oothpaste helped alot. (I did try the earwax thing but didn't have enough lol). Even though none worked for me the first time, I still felt better reading everyone's posts. They gave me hope!!At the end of the day, it's all trial and error with whatever medications or home remedies you try until you find what works best for you. Good luck to those reading this right now.:)

Date: Sunday, November 13, 2005
Time: 5:23 AM EST
Jeff Ezop
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: powered alumn
Instructions: if you have a sore from biting the inside of your mouth put powdered alum (this is a pickeling spice) on it and it will be healed by the next day

Date: Friday, November 4, 2005
Time: 5:25 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Pure Tea Tree Oil
Instructions: There are very few things more embarrassing than a cold sore. I was the occasional cold sore sufferer, they didn?t come often
but they were ugly. And it?s always at the worst times? like on vacation with my fianc?, college graduation, etc. I learned stop them at the
tingling stage with some fresh aloe, or Abreeva. And believe it or now, I even tried Desatin with aloe and that works well if you can catch it at the earliest stage. All at once, work became super stressful, my roommate abruptly decided to move, and I was planning a destination wedding. My outbreaks were 1-2/ month and they were bad, covering my entire bottom lip. I was missing too much work and missing out on all social activities. Cold sore sufferers know they come at the worst times and it?s impossible not to stress over having one, which makes it worse. I read somewhere that tea tree oil works. I have tried every thing to get rid of a cold sore?. Nail polish remover, alcohol, vicks, aloe, every OTC available. One bad outbreak I thought I caught early enough with the Abreeva. (I don?t know about you, but Abreeva didn?t work any miracles for me). The pain had gone away. I was at work and got caught up in my work day. When I went to the bathroom I had 3 huge, swollen blisters on my bottom lip. One on each side and one in the center. I was mortified. I popped all three to try to make them less obvious. I know they say not to pop them, but this always works best for me. It speeds up the drying time. Just make sure to soak up EVERYTHING with a q-tip or they will spread. I remembered the tea tree remedy and went straight to the drug store. Make sure you get 100% pure teat tree oil. The other diluted versions are not as effective. I dipped a q-tip into the oil and put it on
all three sores. I applied every hour. Though the tea tree oil is very drying, it was much better than any OTC I have tried. In 24 hrs one
blister was completely gone, one was 75% gone and one was 60% gone. In 24 hrs that?s impressive. And they didn?t get crusty and yellow like they had in the past. The pain was gone. I read somewhere that the tea tree oil help produce white blood cells which speeds healing. And it is anti bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic. It worked for me. I hope it works for you. Good Luck!!

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Time: 6:11 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Abreva
L-Lysine Tablets
Instructions: I've been suffering from cold sores for 3 years now, and as you all may know... they seem to happen at the most inopportune
times. I just had a recent outbreak a few weeks ago, and it was the worst one I have had to date. I tried everything: toothpaste, nail polish
remover, Releev, Orajel, ice cubes, chapstick, etc. The combination of these seem to of made it a lot worse. Now only 3 weeks later, I started to have another "bump." I couldn't believe it, not even 3 weeks had passed. So I started to research on the internet, when I came across Abreva. I had heard about it before, but it seemed a little pricey ($15 for 2.0g). However, I was not going to go through the humiliation again so I bought it. I the cold sore started to form on Sunday night, and I tried icing it back away... didn't work. So on Tuesday it had just started to form or "break-open." Right after class I went to CVS and got a tube of Abreva and some L-Lysine tablets (1000mg). It is now Wednesday night and it is starting to retreat. If it continues at this pace it will be completely gone by Friday. The Abreva worked wonders and held the sore to a small unnoticeable size, instead of the normal inflammatory sore. I highly recommend Abreva, and definitely take L-Lysine tablets as well... they are an amino acid your body cannot produce, and helps combat the virus. If you do not believe me, read some reviews on Abreva. Keep in mind nothing is 100% effective, but this is damn near close as you're going to get. Abreva also does not prevent sores; it only helps to speed up the healing time and prevents the sore from spreading (which it does! Believe me!). In conclusion, try Abreva next time... you can get it at any drug store, it's worth the money.. trust me!
Good luck.

Date: Friday, October 28, 2005
Time: 4:12 AM EST
Tina North
Country of Remedy: UK

Ingredients: Peppermint oil, Emu oil & Cardiospermum
Instructions: I forgot to mention that this remedy is COMPLETELY natural! A virus will see an anti-viral drug as a challenge and will build up a huge resistance. This can make the virus fight back even stronger!You can not completely remove this virus from your nerve cells so why build it up any stronger with traditional drugs?Tame the beast with proper diet and natural products if you can.If you do have an outbreak try eating fish everyday and drinking lots of milk (preferably organic to avoid antibiotics which are given to the cows!).Avoid nuts and seeds, coffee, chocolate & red wine.

Date: Friday, October 21, 2005
Time: 10:11 AM EST
Email address: Jason
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Vitamin C
Multi-vitamin (Target brand)
Neosporin Cream (not ointment)
Didn't pop the blister
Instructions: I had a VERY stressful day Monday. The instant my eyes opened on Tuesday I knew I had the tingly ichy beginnings of an extremely unwelcome cold sore. I've used several remedies from this site before (L-lysine, alcohol, and Zilactin (OTC remedy)) with modest results. I had the coldsore for 10 days rather than two weeks. Well, I came back to the site to see what other tricks I might try. I noticed vitamin C and other various vitamins kept creeping up and I noticed for the first time neosporin (cream NOT ointment). I decided to give this combo a try.I took 3x1000mg vitamin C pills and one multi-vitamin (Target brand)
three times a day (generally with meals) and applied the neosporin frequently (every hour or two). I drank lot's of water and stayed the hell away from peanuts and any other nut. I was nearly healed from a cold sore one time when I went out and ate a peanut thai dish. The next morning my lip had exploded with cold sores! Sucked BIG TIME!Anyway, it is now Friday morning (Three days later) and I just have a teeny tiny little red dot that I expect will be gone by the end of the day. I have NEVER EVER EVER had a cold sore go away this quickly. Major props to the people posting the Neosporin remedy!One last thing, I did NOT pop the blister. I've done this in the past and have never had a coldsore heal in less than 10 days. Never popping again.Good luck!!!

Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Time: 4:56 PM EST
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: sterile needle
hydrogen peroxide
Blistex Lip Medex
Instructions: I am 24 and have gotten cold sores since I was born. Over the years I've begun to perfect my treatment. I've recently found that carefully popping cold sores with a sterile needle, and then applying alcohol will dry them out quick.After than, I alternate peroxide and alcohol to keep the area clean and dry to promote healing. I've also found that applying anything that will moisturize the lips is BAD! It seems like blisters will reappear. Thus, even if it dries and cracks and hurts, keep applying peroxide and alcohol.Finally, when it gets to the very end stages and is clearly just a small scab, use Blisex Lip Medex (the stuff in the little blue tin) to help the scab fall off sooner.And of course, applying Abreva, Novitra, or something along those lines immediately helps, but ONLY if you apply it immediately. I also pop as many lysine tablets as I can remember throughout the day (no more than 600 mg at time, though others use more and say its OK). I keep taking lysine for the entire duration and shortly after the cold sore, because it seems as though I'm more prone to another outbreak while my immune system is down from the initial infection and stress.I hope my thoughts can help someone out there. Cold sores are utterly mortifying, and the public is generallyinsensitive to cold sore sufferers. I commonly hear people joke about passing Herpes through kissing and shared drink/food, and they don't realize how many cold sore sufferers there are that cringe when they hear these things. I avoid public at all costs when I have one, and I hope, if we can't find a cure, that people will at least begin to recognize how insensitive it is to joke about this infliction.

Date: Thursday, October 6, 2005
Time: 11:09 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: montreal canada

Ingredients: zinc (vitamins) tablets
vitamin E
Instructions: I`ve just recently in the last year have started getting coldsores. I have to agree with everyone here on this page that they
are the worst things in the world. They mostly come around my time of month, which is even worst but lately they`ve come more
and more frequently. Anyway if you know when there is a tingle, i can sometimes not tell, but if you feel your lips dryer than usual and you feel a tingle put ICE right away for as long as you can stand. This should work fine however if the blister
comes out meaning you put the ice too long, you can make a paste with a crushed zinc tablet and a little water. Then apply this directly to sore and let it dry there. Leave this overnight. IT should dry up the cold sore by morning. SEriously, may be uncomfortable because dry, but will really skip the blister stage and go right in scab stage. However if you have to go in public, you may not look good with this large white thing on your lip, so i reccommend rinsing off paste with water and putting lipactin, Till your back at home.After the scar forms keep putting vitamin E over and over it will heal the scab faster. I suggest also drinking lots of water...lots of milk since in contains lysine, and yogourt with active bacterial culture. Take vitamin c and b12 and rest! Will be gone in no time. I never know how to explain this since alot of times i find myself always trying new things, but this seems to work. Good luck to all of you, i know how your suffering!

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2005
Time: 7:08 AM EST
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: US

Ingredients: Ice
Nail Polish Remover
Instructions: I'm 20 years old and have suffered from cold sores for as long as I can remember...usually about 1 or 2 per year but lately it seems like I'm getting about 3 to 4 breakouts a year and it's always at the worst time possible (usually when I'm stressed). My husband and I just moved this last weekend (stress) so, go figure, I woke up with an outbreak this morning. Over the last few years I have learned that as soon as I feel the tingle to put some abreva on it and continue to do so all day and it usually clears up. Well sure enough, I woke up this morning and had 3 full blown cold sores and I never even felt the tingle! I've never had more than one at a time so I got on the internet and I found this web site. I saw a lot of people have suggested putting ice on which only makes sense...anytime any other part of my body starts to swell I put ice on it and it helps so I don't know why I never thought of it before. I put ice on for a good 20 minutes and sure enough the swelling is gone and I don't feel the tightness in my lips any more. I'm off to go try the finger nail polish remover...I'm a little nervous as I'm sure it's going to burn like h*** but if it gets rid of these cold sores with in the next day or two it will be more than worth it. This site is awesome! I'm so relieved to know that I'm not the only one who deals with this embarrassing virus and that people are finding ways to help shorten their breakout time and sharing those remedies with others!

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2005
Time: 11:44 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Purell instant hand sanitizer with moisturizers and
vitamin E.
Instructions: every hour or so dab a little bit of purell on the cold sore. Let it dry up. It will sting and tingle a litte. I just had the bright idea of doing it one day when I had a cold sure and it dried up and went away almost completely in the same day. You can see the results over the time frame of one day. I hope it works for you guys.

Date: Sunday, September 18, 2005
Time: 6:28 PM EST
Email address: christy mosley
email address:
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: MENTHOLATUM

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Time: 7:37 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: No oranges
Instructions: Not a remeedy but maybe a way for u not to get cold
sores.When u get these cold sores have u had orange juice or an orange a few days before?I figured out after I drink orange juice, I get these sores. I havent had one in a longgggg time untill I was drunk and ate a bite of an orange (I forgot).Now I am here trying to figure out how to rid of it off my lip. :(Going to try the nail polish remover as it seems to be one of the popular ones. Wishme luck and hope I helped a few people to prevent sores with what might be triggering them.Would love to hear if this is whats triggering others sores also.Thanks!

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2005
Time: 12:28 AM EST
Alison Brooks
email address: soccer
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Aloe Vera
Instructions: I've been getting cold sores for as long as I can remember and have tried just about everything on this page
(except the earwax solution).Just recently while doing some research, I found an article on aloe vera. I decided to try it and it worked wonders!!!If you apply aloe vera gel at the moment you feel that first sign of a cold sore coming on, it will not develop. Make sure you use pure aloe vera from a plant (this would be best), or when travelling you can buy aloe vera gel. Makesure you buy the gel that contains as much aloe vera gel as possible. Mine is about 98%.If your cold sore has already developed, applying aloe vera will shorten the duration considerably! It also numbs the pain,It's really amazing!Good Luck!!!:)

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2005
Time: 8:09 PM EST
Subject: Home Remedyemail address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Q-tIp
Rubbing alcohol
nail polish remover

Instructions: I have had cold sores very frequently (like 5-10 times a year) since I was 16. Yesterday, I woke up with this known irritable sensation on my lip.I immediatley went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and put my abreva on my lower lip. I didn't realize how BIG this thing was until I really woke up. Later, I found that I had another small one on the other side of my lip. Ok, I was devastated at this point!I have never had one the size of the one I have. I went to the doc and got a prescription, but those never seem to work. Any ways, I got
a few qtips and applied the rubbing alcohol trying to get the liquid to seam out. I did this process for five minutes. Then I waited a few mintures..thebubble didn't go down. So I got my handy nail polish remover and
applied that until I noticed that it had gone down. It is now flat and a bitred at this point. Then, plut some toothpaste on it and let it sit overnight. I am glad to say the swelling went WAY down afer I put on the nail polish remover. I am just relieved to see that I don't have this HUGE nasty cold sore any more.I'de just like to thank everyone on their input. This is the best site I could have ever found. We need to find a cure for this crap.
P.S. Kinda weeray about the earwax, but anything is worth a shot to get these nasty things gone quick.

Date: Monday, September 26, 2005
Time: 6:05 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: nail polish remover
Instructions: Okay...I've been suffering from a nasty cold sore that appears under stress for the last 25 years. I found this site and tried the nail polish remover. IT REALLY WORKS!!! I wish I tried it out at the tingling stage. The sore is definitely
drying up faster. Thanks to all of you!!

Date: Friday, September 23, 2005
Time: 7:01 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: I've tried pretty much everything, and while campho phenique (over the counter) used to work wonders, I seem to have become immune to it. Now I drench them in carmex all day and night long- if done quickly, the cold sore doesn't show up, and if I little too late, it stops them from growing bigger. It's not too glamorous walking around with globs of carmex on your lip, but it really helps. Once at the blistering stage, I've found it is best to poke the juice out and use the drying remedies, like alcohol, nail polish remover, etc.. although it will cause redness. Loads of carmex really works though. :)

Hi, This is my remedy / experience with cold sore.Please publish this email adress: clumsy

Hi, I'm Marie. I've had cold sores for a while now. Sometimes I have 2 a year and other times 4 or more a year. I've noticed something that's happened since the last 3 years. I've gotten this huge cold sore like between my nose and upper lip. It's appeared at the same spot 3 times. The first time I had it was 3 years ago, and I've had that twice this year. It was always when I had a cold and was blowing my nose a whole lot. For the first time I went to see an M.D. because I had this huge thing + a cold sore on the corner of my mouth. Let me tell you, it was bad. She said that it appeared to be a cold sore as well. Gave me a prescription for some ointment that was way expensive and I went on my merry way. Now I'm starting to think that it might be impetigo. I'll have to ask my M.D. next time I'm in for a visit.A few months ago, I spoke with my M.D. and she prescribed Valtrex for me. I took it 2 times and I'm not sure it really helped. The way I understand it this needs to be taken as soon as possible. The first time my cold sore was way out, and the second, I still thought it took a while to heal. But like I said, I've only used it twice.The other remedies I use are as follow:When I feel a tingle or I notice it erupting, I rub an ice cube on it. Then I cut a garlic clove in 2, and I rub it on. It stings a little, but I like to think that it helps it. Besides, these are 2 cheap and handy things. I do that for the 1st day. Then I dry it out either with rubbing alcohol, or cider vinegar often throughout the day for the next few days. After I apply some lysine cream, or "Erpace" that I get in pharmacy or at the health store. I have a special lysine lip balm that I use. I'm not sure it helps, but I use this as well.I've noticed that it's good to take lysine capsules, and vitamin C as well. So far, that's all I've got. My father used to rub a chewable vitamin C on it, and thought it helped. My mom applies "staticin" on it. But it's extremely strong, and my skin can't tolerate it, I get a sort of allergic reaction to it.Good luck. I think trying out different things is what works. It seems to be true that what has worked once may not always work. Don't hesitate to askaround and to try different things.Marie

Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Time: 10:09 PM EST
Ant Clayton
email address: le
Country of Remedy: Australia

Ingredients: Herpex
Instructions: There is one supplement called Herpex - it is available in Australia but I am sure it must also be sold overseas. It is an L-Lysine supplement but it also contains some other goodies that seem to help. I was advised that you shouldn't regularly take a supplement of one particular amino acid eg L-Lysin as this causes an imbalance. Which isn't good for overall health. I think taking the supplement is best in times of stress and when there is an outbreak of coldsores present. Probably diet is extremely important avoiding Arginine rich foods such as peanuts and lentils. This is hard for me as I am pure vegetarian so I have to strike the balance. I usually get 2-3 coldsores annually. I just had one about 3 weeks ago. I always get them in the exact same spot on my lower lip. Sometimes they become huge and othertimes they are not so sever. One thing I have noticed is that I usually feel a bit low the day before I even get the tingling sensation. Sometimes like I have a cold or flu. The thing is that I have one again on the exact same spot. I am currently on the road in Hong Kong so I am attributing it to the stress of travel. My understanding of the Herpes virus is that it lives in the nerve fibres and erupts on the end of the nerve at the skin surface when the virus is triggered. This wexplains why it recurs in the same location. Tea tree oil is ok but can actually cause a different type of
sore (not viral/bacterial) just because the oil is quite harsh for our skin. Propolis tincture helps dry the sore but doesn't seem to lessen the severity or duration of the blister. Zovirax and other generic Acyclovir containing medications seem to work but I find that I will get another coldsore not long after the previous blister is gone. It seems as if the body's own immunity is over ridden by the medication and therefore the virus is able to come back more easily. I sometimes find just letting it do its thing and just managing the pain with some aspirin is the way to go as although I have to endure the coldsore for 2-3 weeks. After that my body seems to have defeated it on its own and then I won't get another one for ages. I've had them all my life and I am sure of a
few things.. They always come at the change of the season. If something makes me feel panicked or extremely stressed - ie an emergency I can feel the blister just pop right up on my lip. I couldn't imagine bursting the blister. It already hurts enough and I wouldn't want to get a scar. The ice helps when the coldsore is one of those fiery ones that burn all night and keep you awake. I have to honestly say though that i have never tried something and found that it the coldsore just went away. Once I get the tingle or the bump on my lip, no matter what I do, I just have to accept that I have an outbreak and that is that. I think the most important thing is to be vigilant and never spread the virus. No kissing, no oral, no sharing drinks. I wouldn't want to ever inflict this
virus on anybody. It is so awful. Oh yeah and be careful.. when you have a blister always use a hand towel or a flannel to dry your face or even tissues.Don't use your main towel because when the virus is shedding new virus molecules you can spread it to other parts of your body!!! Maintain a positiveattitude and try not to feel too down about it because that will never help. :)

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2005
Time: 4:58 PM EST

Ingredients: ice, carmax cold sores, abreva
Instructions: One thing I've noticed about my cold sores is that when I feel them coming on, it's always aftersomething very stressful occurs, such as not being able to find your family for hours. When I fee it coming on, I immediately put ice on it. This usually helps preventing it from getting bigger. After I've used a full piece of ice(i usually let the ice melt cold onto my lip by holding it there and pressing.) I get some carmax and apply it JUST to the cold sore. Afterwards, I apply abreva to it. I noticed w/ the recent cold sore I have, that by doing this and applying carmax every hour, the cold sore blendid in with my lip color, it was just painful and big. Also, do not add a mostouizer to the cold sore. I noticed that more little "small" or "mini" cold sores appeared two days later near and around the one I already had. I just hope they go away fast becasue whe I "Pop" them, the scab over and turn green for me.

Date: Monday, September 5, 2005
Time: 6:24 PM EST
Country of Remedy: u.s.a

Ingredients: l-lysine and abreva
Instructions: the main problem is reducing stress, I have found that coldsores always attack when i have a first date or party that i really want to go to. REALLY EMBARRASING im glad to hear that their are people out their that know what im going through,makes me feel a little comfort.

Date: Thursday, September 1, 2005
Time: 6:13 PM EST
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: Finger Nail Polish Remover

Instructions: First off, let's just get it clear that if you are on this website, you are pretty sure you have a cold sore! That said, I have been getting them now for 25 years and I am aware of when one is coming on. Over the last 25 years, I have tried everything including Zovirax and going to the Emergency Room becasue it had spread so far over my face. Nothing ever worked except my wallet was drained $150 a month for the Zovirax and I had to tell the pharmacist the prescription was for a cold sore. Thank God for this website and the homemade remedies because I have actually found something that works. My usual cold sore would last about 10 days with a horribly swollen lip and the constant pain of the sore. I tried everything on this site including the ear wax method and I have found that the two things that work for me best are the finger nail polish remover and the NyQuil. As I stated before, my usual cold sore would last for at least 10 days and now they are usually completely gone within three days. It is amazing!!! As you know, stress is a huge factor, so as soon as I would feel the tingle, my stress level would rise and I was doomed with a cold sore. My causes are stress, cold weather and direct sunlight. I have a very stressful job and live in Florida, so I never had much hope. But the good news is that I have got five cold sores in the last eight months and using the finger nail polish remover and the NyQuil, they haven't lasted more than two days. I no longer have the anxiety about the initial tingling. I carry both products with me in the car and have a supply at work and home. As soon as I feel the tingle, I apply the finger naail polish remover to the area for at least ten minutes (yes, I know it smells and burns, then I apply the NyQuil to sooth it (both with tissue paper or cotton ball). I continue this as often as possible for the first day or two and it has never developed into anything more than the first blister. I don't get the swelling now and my lip doesn't blister or have any of the typical core sore symptoms. My lip might peel in the next few days, but I have been virtually cold sore free for the last year. I am not telling you this is the solution, but I am so happy I came upon this site because it has changed my life. Thanks!!!

Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Time: 4:54 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Egg Whites, Abreva, Sore Throat medicene, tea bags, ice,
Instructions: Well, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for giving in your remedies. I have had a tingling sensation on both sides of my mouth for a couple of weeks now, and I used Blistex medicated lip balm. Bad idea, as it only stops the irritation and not the cold sore from appearing. I woke up on Monday with a rash with a few blisters on the left side of my mouth, and was extremely upset. I have a concertto go to tomarrow (Thursday), so it gave me about 3 days to heal.I discovered this site and did the remedies that didnt seem to harmful or painful. I first used an ice cube to stop the swelling, and warm teabags for about 15 minutes. I took a l-lysine pill everyday. All day, I put abreva on it, and when it was dried up, I covered it in egg whites, which worked VERY well (i kept them on overnight). i used a q-tip to apply everything, and i never touched the sore. today its wednesday), and i covered it in sore throat medicene. youd barely notice it if not for red color of the sore throat medicene. Thank you all for helping me out so much.

Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Time: 9:10 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Finger Nail Polish Remover
Instructions: I have been getting cold sores for the last 20 years and was thrilled when I came upon this website last year. I tried many of the sugggestions and have found using finger nail polish and NyQuil work wonderfully. My usual cold sores would last anywhere from 10 to 14 days and now they are usually completely gone in two days. At the first sign of the blister or tingle, I apply the finger nail polish on a kleenex and keep it on the spot for at least five minutes. This does sting (and smell bad), but it works. I then do the same with the NyQuil which soothes the lip. Alternate this process throughout the day and the blisters will completely dry up in no time. I now keep both with me in my car...just in case. Good luck.

Date: Thursday, August 11, 2005
Time: 3:50 PM EST
David Sandelson
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Lysine cream and other herbs. Lysine tabets
Lip Clear Lysine+ ointment
Instructions: I have had cold sores since I was 18 and I am 32 now. I live in Chicago where it is quite cold. I mention this because my cold sores get worse in the winter. When I first had a cold sore, I went to the drug store and tried a bunch of things but nothing helped. Finally, after a few years I went to a doctor who prescribed Zovirax which was a new thing at the time. It seemed to help but after a year they came back with a vengence. I started doing some research on natural remedies and read about lysine. I started using the pills but then someone at the health food store where I buy my stuff suggested this Lip Clear Lysine+ cream. Since then, I'm able to prevent outbreaks almost all of the time by taking the tablets and using the cream when I start to tingle. If they do break out, the cream seems to get rid of then in a couple of days.
David Sandleson

Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2005
Time: 9:27 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Tea Bag
Nail Polish Remover
Vicks Vapor Rub
Usualy, when I wake up in the morning, and have a cold sore, I take a shower with extra hot water. When I get out I put a tea bag (with some water) in the microwave for about 2 minutes. i keep it on until it gets cool, then I heatit up again. I repeat this process as long as I need to for 45 minutes. After I use the tea bags I put nail polish and vicks vapor rub on the sore. I repeat this step every hour until i goto bed. I usualy take another shower before I goto bed. After I get out I put earwax on my sore. If you do this for 2 days, it should be gone on the third.

Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2005
Time: 10:00 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Zovirax
Nailpolish Remover
Teatree oil
Instructions: I've been getting cold sores for a few years now, and every time I get them they are full blown sores.Nothing has ever worked for me, but yesterday I found this site and decided to try some things out.I woke up in the middle of the night with the familiar tingling feeling on my bottom lip. I pulled out my Zovirax cream and applied, then went
back to sleep.The next morning it had cleared up a bit, and there was only tiny fluid
filled blisters.I applied the nailpolish remover with a q-tip (it stings for about 10
seconds) Then soaked the Q-tip with Vodka and applied.I left that on for a while, then applied some tea-treeoil.before bed i put on tooth paste.The next morning I cleaned off the toothpaste with a kleenex and already the cold sore was hardly visable.My cold sores usually last about 2 weeks. This cold sore was already almost gone and it was just the next morning.Keep repeating these steps and your coldsore should be gone in 1-3 days.I SWEAR IT WORKS.
If you don't catch it in the tingle stage, just skip to nailpolish remover. It will still show the same results.GOOD LUCK!

Date: Friday, July 29, 2005
Time: 12:03 AM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: everything listed on this site!!!!!!
Instructions: I am a 25 year cold sore sufferer, and have tried everything listed on this site along with some that are'nt. Through my experience, I have found nothing to work effectively at shortening the healing time once the sore has reached the blister stage of its cycle (vesicule)at this point it must finish through the crusting and scabing stages to finally heal. Like most people mention here it is important to start a treatment at the prodrome (tingling) stage. Its what you do at this point that affcets the duration and outcome of your sore. I've found that the nail polish remover, abreeva, ice cubes and toothpaste all work with the same amount of effectivness at sending the virus into remission. If your sore still progresses into the macule(inflamed)or papule(red bump)stages, you can count on a full cycle of your cold sore. The problem is that most people don't start treatment until one of these two
stages. From my experience the only thing that can help you at this!point is a precription anti-viral drug like zovarax. The problem with these types of drugs is they are the most effective the first few times you use them, the virus builds up a tolerance and they become less and less effective. Once in blister stage, a big question is whether to pop the blisters or not. I've tried both and found that if you pop them it speeds the sore through the blister stage, but prolongs the scabing stage also creating deeper, darker final scabs. If you don't pop them it prolongs the blister stage (which in my opinion is the most painful and unsightly of all). Not poping them and allowing a unpunctured crust to form promotes a scab that is lees dark and noticable. My last few outbreaks I have chose to pop the blisters, and apply nailpolish remover, alcohol, and toothpaste to absorb the liquid and pus. You have to be careful with these because they can dry or burn the healthy tissue around the sore, turning the skin a bright red and actually drawing more!attention to your sore. Once your blisters have dried and formed a crust, I've found it is best not to use any more nailpolish remover or thoothpaste,it only prolongs the crust stage longer. Eventually once your sore forms a scab it is best to speed it through this stage by puting it through extremes of moisture ond dryness, back and forth until completely gone. The dryness can be created through using alcohol, witch hazel, etc. and the moisture through neosporin, vaseline, abreeva etc. Like I said before, the MOST important factor in the severity and duration of your cold sore is how soon you catch it. I have suffered with the embarassment of cold sores for a long time like I'm sure most of you have. I would pay or do anything to never suffer from them again. One thing I,d like to say is, try to help other fellow cold sore suffers feel less self-concious about themselves during an outbreak. Give them your support and let them know they are not alone!!! good luck and please let me know if anything new comes up that is more eff
ective in the
beginning stages. I've always wanted to try earwax, but I never seem to have enough at the time when I needed it most. Also if somebody could respond to me or post a thourogh regimen on earwax treatment. How much, how often, etc. thank you

Date: Saturday, July 30, 2005
Time: 9:15 AM EST
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: Nail Polish Remover
Instructions: The Nail Polish Remover idea really works!!!!!I have been getting cold sores since 1st grade and have tried everything.I did a search yesterday on the net desperate to find something that works. I decided to try the nail polish remover. I applied it to my cold sore with a q-tip.I did this repeatedly yesterday and woke up this morning to a cold sore that is 90% better.It really helped to dry it up. In the past, I've used alcohol, salt, every over the counter medicine and nothing has worked as well as the nailpolish remover. Who would have ever thought? I hate to admit that I'm a vain female, but my appearance is very important to me. When I get cold sores, I avoidbeing in public at all costs. I'm so relieved to find something that helps!To all of you who put the nail polish remover as a remedy out there...thank you!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Time: 10:16 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Ice
Instructions: I a cold sore 3 days for my b-day, and I had tons of people meeting me for drinks. Well I did a search on the web and ran into this site. I must say I read every remedy posted and I must say that 3 things worked perfectly for me.I first put ice on my cold sore through out the day. That took most of the puffiness away, then I alcoholed it every hour. By the time I left work it was dried up. When I got home, I cleaned it with Peroxide and more alcohol. When I woke up I put more alcohol and neosporin.I really do believe it I new some of these remedies when I first felt the tingle it would have even came out. I do recommend putting ice on it as soon as you feel it.

Date: Sunday, July 10, 2005
Time: 8:28 PM EST
Country of Remedy: U.S.A

Ingredients: ice cubes
Herpecin L (the jar kind)
Instructions: I've been getting cold sores for years. I mean really bad ones that cover almost my entire mouth. The best way to treat a cold sore is when you first feel that tingle. But if your like me and wake up with them already there I found a great way to get rid of them in like 4 days. Put this stuff called Zilactin on them to dry them out. You can get it at any drug store. This will really dry them out, it kind of hurts but it gets the pus and stuff to dry up really fast.Use the stuff for one day even if they are really dry.The next day put Herpecin L on them to moisten up the scab so they will start to fall off.Use the one in the little jar because it's easier to put on and make sure you keep putting it on every time it starts to dry up.That night stop putting on the Herpecin and try to get all the gubk off your lips to let them dry up a bit. Then put Neosporin until they go away. This really worked for me. I know it's a hassle and a little time consuming but you have to dry the cold sores up as soon as possible so they can start healing. Also a word of advice if your going to use Abreva, use it as soon as you start to feel the cold sore coming on and it will really work. But if you put it on when the cold sore is alreadythere, it will make them so much worse. Trust me I've done that to myself three times already.

My grandmother, whom was born in 1903, gave
us this remedy: When you start getting the tingling of a coldsore,
before bedtime, drink 1 teas of baking soda into 4-6oz of leukewarm water
and drink. My little brother used to get the real big coldsores that
would scab up part of his lip! This has always worked for me!Support our Troops!

Date: Friday, July 1, 2005
Time: 1:00 AM EST
Kenneth Kimbrell
Email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail Polish Remover, Sterelized Needle, Neosporin cream.
Instructions: Hello,
My name is Kenneth Kimbrell, and I have been suffering from the HSV1 (cold sore) virus since I was about four, I am now 20. They always
seem to show up at your biggest debuts, probably caused by the stress. They are quite common in my family so I assume it was spread to me
through them. Cold Sores are the worst experience any man or woman at any age could possibly deal with. It affects your self image, which is important to all of us, and destroys your confidence to an absolute zero. I always tell myself that there are people with worse problems, this is true. However this is not just my problem and I am not the only one who suffers from these outrageously embarrassing and unsightly sores. For the longest I just used over the counter medicine, such as abreva, herpicin-L, etc. Then eventually it seemed as if my sores would become immune to the affects of the medicine which gradually decreased. So I set out on the internet (of course) to look and see what medicines were out there. To my surprise I found this website which has changed my life forever, and I am sure others around the world like me. I was surprised to notice that this was not a website to sell you fake herbal medicine
that you have no clue about or even can spell half the time. No this was a site where others like us can share our embarrassing moments that
have haunted us all our lives and our self breakthroughs, and cures that we have came up with to improve our aspect and feelings towards these
cold sores, because now we are FIGHTING BACK!! I hope not to offend anyone when I say finding this site helped me to gain self confidence,
knowing that there were others out there like me who suffer from this. Ok now to begin my ways on winning the SORED FIGHT!! I have found that’s
most of these herbal medicines do not work at all for me. Lysine has been effective but not enough to impress me, I want immediate results and I
have found it with this. Most people have discovered that sores usually develop during the time you are sleeping, and sometimes you will never even notice any symptoms. I recommend you apply a light coating of Neosporin ointment over your mouth every night before you go to sleep, through research I have found that Neosporin remains dominant in skin cells long after the ointment has dried, keeping your lips protected from bacteria and viruses every night, leaving your lips feeling healthy in the morning. If by any chance you do happen to wake up one day with a cold sore. Here is what I recommend you do. 1st, get a thin sterilized needle and pop the blister, be careful not to let the liquid virus touch any other parts of your face in hopes not to spread the virus. At this stage it is very contagious, to you and others. I recommend you soak it up with a cotton swab, not a tissue, and continue to do so until you feel as if there is no more liquid virus visible. Dispose of the cotton swab and wash your hands. 2nd, Grab another cotton swab and dab it in Nail polish remover and apply it to the affected area (caution will sting), this will dry the sore almost immediately, continue to apply the nail polish remover again until you feel the sore has dried out. 3rd, finally apply Neosporin cream, not ointment. The reason why is because ointment takes hours to dry if you apply an large amount, and at this stage you want it as dry as possible, not moist. The cream will attack the affected area and cling onto the sore constantly drying it out, just like abreva does. In 3 days tops the virus will be dead and the sore healed almost completely. Please don't take my word for it. Try it yourself. Some of these crazy mixes like hair gel, just leave false hope, I shared my success with you, now please try it and share it with your friends. Good luck to all of you guys, I hope one day we can find a cure for this Virus and not a prevention. God Bless.

Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Time: 7:15 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail Polish Remover, Tea Tree Oil, Carmex
Instructions: Last night I felt a tingle on my lip and sure enough- within the next few hours- HUGE!, I put some carmex on it and went to bed. This morning, the blisters were gone but it's swollen and red. I intend to try some of the remedies read on this site. I have one question though and am curious if others have noticed the same thing. I always get my cold sore in the same spot on my lower lip. At the same time, a swollen little knot develops underneath my jaw-kind of like where my tonsoles are at. Is this normal?

Date: Monday, June 27, 2005
Time: 10:08 AM EST
Country of Remedy: australia

Ingredients: ice
Instructions: when that 'tingling' sensation begins, get something frozen from the freezer & place against that area. Works a treat, & no
cold sore should develop

Date: Friday, June 24, 2005
Time: 10:37 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: L-Lysine
Proper diet
Instructions: Like everyone else, I've tried every remedy. When I get cold sores, they spread from one side of my mouth to the other, I can have swollen lips for up to four weeks! First, take Lysine; it does help & if you already have sores, it helps them from spreading. WASH YOUR HANDS! They spread so easy, so keep your hands clean. I always pop mine, it definently helps to dry them out. After that, I try not to use too many different products,
that seems to aggetate my lips even more. Experiment with stuff and find out what works for you, but I like products that dry my lips out. I'd rather have dry, flaky lips for acouple of days than big red ones. It's hard not to stress when your lips are so sore and nasty, but keeping a positive attitude really seems to help!

Date: Friday, June 17, 2005
Time: 6:49 PM EST
DianaCountry of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Ice
Instructions: I have been batteling cold sores since I can remember.... Someone recommended Ice to me a while back, and sure enough.... IT WORKS! At the very onset of a cold sore, when you start feeling that tingeling, undenying sensation, put a few icecubes in a sandwich bag and place it on the spot for as long as you can and as often as you can..... It

Date: Monday, June 6, 2005
Time: 10:12 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Valtrex
Denavir or Abreva
L-Lysine (preventative only)
Avoid triggers

Instructions: 1. MAKE SURE YOU REALLY HAVE A COLD SORE. This sounds stupid but it's amazing how many people think they're suffering from a cold sore when it turns out to be something else. If you're not treating what you have, then obviously whatever treatment you're trying may be unsucessful. I've known people who have mistaken impetigo or an allergy for a cold sore. The allergy one is relatively common and easy to misdiagnose. I've had cold sores since I was a kid and I still made the
mistake (as did my doctor, believe it or not) of confusing an allergy for cold sores. There was a period of two months when I had symptoms very similar to a cold sore: tingling and burning sensation followed by redness and sensitivity, followed by tiny blisters. The first time I went to the doctor she thought it was an outbreak of cold sores even though I had never had more than one before and the treatment didn't work and i kep applying my lip balm. the second time I went back, she actually !
got a sample of the clear liquid from the blisters (i know, gross) tested and it came back negative for the virus (caveat: this test can also be unreliable) and she asked the obvious question of whether i was using any lip products becaus i could have dermatitis. i'd been using a famous beeswax lip balm for about 5 years so i couldn't imagine it was that but i stopped using it for awhile and after keeping a diary of all cosmetic and lip product use, we discovered that i had developed an allergy to lanolin, which unfortunately is a common ingredient in lip products. once i stopped using the lip balm my lips healed. moral of the story is to make sure you really do have a cold sore otherwise the remedies you try might make it worse if the remedy is really the source of your troubles such as if you're liberally applying creams to your lips that contain the offensive ingredient!

2. IF YOU FEEL A COLD SORE COMING ON: Take 2 VALTREX every 12 hours for 24 hours only. It's not really effective after the first 24 hours so it's pointless to take more unless it's a severe outbreak in which case your doctor would advise you. Do this in conjunction with applying either prescription DENAVIR every 2 hours during your waking hours for up to 4 days or over the counter ABREVA according to the package. A lot of pharmacists actually believe Abreva is more effective than Denavir because it cuts the healing time down by a little more than prescription Denavir (go figure) This combination will work for almost everyone if you do it EARLY. I can't stress enough that most cold sore treatments are MOST EFFECTIVE at the first symptom of tingliness of burning or redness or itchiness or whatever. This will "prevent" the cold sore from forming in most cases. But still be careful because there's a small chance of "viral shedding" where you don't have a blister but are still capable of spreading the virus to others. Remember to wash you hands both before and after you touch your lips to prevent infection for you and prevent transmission to others.

3. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A COLD SORE: If you already have one, don't expect miracles. Most people go crazy and try to find some magical remedy to get rid of cold sores but if you already have one you're basically stuck with it until it decides to go away. The only thing you can do is speed the process and ease any pain or discomfort. Don't touch it except when you have to (to apply medicine) and try to avoid using chapstick or lipbalm, at least on the cold sore. If you can't bear to have dry lips try to apply the lip balm carefully around the cold sore, making sure to not touch it. Otherwise you risk spreading it around. Topical creams and oral medication can speed the process and heal the cold sore quicker but we're not talking about having it go away in 24 hours. It's still worth it to apply DENAVIR or ABREVA because in most cases it can significantly cut the time in AT LEAST HALF. and if you're lucky it may go away in as little as 3 or 4 days.

4. "MEDICATED" LIPBALMS AND OTHER INEFFECTIVE REMEDIES: My parents weren't big on doctors unless death was imminent so until I went away to college and had access to a medical center, I tried every possible wive's and remedy out there. I tried honey, alcohol, toothpaste, icepacks, purified mud, tea tree, lysine, sugar, vinegar, camphor, menthol, and the list goes on and on. What happened was that sometimes my cold sore got better and sometimes it took a long time to go away. Which makes sense because any decrease in healing time was PURELY RANDOM. Look, the only thing that you have a better chance of getting with these treatments is an infection (which i got, which turned into impetigo which i can say is just as bad if not worse than the origiinal cold sore). Once you already have a full blown blister, it's going to stay there. The only thing that may make it go away quicker is an anti-viral topical cream like the ones mentioned (pricey but it's worth it) but even then !don't expect miracles. It's not a pimple so for pete's sake DO NOT POP OR SQUEEZE IT! that's like popping a virus bomb on your mouth, and guess what, now there's an open wound and the chance of spreading cold sores (what's better, 1 cold sore or 4 or 5?). And don't waste time on buying the chapsticks and "medicated" lip balms and products out there because THEY DO NOT KILL THE VIRUS. They usually contain drying agents (camphor, menthol, etc) and the only thing they might do is alleviate some of the pain and discomfort from the cold sore.

5. TO PREVENT COLD SORES: Figure out what triggers them. Everyone's different but there are a lot of common triggers out there such as extremes in temperature, direct sunlight, spicy or irritating foods or cosmetics, illness, stress, fatigue, etc. Besides avoiding your "triggers" There are other things that have been shown to prevent cold sores: Now for those alternative medicine folks who thought i was only trumpeting the good of modern medicine: L-Lysine supplements (oral) are good at PREVENTING cold sores but make sure that you only take them if/when you're expecially prone to cold sores. The other thing is using a toothpaste that contains no sodium lauryl sulfate (it makes toothpaste foamy).

make sure it's really a cold sore, use VALTREX (for 24 hours only) and DENAVIR or ABREVA at the FIRST sign, if you already have one don't expect miracles but do expect a significantly shortened healing process by using ABREVA or DENAVIR and possibly VALTREX (ask your doctor first) and minimize pain and discomfort with , and lastly take Lysine supplements and avoid your triggers to prevent cold sores.

AND LAST THING ABOUT SPREADING THE HERPES VIRUS: educate other people about cold sores because people are still clueless about the fact that you can in fact spread the virus from a cold sore from yourself to a partner and get reinfected yourself in a different spot. The reason most people get cold sores is because it's relatively easily transmissible and they picked it up as a child from a family member or friend. Avoid sharing food and utensils or cups, towels, kissing, and oral sex (DUH but a lot of folks don't know this). You can be infected with the herpes virus on other places besides your mouth such as your neck (yes gross but true) so avoid kissing entirely during this the time you first feel a cold sore and until it completely heals (and even a few days after that if you want to be completely safe)


ive been getting this embarassing ting since the sixth grade one every year. Now in the 10th grade i broke out with one yesrerday morning when i searched for a site which had remedies to make fever blisters disappear quicker i came upon this site. I tried most of it but all was temporary reliefs. The Best thing i suggest is rosemary leaf tea bags that can be bought in most health stores costing about 4 bucks. Heat it up then put it on the infected spot you should see results in no time. it also takes the puss out

Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2005
Time: 2:34 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Covergirl lipstick

Instructions: If you feel a cold sore coming on, on your lip and you catch it early enough, put some covergirl outlast lipstick - the kind that is suppose to work all day that dries up and comes with the gloss. The drying action of the lipstick dries it up then and it will not get any bigger. Because you dry it up so quick and it is so small it will only be there for a couple of days and will hardly even be noticable.Make sure you do not put the lipstick directly on to the coldsore, because then you infect the lipstick and might get a cold sore everytime you put the lipstick on. If it's on your top lip, put some on your bottom lip and rub your lips together to get it to cover the cold sore. Unfortunately because it's lipstick, it really wouldn't work for the ones on your cheeks or chin or where everthe coldsore decides to pop up.

Also if you take L-Lysine daily it will prevent regular stress related outbreaks.

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2005
Time: 12:42 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil / Tea Tree Cream
Vitamin B Complex
Instructions: I've suffered cold sores all my life. When I was younger I used to get them upwards of 4 times a year. Now I rarely get them. When I feel a cold sore coming on and get that tingling / burning sensation I stop eating any sugar right away. Cold sores are a symptom that your immune system is down which can happen due to stress, lack of rest, sickness or eating too much sugar. Sugar actually shuts down your immune system. I also avoid foods rich in arginine like chocolate, peanuts and raisins because they make cold sores worse. I take 12-15 drops of liquid echinacea 5 times a day to boost my immunity. I also take a
B-complex vitamin, and apply tea tree oil compulsively throughout the day. I have this Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Cold Sore cream that I find works too (from the health food store) but it's white and not the best
thing to use if you will be in public because you'll have a big glob of it on your lip. I also try to get as much rest as possible and relax !t o inhibit cortosol (stress hormone) production. The next day there
will be no sign of the cold sore -- but just to be safe I keep taking echinacea, B-vitamins and cut out sugar or arginine rich foods for a few days. This works best if the cold sore hasn't broken through the skin yet. I haven't gotten a cold sore in years -- except for today because it developed while I was sleeping :(

Date: Saturday, May 28, 2005
Time: 8:33 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Cold eeze losenge (zinc)
Instructions: Take a cold-eeze losenge The ones at the stores work o.k. but the one from a distributer are stronger. Put one in your mouth and when it softens a little rub the losenge on your lips. They do taste awful but you anly need to do this a few minutes. Let the stuff stay onyour lips about 15 min. you can blot it with a damp paper towel but licking it is better. If you can take the tast finish the losenge or else spit it out. The zinc in your mouth will kill the virus that causes the sores...I suffered with these for years. If I was stressed, if I was lacking sleep and whenever I spent time in the sun I would get them. With summer gardening a new one was always coming as the old one faded.Soooo embaressing. Since trying this I have had none! Not even one after 25 yrs of getting them. I fyou do feel one coming on after trying this just repeat you may not hane done it enough the first time, This works forever!!!! I have given this to several people like myself and the!y say it's a miricle. I don't know if cold eeze gets rid of colds but it works for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2005
Time: 6:23 PM EST
Email address: heather
email address:
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: carmex is awful and will spread it i wish i would have found this site earlier, nail polish remover is awesome thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay away from carmex it will spread.

Date: Monday, May 9, 2005
Time: 7:14 AM EST
Country of Remedy: UK

Ingredients: L-Lysine tablets (3000mg a day)

Instructions: I want to give a huge thank you to all of you who have submitted remedies. On thursday night i got the tingle, i put my usual cold sore cream on it, and as it has been good for me i though it would stop a cold sore appearing. I woke up friday morning horrified to see that small blisters had formed in the night. When i get cold sores they are the biggest ive ever seen, my top lip swells up and sticks out further than my nose, its awful and i always get a huge ugly scab so i'll do anything to try and prevent it happening as often as it would like to. However, as my usual cream had failed, i logged onto the internet on friday to try and find something to help and I found this site. When i left work i went to buy some Zovirax (my usual cream had ran out) and some L-Lysine. When i got home i placed frozen peas on my lip (didnt have any ice cubes) with a tissue over them until the peas had melted, i then put zovirax on it and took 3 L-Lysine tablets with my din!ner. I kept applying frozen peas before every Zovirax application until i went to bed. I woke up on saturday morning expecting to see a ballooned lip, but i was over the moon to discover that the blisters had retreated!!! Whenever the blisters occur, for me that is the point of no return, but not anymore! And without your fantastic advice i would now be all miserable and in sheer pain. I'm still talking the 3 L-Lysine tablets until i feel safe to drop down to 1 a day, as my lip doesnt feel right, but at least it still looks normal. Thanks again!

Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Time: 10:05 AM EST
Country of Remedy: U.S.A.

Ingredients: Famvir
Nail Polish remover/Listerine

Instructions: I have been plagued with major cold sore outbreaks for 7 years. If you get them frequently (I usually get them about 12 times a year) it is best to go on suppressant therapy, such as Famvir or another Herpes medication daily. Famvir has been nearly eliminating outbreaks and making them less severe. However, you can only do this therapy for a year. I do not know what happens afterwards. Lysine is supposed to work, I take it daily. However, there was a span of two months where I was taking 2,000 mg daily and increasing that amount to 8,000 mg when experiencing and outbreak, and it did not seem to help. However, I still take it dailybecause it counteract Arginine, which is another amino acid. I can trace nearly every one of my outbreaks back to eating nuts. Nuts contain Arginine which is neededin order for the virus to resurface. Especially avoid cashews, because, as far as I can tell, they have the highest amount of arginine. All nuts should be avoided, and try to dirnk alcohol and caffeine in moderation. The biggest thing is to just RELAX. I am in college now, and the high levels of stress are triggeringa higher freqency of outbreaks than i have ever had. Best calming method is to simply take deep breath in and out the mouth. Also, do activities that will distract you from your cold sore...such as seeing a movie (this is best because you will not have the fear of anyone seeing your cold sore), reading a
book, going shopping, etc. Its hard for me sometimes to remember that it is not the end of the world, but my outbreaks do take less time to heal if I ignore the fact that I have a coldsore. Good luck and God bless.



Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Time: 3:35 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Acidophilus Suppliments
Isopropyl Alcohol
Germ X hand santizer
Dial Soap
Instructions: I have my first cold sore ever this week, I am horrified. It's hidious. I also started a new job this week, and my second day is Friday.I am mortified to go in to work with this pus filled white thing on my face. I came accross this site, and it made sense to me.I used a sterilized needle to pop it, then took a Q-Tip and rubbed some Alcohol on it, it kinda stung..but I figured that was a good ment it was killing the virus. It got really red and kinda swelled up. I then took anotherQ-Tip and rubbed some Germ X hand santizer which has Vitamen E in it as well as Isopropyl Alcohol. The stinging and swelling and redness instantly stopped. It felt great! I let that sit for a few minutes,then with another Q-Tip applied toothpaste. (Mint Flavored.) The toothpaste kinda cooled it down, with a little bit of a numbing sensation. The toothpaste is not that comfortable. But if it get's rid of it by Friday I don't care.We will see. Today is Wednesday so I have two days to work on this thing. I will be back to post a follow up. I also started taking 1,200mg 3x a day of Acidophilus suppliments this morning. For face soap I usually use a moisturizingwith Alpha-Hydroxy. Until this thing is gone I will be using Dial antibacterial soap. It's amazing to me how something so small can be such a pain in the

1. Prevention - Water, Water, Water, Water, SPF Lip Balm, Valtrex
To help prevent cold sores, drink tons of water all day long. Try to avoid anything that will dehydrate you - coffee, cola, alcohol etc. Also avoid eating foods with arganine like nuts, sunflower seeds, peas, and chocolate. When in the sun use a lip balm with an spf and apply it every hour or so, especially if swimming. The sun will cause them everytime. Finally, if you feel a tingle take 2 valtrex pills, wait 12 hours and then take 2 more. It is a prescription drug but it will stop the cold sore or any additional ones from forming during that break out. I keep them with me at all times. Seriously, the above methods work wonders. Try the water and spf and you will be amazed at how the number of break outs you get decreases.....ask your doctor for a prescription of 4-8 valtrex pills so when you do have an outbreak you can stop it immediately.
2. Healing
If you do get one that breaks out fully, the virus is in the area and valtrex wont help. Trying squeezing out the liquid first. Take lots of vitamin C, and use a lysine cream (you can find this online if not at a store), and neosporin (I use the one with pain reliever). By using that my cold sore will be gone in 6 days max. I usually would get them for two weeks so cutting the time in half is pretty good.

Date: Sunday, April 24, 2005
Time: 10:54 AM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada

Instructions: I have suffered with cold sores almost every month of my life since the time I was twelve. There is no way these are related to dehydration and the suggestions that you drink plenty of water, while healthy for any of us to do, will not remedy your cold sore problems - I drink between 4 and 6 litres (4-6 quarts) of water every day; it's never changed the timetable my cold sores have. Cold sores are definitely viral and stress related. For some reason, prior to having a hysterectomy, they came with my menses. Now the stupid things come when they please; a favourite time is when I'm travelling or have an important event to attend (stressful). I definitely recommend seeing a doctor for a prescription for an anti-viral. These drugs are God-sends and cut down the length of time you'll have to suffer with the cold sore. I also would recommend sterilizing a needle and popping the blisters then gentley squeezing to remove all the clear fluid as this will help it !to dry out more quickly. This fluid is active and must be treated as such - don't use a tissue and then set it on the counter - you've just spread the virus!! Use cotton swabs or Q-Tips always for putting on whatever treatment you use. Never touch the infected area with your hand or you will spread it (I once had cold sores spread progressively around my mouth over a two month period - what hell!). Using lip products like Blistex during an outbreak is not a wise idea as they simply help to spread the virus. I completely discontinued using that particular
brand because it made the situation worse - not better. And other lip balm products are just as bad - as I said, dehydration is not the issue, so just let your lips dry up for a few days. Toothpaste and perfume (alcohol-based) work, but only to a small extent. I've never tried nail polish remover or ear wax but certainly will next time round - which should be in the next day or two....

Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Time: 9:02 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Name of Remedy: cold soreIngredients: rubbing alcohol
dulse (available at vitamin stores) red alge

Instructions: As soon as you feel the tingle start with the toothpaste if you can catch it at that point you may not need anything else. I also start taking the dulse right away. Dulse is dried red alge you can get an ounce for a few dollars at better vitamin shops. I called around and found it very easily. I put a tablespoon or so in a glass and mix with a small amount of juice and drink it quickly. It is not the best tasting but it does help. It can prevent cold sores taken at the right
time. If you develop the blisters I found that rubbing alcohol helps to dry it out applied with a q-tip several times a day. Then apply the toothpaste. This combination is really the best that I have found for dealing with this problem. I did try some of these suggestions on this page. If you put nail polish remover on a tiny blister it will bring the blister out more and make it very painful. I would not try that again. If you already have a blister it may work to help dry it out. I am really not sure. I like the toothpaste idea myself. Good luck to everyone! It helps to know I am not the only one dealing with this problem! May the duration of your cold sore be short!

Date: Sunday, April 17, 2005
Time: 6:38 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada


Ingredients: L-Lysine

Instructions: I have been getting cold sores since I can remember. Everyone who gets them knows the pain you go through. They don’t look nice, they hurt, and worst of all they sit on your lip for a long time and everyone stares at it. I was reading on a website that lots of people were using L-Lysine so I went and bought myself some. Just form your local health food store, you can purchase a bottle for around 10 bucks. I usually take about 2 every night, and if I feel stressed or a cold sore I usually go to about 4. If I feel a cold sore and I feel the tingling that everyone knows about I usually pop about 10 and drink down 2
glasses of water right after. Since I have been doing this I have never got a cold sore. Just thought I would post this to help all you guys out there. It works I’m not lying.

Things I have tried: -Toothpaste- gave me a rash and burned my skin
-Tea-Tree works but usually doesn’t stop the process.
-Ice Cube- Made my cold sore flare up worse
-Tea Bag used to work, but I tried it once and it made it worse so I
don’t use it anymore.
-Lots of medications from the doctor, and every single medication you
can buy at the store.
-Witch hazel as well

Date: Saturday, April 9, 2005
Time: 2:06 PM EST Lucia
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: nail polish

Instructions: I tried nail polish with a Q-tip the moment I felt another cold sore coming. I read it here and it worked! I've tried it once and trust me, I could barely see the sore. Ths blister went down and in 2-3 days was completely gone. But since I started to apply the nail polish remover since the first tingling sensation that might have helped out alot.

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Time: 10:39 AM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail polish remover, tea tree oil, zinc, lysine, ear wax,
blistex, abreva, tea bags,pepper, milk, and everything else mentioned

Just so others know, this may work for some, but nothing ever worked for me. I guess it depends on the severity of the sore. If its small enought most anything will work. I started blowing up the other day with a big red mark and tingling sensation on my upper lip. I hit it with ice, lysine, nail polish remover, toothpaste, everything that I found here. I am repeating lots of steps over and over and NOTHING is working at all. It is one big swollen mess to the point were I have to call in sick from work for the next few days. My week is pretty much lost. Man I would pay $5 grand for a medicine that really worked. Thanks for the remedies, but nothing REALLY works except time.

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2005
Time: 4:19 PM EST
Email address: Kay
Subject: Home Remedyemail address:
Country of Remedy: USA
Name of Remedy: Cold sore/ herepe simplex 1
Ingredients: Chlorine (swimming)
Instructions: I woke up on 3/30 and noticed my upper lip had an area that was dark pink, and of course knew what the next few days hadin store for me! But as soon as I noticed it, I took a total of like 5,000mgs of L-Lysine, and spent 45 mins in the pool, butterfly strokes and back strokes pretty much (so I wasn't under water much)! Today is now 3/31 and you can't even notice it, it skipped the swelling and scabbing process!!! (there is a very very small scab, that can't be seen- not like the usual ones!!)And the only thing I did different, is went swimming, so I think ther chlorine, or something in the pool really helped on topof the Lysine! My bridal shower is 4/2 so of course getting rid of this was top priority, and for anyone in a bind with an important event coming up, I'd HIGHLY recommend atleast trying it!!! A don't forget to take the 5,000mg of Lysine when you first notice it and one with every meal, Lysine is an amino acid no made by the body, so you can't really take to muchI wouldn't recommend exceeding more that 7000mg at one time.. but the more you take the faster they go away, so 4 w/ every meal is fine,and for anyone who is breastfeeding, IT IS safe to take, I spent many hours on the top with lactation nurses etc.Before I took Lysine, it turns to protein, and will not harm your baby! (however you may want to take a much lower dose!like maybe 4 total all day).Hope this helps some-one out there!

Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Time: 5:33 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Sandalwood soap, Bach's Rescue Remedy, non-whitening
Instructions: I have been suffering from the worst outbreaks of my life for the past year. It used to be I'd get one or two cold soresa year but lately it's been one or two or three or four....per month!
It has been painful embarrassing and really hard to deal with. I've tried everything including prescription drugs but nothing has worked until now. This has not stopped them completelybut has reduced the outbreads considerably. First, I stopped using toothpaste with whitening agents. Now I use just regular paste with tartar control and the red scarsaround my lips where I get outbreaks have faded and become less noticeable. I use only sandalwood soap (found at just about anyhealth food/vitamin store) to wash my face which also lessens the irritability of the skin. I keep my face clean shaven (this part is for men only obviously :) ) since the hairs growing through the scar tissue leftby previous sores seems to irritate the area and cause an outbreak.Last, but not least, I use Bach's Rescue Remedy twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. It can also be found in health food stores. Just put about four drops on your tongue and then rub your tonuge along your upper gums and inside your
upper lip. Doing these things hasn't stopped them completely but it sure has slowed them down a lot. Hope it works for others too! When I do have an outbreak I use a combination of hydrogen peroxide, dmsocream and Zovirax. Not the greatest, but it lessens the healing time. But, since I have an outbreak right now, I think I'll try the nail polish remover - that's a new one for me. Hope that works too.

Date: Monday, March 28, 2005
Time: 10:10 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: Canada
Name of Remedy: cold sores
ngredients: Zinc
Rubbing alcohol
Instructions: Ok, so after reading all these remedies I'm as lost as ever. I find that no remedy works twice. I used to use Tea Tree oil but now it doesn't do anything. Sometimes I crusha zinc tablet, add water and place it on my lip overnight and it usually dries it out. In the last few years I've been using Zovirax when I feel the tingling and applying it 10 times a day. That often works, but if it has already blistered it still takes 1 week to heal. I even tried Valtrex (the oral meds) but in the past 6 months since I've been using it I've had about 10 sores!! No joke. I think it makes it worse, plus it's freaking expensive. When a sore is healing, rubbing alcohol has speeded drying time. But today, I have 3 huge blistered sores and they burn and sting like hell!I am ready to use ear wax, nail polish remover, and anything I can
find. I notice one thing that's important for diet. When I get a sore it's always after a binge on chocolate, peanut products,mushrooms, or alcohol. All bad amino acid containing foods. But they are a big part of my diet. Also, the sun really makes me break out so I make sure I apply lip balm often (with SPF). A friend of mine used to get them a lot and she stopped using any lip products (balms, moisturizers, etc)and swears she hasn't had an outbreak in years! Maybe the balms weaken our lips.
Anyway, thanks for all the tips but I wonder if some of you aren't a little loopy with all your magic mixes.

Date: Friday, March 25, 2005
Time: 12:21 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: 1000mg L-lysine tablets
Nail Polish Remover
Rubbing Alcohol
Novitra Cold Sore Cream

1. Take 3000 mg of L-lysine at first onset(availible at
any pharmacy, such as CVS). Ice the cold sore area as soon as you feel
the tingling for as long as you can stand. (about 20 min.)
2. Crush Some table salt with back of a spoon to make a powder. Apply
it to the moistened sore. This stings at first but will dry the cold
sore out.
3. With a Q-Tip, apply the rubbing alcohol. This clenses the area.
4. With another Q-Tip, apply the nail polish remover. This will tingle
and further dry out and clense the cold sore.
5. Wait a few minutes and apply the novitra cream. You can find novitra in the grocery store. It contains zinc which rapidly speeds healing.Taking the lysine tabs daily should help prevent cold sores. If you 're like me, I usually develop a cold sore overnight while sleeping with no symtoms the night before. This is when I begin this ritual, just as the blisters are forming. The first day the sore may appear worse. This is because of all the different things you are applying to it. When you wake up on day two you should notice extreme healing results. Good LUck!!


Date: Thursday, March 24, 2005
Time: 7:15 AM EST
Country of Remedy: US

Ingredients: L-lysine tablets
Vitamin C
Tea tree oil
Instructions: I get cold sores maybe once or twice a year - usually triggered by stress or travel. On Tuesday I felt the usual tingly sensation and noticed that I was getting kind of a bump on my upper lip. By Wednesday I had the little cluster of itty bitty blisters but they weren't too big. I kept putting Banadyne on it until I could get to the store and try something from here. I use the Banadyne because it's clear and doesn't leave any goop on your lip so no one can see it. Anyway, I went to GNC and got the L-lysine tablets, tea tree oil, and I had some alum at home. I came home, popped an L-lysine, made a paste with alum and water and put it on my lip. (The alum is super salty tasting! Yuck!) Then I patted the area dry and put on some tea tree oil with a q-tip, kind of holding it onto the sore. I mujst have don ethis 5 or 6 times last night before bed... and took L-lysine twice more before bed (3000 mg total) I could see last night that the tea tree oil was dr!
ying the area up - including the area around the sore. When I woke up this morning (day 3 after feeling initial tingling) I have an orangish colored scab starting to form and the area is starting to shrink. The tea-tree oil REALLY dries the area up, just be careful not to overdo or the skin may dry out and hurt. Hopefully in a day or two it will be completely gone. My cold sores usually last a week or more when I get them - this one is speeding along the road to being gone in just 4 or 5 days.

Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Time: 1:16 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: US

Ingredients: L-Lysine
Vitamin C
Blistex medicated lip ointment
Ice Cube
Hot water
Herpin L
Instructions: Well I just started takin 4 pills of L-Lysine 1000mg each pill and I dont see much of a difference.,, Last night Ice on my cold sore and then I poped it with a clean needle, tried to squeeze the clear stuff out then added some rubbing acholo (it burns!) After ward I added toothpaste on it before i went to bed. When I woke up my lip was still sore, red and swollen! I had already taken 3 pills of Lysine before I went to bed. I bought some blistex and Ive been adding it in everytime it dries up. But it leave little white scabs on the tiny little blisters in a cluster. I got this one on the top of my lip which I rearly EVER get. Ive been getting these things since I can remember. Once I feel the
tingly sensation I will put abreva on the area and I will contiue until it stops. The cold sora never appears with this. I always keep my lips moist with either herpin L chapstick or Carmex to prevent more from appearing. If the blister becomes full and bubbles clear I will!take a wash cloth drencg it in HOT water and light press it agaisnt the blisters and this causes them to break on there own with out the needles or pins and I believe the hot water cleans the germs once its open. Then I will keep soping up the clear stuff until no more is there then I will put some type of ointment on my lips like blistex/abreva/carmex. I havent tried the ear wax though (sounds gross)

ingredients: L-Lysine
nail polish remover
Well i absolutely hate cold sores! i've gotten them Forever and they sux. 2 nights ago i got one on my upper lip it was sooo puffy and hurt really bad. i had just gotten rid of one on my lower lip.As i kept asking my mother how do i get rid of it she got mad and told me to look it up. i hapened to find this web site and more then 20 people have used nail polish remover so i decided to try it.It went from swollen puffy lip to just a little bump. It is almost gone and im so happy because its spring break! all i did was take L-Lysine in the morning and night and then every half hour or so id put on fingernail polish remover with a Q-tip! trust me it makes a world of a difference.

Date: Saturday, March 5, 2005
Time: 12:08 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Usa

Instructions: I have been getting very bad outbreaks of cold sores for 23 years or so and I found that taking valtrex 500mg once a day seems to make a difference. I also take 1gram of lysine once a day to help aid in preventing them. I recently started feeling a cold sore come on and I doubled my dose of valtrex and lysine. I then went out and bought abreva thinking it may help since I just started to feel one come on. Well the abreva did not help I have one of the worst cases of cold sores ever.

Date: Friday, March 4, 2005
Time: 7:36 PM EST
Joyce Ward
Country of Remedy: USA

Instructions: I have suffered from cold sores for years and finally found the one things,besides dr perscribed items, that shortens the span of the cold sore and also makes lips very soft. It cost me under 20.00 to get and lasts a long time.It is a product called Lip Apeel put out by BeautiControl. The best investment I havemade when it comes to keeping lips soft on a regular basis and plus it really helps getrid of my cold sores.

Date: Friday, February 25, 2005
Time: 11:44 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: hair gel,bleach, pepper, water, milk
Instructions: i know this sounds crazy..but oh golly does it work!! i am 43 and have had cold sores ever since i was little..and i went through YEARS of time i got a hugee nasty cold sore the night before was mortifying and i ended up not going..if there is anyone that knows how to treat these nasty blisters its trust me..this can save you DAYS of embarassement..apply this home remedy to your blister 9 times a day and it will be gone in 1-2 days!..mix hair gel(or hairspray..they both have the same ingredient that helps dry out the cold sore and prevent spreading infection) about a teaspoon of pepper, (kills all germs), and equal amounts of water milk and bleach..(depending on how much of this cream you want to produce) and mix together until smooth, if its ok if it is really liquidy, just use a cottom swab to apply it to your sore 9 times daily soon your coldsore will be
nothing but a measley red spot..I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU CAUSE I KNOW I!

Date: Thursday, February 24, 2005
Time: 1:38 PM EST
Country of Remedy: England

Ingredients: Nail Polish Remover
Perfume/ Aftershave
Instructions: I have read all the home remedies and I have found them a really great Help. I got this cold sore on thursday last week and its been a right pain! I really hurt for the first couple of days so I was constantly putting Blistex on it aswell as perfume to dry it up. I am at the scabbing stage now but my boyfriend is coming to see me on Saturday and I really hope its gone by then so I am going to put nail polish remover, toothpaste, alcohol, tea tree and anything else I can find so it goes away! wish me luck. thanks for the help

Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Time: 10:34 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil
Instructions: Tea Tree Oil has to be one of the best items to have in your house. Not only does it cure cold sores, but it works great for really bad acne too, among other things.To get rid of a cold sore, as soon as you feel the tingle, place a dab of the tea tree oil on the sore. (In the morning and night.) And by the third day, it should be gone.

Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Time: 5:33 PM EST
Ronald L. Storms
email address:
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: ice and wash rag
Instructions: I had cold sores my entire life until I came upon the most unique method of curing them that I have ever found.If I had found this cure in high school or college I would have had many more dates, that's for sureAll you do is .... at first tingle of a fever blister go to the freezer and get some iceand a dry wash cloth. Just hold the ice on the infected area for a total of 45mins and I'll guarantee that yourcold sore or fever blister will never come out and will dry up very quickly. The cold sore is a virusand freezing kills it. Please don't try and shorten the time, it is critical....... usually about 3 or 4 ice cubes will do the trick. Doctors don;t want you to know this ,,,, it would cost
them a bunch of money. Ron Storms Ky.

Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Time: 4:52 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Aspirin and water
Instructions: At first sign of a cold sore or tingling sensation take an aspirin and make a paste of aspirin and water.Apply paste to the cold sore and allow to stay on sore for 20-25 minutes.If it dries out re-apply a second time.I have used this remedy for 45 years with excellent results. If applied as soon as tingling is felt ,sore will dry up and no blister will form.

Date: Friday, February 11, 2005
Time: 9:52 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: hot water
tooth paste
tea bag
Instructions: never ever use carmex and whoever put that is retarded. my parents are doctors and its extremely bad for your cold sores because it dries it out beyong belief and makes it worse so you use more.-apply hotwater repeatedly for 5 minutes to get sore soft. (DO NOT POP!)-make some hot tea and ring out the hot tea bag and apply it to your cold sore(s) to drain it/them of the puss and infection.-dry the sore and apply toothpaste to dry it. It might sting a little but as soon as the tooth paste dries wash it off.-apply some neosporin before you go to bed to keep it soft throughout the night.The sore(s) should go away in 1-2 nights.

Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2005
Time: 4:45 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Vitamin C asorbate
Vitamin E
Instructions: Simply mix the vitamin C powder in with a drop or two of water until it is a paste-type texture.Place it on the Cold Sore and cover with a thin layer of vitamin E.
Re-apply as often as you canand when you are our and about during the day... keep the vitamin E on it, it's not as noticeable as the asorbate, and the combanation will work wonders. Especially if you apply this remedy at the first sign. Mine usally will not become sore or swollen at all when I use this Method.

Date: Monday, January 24, 2005
Time: 11:47 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: 1-2 drops of oil of oregano
buy at a local health food storeInstructions: put it on the cold sores and it willsting but i drys them up and they srivel off

Date: Sunday, January 23, 2005
Time: 9:09 PM EST
Email address: Tove
Country of Remedy: CANADA

Ingredients: honey
Instructions: as soon as you feel a cold sore coming on, cut a fresh slice of garlic clove thin enough to adhere to your sore, and "glue" it there with
honey. garlic has antiseptic properties as does the honey, leaving it there for several hours will stop the virus and speed healing downto 2 or 3 days. Honey can be reapplied to prevent cracking, plus it doesn't taste all that bad ( not like nail polish remover)!!!

Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Time: 11:13 PM EST

Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: 2% milk
Instructions: I am the cold sore queen of the world. I would work 20 hours a week for free for the rest of my life if I never got another cold sore as long I live (just to show how bad they are). I have tried every remedy in the book, nothing seems to work. For those that don't get them as severely, try putting ice on it at the first tingle of a new cold sore. Then to keep dabbing a q-tip dipped in milk on the spot. It has worked for others, but unfortunately not for the cold sore queen. Also, Carmex seems to make me and my family's cold sore's spread and get more swollen. It seems the moisture and constant touching doesn't help, so for also beware of the Carmex!

Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Time: 10:22 AM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Earwax and L-Lysine...Visine to get the red out.
Instructions: I am 28 years old and have been getting cold sores ever since I was about 7!! I have tried EVERYTHING ...including perscription medications such as APOCYCLOVIR...same as Zovirax pills..althought they are effective it takes a while for them to kick in. My cold sores were not just limitted to my lips either. I was cursed with getting them on my eyes..eyelids..chin and nose as well..and might i add they were huge and dangerous! After many battles I have found that earwax and L-Lysine is the best remedy! At the first tingly sign I go for the old earwax!! Gross?..hey I will put up with gross instead of the cold sore! I load up on the lysine as well...3x1000mg every three hours. It really cold sores last 2 days max...and that is if they even form. Most of the time you can nip it in the butt before it even turns into a blister. It also helps to drink plenty of fluids and load up on vitamin C,B and B12. A great way to get rid of the red spot after an outbreak is to regularly apply "VISINE"-original- the one that gets the red does get the red out.Regular intake of L-Lysine should prevent any flare ups all together...but I can't remember to take it I have not seen the benefits of that yet...
Good luck guys.

Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Time: 10:25 AM EST
Dinnia Montana
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Rubbing Alcohol
Instructions: Woke this 9:00 a.m with not one but two cold sores on opposites sides of my mouth. As soon as the little bumps started took a needle(sterilize it first) and popped
all the bumps and broke up the skin a little then have been applying q-tips soaked with rubbing alcohol. Will hurt in the beginning but have been doing
this for 2 hours and cold sores have started drying up already. not kidding.
I am still going to put the rubbing alcohol every 30 minutes for about 5 minutes and see what progresses.But the itch is gone and no more blister. very
little swelling, the only bad thing is i see my skin drying up.

Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Time: 11:48 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Carmex
Instructions: First I want to say I tried a few remedies on this site. Let me tell you...Rubbing salt on your
cold sore is not the way to go. All I can think is whoever made up that one is a masochist!What works for me is increasing my fluids.Lots and Lots of water all day long and lots and lotsof Carmex. Don't try SALT!! It burns like fire and makes the cold sore even worse.

Dear Susan,
Great site. Have stuck it on my favourites.I have suffered from cold sores for years and the only thing that has worked for me is TEI-FU OIL. I get it from the health shop. Put it on as often as the the cold sore bothers you starting as soon as you feel you are getting one. Keep it away from your eyes. It dries your lips a bit but that's a small price to pay.Am tempted to try the earwax next time I get caught without my oil.

regards, Lyndy. (Australia)

Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Time: 12:21 AM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Vinegar
Instructions: Well, I am 26 yrs. old, and have never had a cold sore until now! They are HORRIBLE!! I have had mine about 4 days now, and
they're almost gone..Thank GOD! Several times a day I would apply Vinegar on my lips. Yeah, it burns, but vinegar will kill anything. I also used Listerine a lot. I would then take turns using Abreva and Carmex. Taking Acidolphilus helps! This is my first experience with cold sores, and
I was desperate to get rid of them. So, using common sense, I kept it clean, and fought the virus on the inside as well. Hope this helps!!

Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2005
Time: 8:03 AM EST

Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: Nyquil night time cold medicine
Instructions: Someone suggested this on the site and I recently had the chance to try it. My cold sore was growing all day and by bedtime it was so hot and painful I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. I remembered that I had some liquid Nyquil so I dabbed some on with a qtip and it relieved the pain and swelling almost immediately! I let it dry on there and slept with it. The next day it
had dried up the blisters significantly and I put more on after I washed my face. On the third day I have tiny dried up scabs with no swelling in them at all. If I had used the Nyquil at the first sign I'm sure I would not even have that.

I am 16 yrs old and ive been dealing with cold sores since I can remember. I've read what other people have put on this site and I agree many of the Home Remedies work. I have found that the most effective remedy is to use NAIL POLISH REMOVER. Last night, I woke up with a cold sore right in the middle of my upper lip. I usually pop it with a strilized needle and put some Abreva over it. It works fine, but my upper lip was swolen. Ive never experienced that sypmtom and i didnt know what to do. I decided to put on some Nail Polish Remover since it ws the only Home Remdy I had not tried...and it worked beautifully. My upper lip is no longer sore.

Tip: When u go out and no longer can put on your topical tratment...put Carmax for Cold Sores on it. I know you dont want to go to school or work with a huge white spot on your use doesnt put attention on you cold sore since it is a clear moisterizer and it helps heal

Good Luck

Date: Thursday, December 30, 2004
Time: 7:42 PM EST
Nikola Matcham
email address:
Country of Remedy: Australia

Ingredients: Vitamin C tablet
Instructions: This remedy is for assisting existing cold sores to dry and heal. Do not prick sores as this may lead to infection and scarring.
Do not use toners, peroxide or baking soda on sores as these will burn the skin. Avoid acidic fruit or liquids like lemon or orange juice. Take one vitamin C tablet and crush between two spoons add one drop of water to make a paste, apply to sore and leave for 10 minutes. Gently wash away with a Q-tip (cotton bud), next crush a half a l-lysine tablet and add one drop of water to make a paste, apply to sore and leave to dry. When the paste has dried, wash gently away with a Q-tip, do this twice a day untill the sores have dried to a crust.Take up to 2000mg or C daily and up to 3000mg of L-lysine daily as well as a bowl of yoghart a day. Untill the outbreak has healed. Maintain normal daily vitamin upkeep and a healthy diet.

Date: Monday, December 27, 2004
Time: 4:30 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Bleach
Instructions: When you first feel the tingling apply the bleach on the tingling area with a Q-Tip if the sore has alredy formed you can still apply the bleach and it will speed up the healing process it worked for me in less than two days and now my lip is back to normal as if nothing was ever there in just 3 days!!!

Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Time: 7:45 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA
Name of Remedy: Cold Sores
Ingredients: Gel Tooth paste
Vicks Vapor Rub
Nail polish remover
Saftey pin
Instructions: this really really works! i normally get 3-4 cold sores a year and just tried this because i had a cold sore on my bottom lip, and that was almost done healing after 2 weeks, and then got another one on my top lip. i woke up yesterday and could tell my top lip was a litle red and tingly, so i started putting Abreva on it all day long, like 6 times an hour, but by the time it was 9 at night it was a full blown HUGE sore. i looked on this site and these remedies really work. i put tooth paste on it all last night because there we not blisters to pop yetand let that dry on my lip til i was ready to go to bed. right before bed i put some nail polish remover on the sore with a Qtip and a glob of the vapor rub on the sore and instantly it was beginning to feel better. the next morning my lip was feeling better and it was less noticible. since tiny blisters had formed i popped them with a sterile saftey pin and used kleenex to sop all the puss from it since that holds!the virus. i then used another qtip with nail polish remover on it and let it soak on the cold sore for about a minute, it stings a little but feels nice and cold at the same time. i then put tooth paste on it and let that dry it out throughout the day. the gel toothpast usually dries clear for me so no one really knws its on there!!My cold sore cleared but in 3 days while the cold sore i have from 2 weeks ago with these remedies is still a scab!!Hope this Helps you guys bcs i know cold sores really are embarrasing and effect the way my day turns out

Date: Sunday, December 12, 2004
Time: 6:12 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Straight Pin
Very Hot Water
Ice Cube
Instructions: I have gotten coldsores all my life and have tried every home remedy that is out there from instant coffee to over the counter stuff. Ove the years i have come up with the following:
1. As soon as you feel the coldsore come up wash it with as hot of
water as you can tolerate
2. Put an ice cube on for about 20 min.
3. Pop the blisters with the pin
4. Use the over the counter ointment call CamphoPhenique (very
inexpensive!) until the blister is dried up (usually half a day)
(also any alchol based product will dry the blister)
5. Use neosporen on the dried blister to prevent scaring

Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2004
Time: 11:06 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Australia

Ingredients: Linseed Meal
Cayenne Pepper
Piece of 100% cotton calico
Instructions: Take half a cup of linseed meal, with a cup of water, and put together in small saucepan. Bring to boil at which point the linseed meal starts to thicken and turns to a thick gel. Whilst hot, add a few teaspoons of cayenne pepper and mix. Scoop half a cup of the hot mixture from the saucepan into a piece of cotton calico (approx 15cm x 15cm) and secure with rubberband or piece of string. Place on cold sore area whilst still hot (as hot as you can bear), and hold until mixture cools. Repeat every few hours where possible. I did this on the recommendation from a Chinese Herbalist and the swelling goes down almost immediately and the cold sore disappears with a day or two (depending on severity when poultice is applied). Strange but true!!! Apparently the heat from the cayenne pepper and the boiled linseed draws out the infection and heals the wound.

Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2004
Time: 12:55 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: rubbing alcohal
nail polish remover
Instructions: well seamin how im a grad this year have a cold sore really bites. i have been getting them ever since i can remember. i absolutly hated them so last night after haveing my cold sore for only a day i looked on this website and saw how many diffrent ways to get ride of them but lots included needles and i dont like needles so i tryed somthing of my own.i popped the blister and got all that gross juicy stuff out of it. i then took a cotten swab with nail polish remover and dabbed it on the open sore. its hurts. i then took a qtip and put some rubbing alcohal on it and dabbed my sore with that.i then took another qtip and dabbed my sore with some peroxide a few times. after i was done all that i put toothpaste on it and let it dry. i repeated the steps again about a half an hour later and then agan a half an hour after that. amazingingly today my colds sore is like gone all that is left is a little read make on my lipim so glad this worked and i hope it works for you .

Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2004
Time: 5:29 AM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA
Name of Remedy: Cold Sores
Ingredients: Ice Cubes
Nail Polish Remover
Tea Tree Oil
Super L-Lysene
Instructions: Hi, ever since i could remember i'd get cold sores at least once every 3 months. My cold sores were awful, they were big and puffy and formed awful scabs and worst lasted 2-3 weeks. I found this website and read EVERYTHING three times over, i felt a tingling all night last night and slept with aloe vera on my lip because stores were closed. This morning i wokeup and found a few little puffy blisters so i made haste to the nearest walmart bought some tea tree oil, super l lysene, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish remover. The little bumps on my lips were to hard to pke with a needle so i just rubbed my lip down with nail polish remover, then dried with alcohol and put tea tree oil on it. Ice may be used but to me it just prolongues the puffiness, but its good if you dont have the ingredients at hand. Well i took 3 pills of l lysene with milk after doign all that stuff to my lip and its 7:00am. I will do the stuff to my lip in an hour, and at 12:00 take 3 !more tablets of l lysene, doing the stuff to my lip every hour. People i just put the tea tree oil on and i really feel a difference, and notice too. This should all work out, this is basically this whole website broken down into this one post, Good luck! And i hope to god this cold sore goes away..

Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Time: 9:05 AM EST
Eldon Dahl
email address:
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: Alcohol.
Instructions: I dab some alcohol on my cold sores At the first indication of a cold sore coming. I use vodka, because that is what I have. It dries it up quickly. Maybe it gets them drunk and they die of alcohol poisoning.Cold sores are cause by the Herpes Simplex virus. If you kill the virus, you get rid of the problem forever. Doctors don't have a way of
killing a virus. If you can find a practioner using Royal Rife's Beam Ray machine. This is a frequency generator that was developed in the 1920's or 30's to fight cancer. It did it so well that the powers that be confiscated his equipment and shut him down, because they did not want the competition. There are several versions on the market now. Hulda Regehr Clark uses one for her cancer treatments. This kills the viruses, bacteria and fungus. After I used this treatment from our local herbalist, 5 years ago, I have not had another cold sore.

Date: Sunday, October 31, 2004
Time: 12:01 PM EST
Name: Jenn

Ingredients: Styptic Pencil
Instructions: Just dab the styptic pencil (used to stop bleeding after
shaving) to the canker sore a few times a day. It resolves within a few

Ingredients: Neosporin cream, peroxide, cotton ball, sterilized needle, ice

I have had cold sores as long as I can remember and this really works. It is not as fast as the other suggestions but it does work! First pop the blisters with a need and squeeze out all the fluid. Then take the cotton ball and drench in peroxide. Apply for about 30 will clear up all the infection and fluid. Then take the Neosporin cream and apply or you can use Abreva cream. It should be free of swelling in a day and gone in three days. I usually had them for two weeks, so it really speeds up the process!
Ruthie Jackson

Date: Sunday, September 26, 2004
Time: 9:05 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail polish remover
Instructions: Thanks to a member of this site, i tried Nail polish remover and it worked! I am 17 and have got cold sores as long as i can remember. I always have used Abreva or some other over the counter medicine, but home remedies work better! I noticed the results within ONE HOUR. My cold sore that was a mess of little bumps is now more flat and less noticible.

Date: Friday, September 24, 2004
Time: 4:59 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Camphor Spirit
Instructions: Just apply with a Q-tip about 3 times a day or as often as possible, It dries right up before it even surfaces

Date: Sunday, September 19, 2004
Time: 5:35 PM EST
Email address: Grrl
Subject: Home Remedyemail address:
Country of Remedy: Canada
Name of Remedy: Cold Sores
Ingredients: Lipacin
Tea Tree Oil
Bergamot Oil
Lavender Oil
Natural Ice Healer (by Metholatum)
Q-Tips (Cotton Swabs)
Instructions: When you first feel the tingling sensation start, apply some neat tea tree oil (directly to the skin) followed by some Lipactin. Hopefully, this should decrease the potiential size of the cold sore. As sore is developing, Keep ice on for 20 mins on, and 40 off. Repeat. You'll need to steralize the needle before use. While you lip is numb from the ice, gentle poke the top of the sore, and allow the fluid to drain out. Then, apply neat Tea Tree Oil directly to sore. This will allow the Tea Tree to enter the sore and prevent spreading.The daily combination that works best is;
1) Using a Q-Tip, apply Tea tree oil. Wait two minutes, and then apply some Bergamot Oil. (This may sting a bit). Try your best to apply the oils only to the sore. They can irrate the healthy skin around the sore. Wait two minutes.
2) Apply the Lipacin to the sore, and leave for 3-4 hours. The Lipacin works best when the sore is in the initial stages (day 1-3). Once your cold sore begins to show no more signs of fluid, continue withe Tea Tree Oil and Bergamot process, and rotate between the Lipactin and Natural Ice Healer. The natural ice healer is a herbal product that contains many ingredients that will greatly assist the healing process (ex. jojoba, vitamin E, aloe vera, beeswax etc).
4) When you see your sore starts to scab, leave off the Lipacin, and use the Natural Ice Healer instead. It will keep your lips moisturized, and will prevent lips from drying out. Also, use tea tree less often and include the lavender oil. Lavender helps to heal the skin.
Good Luck!
My cold sore appeared last week, right in the middle of a camping trip. I did not have any of my medication with me, but luckily had packed some Tea Tree and Lavender Oils (since they are excellent additions to a first aid kit). I repeatly applied the Tea Tree until I got home, and then I could finally apply some ice. I was very pleased to notice that my cold sore stayed the same size. I've had about 5 prior outbreaks in my life, and this was the smallest. I then came across your web site, and tried to use a needle to drain the sore of the fluid. Following the steps I outlined here, my sore has cleared up, meaning that my lip is fully back to normail (I can apply lipstick and lip balm) in 7 days. My previous attacks have needed about 10-14 days to heal. I believe that if I had not been camping when it started, and had ice on it straight away, I may have been able to shave off a day. Either way, give essential oils a try! As a "Aromatologist" in training, please keep!in mind that most essential oils are NOT to be applied directly to the skin. Tea Tree and Lavendar are the exceptions, but should still be applied with caution. Before using essential oils for any other purpose then cold sores, check with your aromatherpist or reference book from your local library/ book store.
Thanks! :)

Date: Friday, September 3, 2004
Time: 11:28 PM EST
email address:

Ingredients: Hand Sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and
dial soap
Instructions: Wash your cold sore with Dial Antibacterial Soap in the morning and night, then put a q-tip* dipped in nail polish remover on the cold sore(s) for a minute or so, for a good pain reliever, put all the ingredients in the fridge to stay cool, which will cool the sore. After you put nail polish remover on, which will burn like crazy, then dip a clean q-tip* in alcohol and repeat, holding it on there for a minute or so, after your done with that, take some hand sanitizer, I used Purell, and dap it on there w/your clean finger, or q-tip*, you can use the nail polish remover and alcohol in the morning and night, then use the hand sanitizer during the day, putting it on time after time, I put it on about 5-6 times an hour, sometimes more, depending on how many times I remembered, if you cant remember, and I dont know why you would forget, as getting rid of a cold sore would be the top of a list. After you've done that it should start to dry up that day, I got a cold sore Thursday, and had it until Friday, after experimenting with the stuff on here, the only thing that was close to drying it up was nail polish remover and alcohol, so Firday evening I left to work, and didnt want to coat my sore w/a cream, which keeps it moist and soft, so the blisters last longer, I just swallowed my pride and went to work w/this huge thing on my lip, well I was at work, and I work in a hospital, I seen some sanitizer and thought-Alcohol and germ killer, perfect, so I got some and put it on my lip, and kept repeating it through out the night, and during the time I was at work, my whole cold sore, which was the size of a pea, was dried up... So using my method, your cold sore will be gone in 2-3 days. *But one thing to remember, always make sure
everything is clean, so you dont get a nasty infection and always use a q-tip, because using a cotton ball will cause a burn on your surrounding skin....* I hope this works for you and keep me posted if it has, good luck.

Date: Thursday, August 26, 2004
Time: 2:58 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Australia/USA

Ingredients: Tea tree oil
Rubbing Alcohol

Instructions: I HAVE THE ANSWER- never fear.....LOL. Okay....I have been getting coldsores for a while and I discovered the answer - TEA TRE OIL. As soon as you feel one coming on, get a cotton ball and liberally
apply the tea tree oil on the sore and I will gurantee you that it will be gone in a day or two. Because Cold Sores have to go throught their stages, you might have a little scab, DONT PICK!!! Good luck!!

Date: Saturday, August 28, 2004
Time: 11:02 PM EST
Email address: ashley
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: medicated lip balm/chap stick
Instructions: i have been getting cold sores my whole life. i use medicated lip balm ALL THE TIME to help keep cold sores away. medicated lip balm can be found at most stores and it will usually say medicated or for cold sores and other lip irritations right on the tube.

Date: Saturday, July 31, 2004
Time: 11:15 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: disinfectant
tea tree oil
cotton balls
Instructions: Clean the cold sore area with any disinfectant. Properly sterilize a needle. Peel off top layer of cold sore (or pop) with needle. Using cotton balls and disinfectant, squeeze all puss from cold sore - it is important that you get all of it out to reduce the healing time. Once the cold sore has been completely cleared of puss disinfect it again. Let it dry briefly and then, using a Q-tip, cover completely in tea tree oil. Continue to use tea tree oil for the remainder of the cold sore to promote healing and cut down on risk of infection. I used this remedy after my fifth day of having a huge cold sore that was horribly painful. The next morning I woke up and it was an amazing difference. By the second morning I was simply amazed. I had been using the over-the-counter drugs, but they had given me no relief. This really works!

Date: Sunday, August 1, 2004
Time: 1:14 AM EST
Sally O
email address: Darque
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nose Spray, Colodial Silver, Ice, Alchol, Perioxide.
Instructions: Ok Heres the low down on how to stop a disgusting cold sore dead in its tracts. First of all L-Lysine is a prevenative not a fast cure . It never took a cold sore away for me!!! It is good for prevenative but what if your allready breaking down with a HUGE cold sore???? Well there is hope!First thing I do is take asprin to take down the swelling!!Then get a cotton ball and saturate it with lysterine or mouth wash with an aniceptic in it. I apply that for about ten minutes. That kills the germs. Ice helps contain the area too. Next thing I do is break out the Nose Spray any brand and saturate another cotton ball. It shrinks the nasal passages and it works for taking down the swelling.Sounds gross but hey Whatever works right?Now if you can get to a health food store I insist on getting a product called"ColodialSIlver" It is an anti fungal/viral. It is kick ass medicine and I apply that right to the sore for ten minutes or tape the cotton ball to my lip for 30 mins.It is also sprayed under the toungue.If you can see a doctor: Valtrex for genital herpies works for cold sores as well. Its not really for fever blisters but I was willing to give it a try since my lip would swell up 3 times its normal size. Thank guad I have never had genital ones!!

Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Time: 11:45 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA
Name of Remedy: Cold Sores

Instructions: This post is to stop the cold sore from surfacing... as soon as you get that tingle you have to act right away. assuming you're doing something for supression... Ice the area with a icecube in a paper towel or towel.. don't over due it... when it gets uncomfotable give it brake... then re-apply. I take a supplement called Super Lysine Liquid Extract that is mixed with Echinacea and Shiitake Extracts..

Date: Thursday, July 8, 2004
Time: 9:46 PM EST
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Alka-Seltzer
Instructions: When you first feel the tingle in you lip, disolve two Alka-Seltzer tablets in about 1/2 cup of ice water and drink it.The sores will be gone in a couple of hours.

Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Time: 8:28 AM EST
Country of Remedy: uk

Instructions: I woke up this morning stressed out and with the beginings of what looks like is going to be a huge cold sore at the corner of my mouth. I have been putting Zovirax on it but it seems to be getting worse. My boyfriend is comming to visit me in two days and i want rid of the horrible thing so im going to go home and try putting a teabag on it then some salt then some earwax.I will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow. Fingers crossed i will be another success story!!!

Date: Thursday, July 15, 2004
Time: 2:49 PM EST
s. becks
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: nail polish remover
essential peppermint oil
Instructions: Right as I went to bed on Tuesday night I felt blisters. I immediately put alcohol on it as that was the strongest thing my grandmother had. The next am I took a dose of valtrex and then started some retin-a and peppermint oil (topically) which is my normal method of treatment (great remedy as it shortens the term of it greatly). The next day I read the info on this site and decided to try the nail polish remover (hesitantly) and toothpaste. WOW! This cold sore you could never even see to begin with- there was not one instance of hiding from anyone! It is not even 24 hours from when I first noticed it to now where the blister is completely gone and it is lightly scabbed. Impressive! Thanks for this site!
Ps. My other remedy which I loved was alternating peppermint oil (drying and cooling) and retin-a (drying and peeling off the scab). And zinc/lysine supplements.

Date: Monday, June 14, 2004
Time: 10:20 PM EST
Country of Remedy: US

Ingredients: VICKS VAPOR RUB

Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2004
Time: 11:12 AM EST
Email address: b-NERD
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Tuna
Instructions: Eat tuna on a regular basis(high in lysine) Avoid peanuts (takes lysine from the body). If I feel one coming.I eat tuna a couple times a day. As well, I may apply alcohol to help rid the tingling feeling. Note: I findlysine from a food product works better than a vitamin pill of lysine. For men, let your beard grow, it minimizesthe emphasis point of a big cold sore.

Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Time: 10:04 AM EST
Email address: Jo
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Neosporin
Instructions: I have tried lots of things for my cold sores, and nothing else seems to work as good or as fast as Neosporin. Just keep applying some on the cold sore often, and even before it breaks out when you
just feel the tingle. Half of the time it doesnt even come up, and when it does, it was usually just because I didn't apply the Neosporin often enough.

Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Time: 6:39 AM EST
vicki kaye
Country of Remedy: England

Ingredients: Sterilized needle
Instructions: This really works honest, and i know its a bit gross using ear wax but trust me, i'm british!
you have to wait for the blister to surface not that you have long to wait anyway, once this has you get a sterilized needle and pop each of the blisters, they should ooze a clear liquid, once you have done this sit an ice cude wrapped in a paper towel on your sore for about 20mins. What this does is stop the infection spreading and also dumbs the area. Once you have done this you apply the ear wax to the sore and leave until it starts to tingle followed by 4-5 L-lysine tablets at 1000mg's. This is best done before going to bed, and in the morning they'll be nothing but a tiny red mark and even this is gone in half a day. Not bad work for a day and a half as apposed to the normal 7-10 days of embarassment. Hope it works as well for you as it does for me. P.s continue taking the tablets one everyday for about 3 weeks this will make sure that any coldsores waiting to surface will be fought off by your imune system.

Date: Friday, May 14, 2004
Time: 3:56 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ingredients: Super L-Lysine 1000mg
Extra Strength Acidophilus(1 billion live organisms)
Abreva(OTC at drug stores)
Sterilized sewing needle
Instructions: I know that I have a lot of ingredients, but I honestly believe that it has helped my cold sore reduce in size and speedsthe healing. I developed the cold sore on Wednesday morning and now it is Friday and the sore is smaller and less obvious. First, I sterilized a sewing with alcohol(or put it in boiling water). I cleaned the affected area with alcohol and usedthe needle to break the fluid-filled blisters. Then clean the area again with alcohol. Apply a small amount of ABREVA
cream to the area. Then take 3-1000mg Lysine Tablets and take 4-Acidophilus with MILK at breakfast, lunch, and bedtime. Repeat daily until it is completely healed. It is not necessary to use the needle unless there are still blisters around.
I tried alot of the remedies here on this website and I chose the ones that worked and used them all together to get the
best results. Good luck to you all.

Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Time: 9:39 PM EST
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: A bag of Cape Cod: Sea Salt and Vinegar chips.
Instructions: I'm sure this will sound unbelievable, but trust me, it helps.I've been getting cold sores as long as i can remember..i've tried everything from toothpaste, to earwax, to teabags, i've been through all of that. I learned that coldsores and vinegar don't match too well.
If you really want the swelling to go down, take a little bit of vinegar on a paper towel, and dab this over your cold sore for 5-10 minutes. Eat a bag of salt and vinegar chips, get as much vinegar as possible. this is the only thing that i've found. good luck.

Hi Susan,
Very interesting site!  Congratulations on a great project.  The remedy I have is for cankersores:
This home remedy originated from home healing practices in Sweden.Take powdered alum (spice used for pickling) and make a paste and apply to the cankersore.  Allow the paste to remain on the irritated area for one minute, rinse with warm water.  The cankersore will be gone in less than 12 hours.The alum paste doesn't taste too great and the area will sting a bit, but the 60 seconds of minor discomfort is well worth the results!

Date: Monday, May 17, 2004
Time: 2:41 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: L-Lysine (tablets and in lip balm), water
Instructions: I just looked at all of the many suggestions for treating cold sores, but no one mentioned using a lip balm that included L-Lysine.I use a brand call "Herpecin L" as my everyday lip protection (it is SPF 30) and it really helps to lessen the number of outbreaks.I ran out of it a couple of weeks ago and almost immediately got a new cold sore (my first in a long time). My sores are definately triggeredby over-exposure to the sun and dehydration. When I feel a cold sore coming on I use Abreva cream (I am not sure it is worth the expense though)on the acutal sore, drink plenty of water and take plenty of L-Lysine tablets. I also keep my lips constantly covered with the Herpecin L lip balm.I have reduced my healing time to a couple of days instead of a week. I have reduced my number of outbreaks by being very careful to protect my lips while out in the sun and drinking lots of water all the time. Stress is also a very strong factor in my outbreaks. It is hard to alwaysremember to protect your lips, but it is worth not having the embaressment of the cold sore.

Date: Friday, April 23, 2004
Time: 11:55 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: THIS REALLY WORKS if follwed exactly!
Blistex Ointment
L-Lysine Tablets 1,000MG
Instructions: FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY!I've been doing this for the past 15 years and i swear to you it really works. It's very specific. We all know how they start - you get that funny itchy tingle and within like 5 minutes there it is... a tiny grain of sand sized
bump that's getting redder ever 30 seconds. Well - you have to have this stuff on hand so make a pint of going out TOMORROW and getting these two sinple things and the next time you have a break out you'll be FINE. You need Blistex Ointment - the white medicated stuff in the tube - NOT the stuff that looks like vaseline in a little jar. It'll say "blistex medicated ointment" - next you need a
jar of L-lysine tablets - you can find these where all the vitamins are in either your drug store or even the health section of the grocery store has them. They usually come in 500mg or 1,000mg strengths. If you can find the 1,000mg - get them otherwise the 500mg is ok. At the first tingle rub the blistex ointment on liberally - apply a lite bit of pressure not to irritate the blister but enough to really work it into the sore. Next, immediately take 4,000-5,000mg of L-lysine. It'll either be 4-5 1,000mg tabs or 8-10 500mg tabs - i know this seems like a lot but TRUST me... within 20-40 minutes you'll feel the "tingle" of it disappearing. Just taking 500-1,000mg of L-lysine I have found usually doesnt work all the way.
You'll probably still get a full breakout. Right after you take the tablets - get at least 16oz of water into your system. Just drink 2 big glasses of
water - you need to be well hydrated. Drink as much as you can. Right after keep re-applying the Blistex and as you feel it disappearing and drying up - keep reapplying a nice slather of it on the entire area for the next few hrs. making sure to now, pat iton lightly - dont disrupt the healing that's already happening - gentle. relax your mind - you need to make sure you're not stressed.... or allowing yourselfto feel stressed. mentalcalm is essential now - close your eyes lay back and think very positive thoughts. Deep breaths. I know this sounds really crazy
but it realllllllly works - this is my tried and true recipe for having them stop beforethey start! The other methods you'll read about lessen the healing time - this will reverse the process so it doesn't come out. I always carry the ointment in my purse and keep a few tablets of the L-lysine in a zip bag in my glove compartmentjust in case i'm on the road away from home. It's very important to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun - they usually occur when the lips are dried out or sunburned... along with being "stressed" emotionally. Whatever you
do, don't rub,scratch or play with the area when you first feel the initial tingle - get your blistex on and follow my instructions for taking the L-lysine - and i promise youyou'll be fine. Now go get the stuff now - before you need it - so you'll have it!

Date: Monday, April 19, 2004
Time: 2:10 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Dog Kisses!!!
Instructions: If you have a dog, your in luck. A dogs saliva will heal basically any skin problem. Just get plenty of kisses from your dog and aim where the sore is. Normally my sores last a week and a half now im down to 3 days! Good luck.

Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2004
Time: 11:06 AM EST
Subject: Home RemedyName of Remedy: Cold Sores
Ingredients: Sterilized needle
tea bags
Instructions: I woke up yesterday morning and had signs of 2 cold sores, one on the bottom, and one on the top.
My mother told me to put rubbing alcohol on it, so I did. I then went to school, when I got back from school 8 hours later
I looked in the mirror and saw two gigantic cold sores surrounding my mouth. I applied rubbing alcohol hourly until I went to bed.
I woke up this morning with the same huge cold sores, but this time they were swollen and red.I read some remedies on here, and I'm trying them out. I popped the blister with a sterilized sewing needle, then put on hot tea bagsfor about a 1/2 hour. That took the swelling out of them, A lot! I am now sitting herewith toothpaste on both sores. I have a fancy dinner thing to attend later tonight at around 6:00 for my school.I hope that they look better for this event, or I'll die of embarrassment.When I go out later I'm going to put on aloe before I go.

Date: Monday, March 15, 2004
Time: 9:29 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: water
Instructions: Outbreaks usually occur when you are dehydrated because your body gets overheated
as with a fever. Drink plenty of water so your body can maintain the proper temperature and if you get a fever be sure and take something for it like ibuprofen or tylenol.Since I was told this years ago my outbreaks are extremely rare. I went from three or foura year to maybe one and that is always because I let myself get dehydrated fromtoo much coffee, alcohol or drying cold medicines.Drink at least half your body weight (120lbs = 60oz of water) and more if you exercise strenuously. It's a good idea to start each day with a large glass of water (12-16oz) before you eat or drink anything else.Intrigued by earwax remedy. Will try it when necessary.

Date: Thursday, March 18, 2004
Time: 6:22 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, polysporin
Instructions: I start putting Salicyclic acid on a cold sore as soon as I feel it coming on. (Salicyclic acid is found in most acne
medications. I prefer the Mary Kay acne toner!!) After it dries out and the blisters are gone, I put polysporin on to help it heal, since once it's dry it tends to bleed. My cold sores usually last about 3 days.

Date: Thursday, February 19, 2004
Time: 7:11 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Australia

ngredients: Q-Tip, Sterilised Needle,Metholated Spirits or Nail Polish Remover
Instructions: I have had cold sores since I was 7 and when I say Ive tried everything Im not kidding!!! Ive come to the conclusion that all the mambo jumbo at the chemist is just a ploy to make you spend money cause it doesnt work on me!!!Everyone always says that you put the 'remedy' on when you get the tingle before the sore..Im sorry tingle? The sore will be on my face within 5 minutes of it not
being there, I dont even have time to blink and I have a huge sore on my lip.So, I use a sterilised needle, pop the bugger, and then apply metho or nail polish remover..It takes probably about wo days to clear up but the difference in size is noticable within a
few hours. It dries up and shrinks and after the second day it shouldnt be there or have fallen off..Warning: It stings a little but the results are good!!!

Date: Sunday, February 15, 2004
Time: 6:32 PM EST
Email address: D bass
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Acidolpholis
Instructions: At the first sign of a Cold Sore take three or four (or five)tablets of Acidolpholus. Continue taking the tablets at usual meal times. Continue until period of relief.Tablets contain the sactive ingredient in the expensive tablets you buy at teh pharmacy for cold sores. Acidolpholus is very in expensive.

Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Time: 10:28 AM EST
Country of Remedy: Turkey

Ingredients: Spirulina & Aloe Vera
Instructions: I also have cold sores since I was 6 or 7. For few years I apply aloe vera gel alonewhen it tingles but last year I found out if I take Spirulina (blue-green algea) pills
while applying aloe vera, it disappears. I hope it works for you, too.

Date: Monday, January 26, 2004
Time: 1:11 PM EST
April Landman
email address: angel eyes
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: calamine lotion, sewing needle
Instructions: My husband has always had problems with cold sores since he was a teenager.Well he tried everything and everything never worked.In fact when he went to his doctor and he was prescribed blistex,the blistex just made it spread all over his face.So he tried a little something of his own.He busted his cold sore with a sterilized sewing needle and immediatly applied calamine lotion to it.It dissappeared in 3 days.So now when one barely appears he busts it right away and applies the lotion and the pain and the sore goes away.What the calamine lotion
does, is dry the sore after it busts and dissappears.It really helped my husband and still does till this day.Send me your response if you try
this remedy..I would really like to know how it turned out for you.

I found that putting Vicks Vapor Rub on cold sores works wonders

My name is Chasity...I have a good remedy for cold sores... take a q-tip and use mens aftershave lotion and apply to the cold sore. It dries out the sore. It works!! my mom used to make us use it everytime we had one...thank you

Date: Sunday, January 18, 2004
Time: 7:25 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Sunny (not) England

Ingredients: Ice,teabags,earwax.
Instructions: I have suffered from cold sores for 30 years, usually before some important event!Life is so cruel! Anyway, today I had that old tingling start on my bottom lip. Ihave just found a new boyfriend so I want to get rid of it NOW! I've
read all the remedies by you guys and have just sat with an ice cube on it for 20mins. Now I'm holding
a warm teabag on it. Swelling's going down already! Although I'm grossed out by theearwax idea, desperate times call for desperate measures! So when I go to bed in a minute,that's what I'm gonna do! I have absolute faith in you guys, and I'll let you know tomorrowif it's gone! Wish me luck!


Date: Monday, January 19, 2004
Time: 11:41 AM EST
Country of Remedy: England
Ingredients: Earwax!!!!
Instructions: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! EARWAX WORKS!!! Well, today is Monday and I can't believe it but the cold sore has actually GONE!!!! It was pretty gross putting the earwax on, and I felt silly doing it. I went to bed and wokeup with NO COLD SORE. It had been tingling all day yesterday and a cluster of blisters was just forming. Today thereis nothing. Honestly. 1 day of cold sore instead of 14 days. I cannot thank you guys enough! How on earth doesthis work?????????????

Date: Saturday, January 3, 2004
Time: 9:09 PM EST
Country of Remedy: brandon fl.

Ingredients: ice and table salt!

Instructions: as soon as you feel the tingle of the sore start just put ice on the spot for about 10 to 15 minutes. and then right after you
have dont that then just get a little bit of table salt and plave it on the sore. repeat that every hour, the ice stops the swelling and the
salt soaks up all the liquid in the sore (which is what makes it spred).also another tip try toothpaste every like hour or two... or cold
medicine(it does work)

Date: Thursday, December 25, 2003
Time: 4:24 PM EST
Samantha Trinh
email address: sammi
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: table salt
Instructions: just apply the table salt onto the cold sore and the salt will absorb all the liquid... the liquid part of the sore is the contagious part... once it is contained the cold sore stops hurting and within a day or so the cold sore will disappear.

Date: Friday, December 26, 2003
Time: 4:18 PM EST

Instructions: I read these remedies for cold sores on tuesday when i got the cold sore and i decided to try the cold medicine remedy. I didn't really have any cold medicine so i used vicks chloraseptic spray. I put it on a q-tip and rubbed it on the cold sore a couple times throughout the day. Now my cold sore is almost completely gone!

Date: Friday, December 12, 2003
Time: 1:09 AM EST
Lori C
email address:
Country of Remedy: Usa

Ingredients: Blistex lip ointment
Instructions: At the 1st tingle put liberal amounts of blistex on the spot. It's the little white tube.Also take at least 500 mg of l-lysine.
It really helps alot.Also have found that if you are prone to mouth sores,using a soft toothbrush, cleaned frequently also helps.
Also for mouth sores try Baby Orajel or Baby Anbesol. It numbs the pain and for some reason it helps to dry them. They go away alot faster!There's also a new one called Kank-Aid. It also numbs the area.

Date: Monday, December 15, 2003
Time: 1:20 AM EST
Country of Remedy: australia

Ingredients: garlic
Instructions: when you feel a tingle or when the cold sore first appears, cut a fresh clove of garlic in half and rub the juice on the sore. works well - if you can stand the garlic smell. could also try taking odourless garlic tablets, although i've found the fresh option works best.

Date: Friday, December 19, 2003
Time: 6:24 AM EST

email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Amino acid, L-Lysine 500mg.
Instructions: I read this remedy in Readers Digest back in the 1980's. Cold sores are from a virus in yourbody. It is said to be made active because of Stress, overexposure to sun rays, and/or the ingestionof nut products which are high in the emino acid, L-Arginine. This causes it to activate the virusthus causing the cold sores. When you first feel tingling and the seed
start taking 3-6 pills, 2-3times per day. This varies by individual. If you catch it early it will prevent it from ever festering. This is very effective and a whole lot cheaper than Zovirax or Valtrex, Acyclovir medicines, which require a prescription and are very expensive. I take a 500 mg tablet daily withmy other vitamins for a preventive maintenance.

alice from canada   
for cold sores i read to use bismuth( like in pepto bismal) so i put it on the spot and it works ...try it!  also good for zits...

Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2003
Time: 6:36 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Take some alchol, Sore throat spray, and a little bit of
finger nail polish.
Instructions: Mix that togather and put it on about every 5 mins. When you wake up in the morning it will be gone! *** Try at your own risk it will sting for about 5 seconds****

Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Time: 9:11 AM EST
Email address: Matt
email address:
Country of Remedy: canada

Ingredients: Brewers yeast
Instructions: I was told by a friend as soon as you start to feel the tingling happen take 2 brewers yeast pills and it will either go away or
shorten yourcold sore experience to a couple days. i have found that this works for me so i want to let all you know out there who asuffer from this
embarrasing thing we get on our lips. well have fun and try it out.

Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2003
Time: 5:48 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: None needed!
Instructions: When most people feel a cold sore coming on they freak out right? Well, a couple years ago I started taking deep breathsand even smiling to do anything to relax at the onset. Usually the tingling goes away and the sore never comes up. I would recommend relaxing and trying one of the listed remedies here. I have also used full strength Clorox before, just adab, it usually works too. But be careful with this, DO NOT leave it on for longer than a few minutes, as you can burnyourself!

Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Time: 1:29 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: LIME AND SALT

Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Time: 10:14 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

All you need is carmex!!!! I have no clue what is in that stuff but it is the wonder drug for lips!. I doesnt matter what stage of a cold sore you are in- put some carmex on it( the kind in the little yellow and white container) and it will statr to go away right then and there.

Date: Monday, October 20, 2003
Time: 2:16 PM EST
amy green
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: tea tree oil and vitamin e
Instructions: first put some tea tree oil on the infected area, (make sure you put a decent amount on) it'll sting for a few secounds.
Thats good it means its being disinfected. Wait a few seconds and apply some vitamin e. I did this, and the next morningI woke up and it was healed. (whatever you do don't pick at it!!!!) PEACE! hope it works for others out there. :)

Date: Sunday, October 12, 2003
Time: 10:36 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Various techniques
Instructions: I woke up on a Thursday with what I thought was a pretty significant cold sore. I checked this site and decided to try several
recommended ingredients. I immediately used ice followed by a warm teabag. Each night I dabbed white toothpaste on the sore. It's now Sunday
evening and there is only just a trace of the sore. I usually have to deal with the sore for at least 7 days.
Not sure what did the trick, but I'm guessing the toothpaste.

Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Time: 3:50 PM EST
email address:
Country of Remedy: usa
Name of Remedy: cold sores
Ingredients: ear

Instructions: If you rub the small section between your ear and your head (behind your ear) then rub that on your cold sore it will elimnate
the cold sore. It does not have to be earwax!

Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Time: 1:49 AM EST
Email address: gary
Country of Remedy: usa

Instructions: rubbing alchohol would probably work also but i've always used fingernail polish remover in the beginning stages to dry it out. stops it early. apply with a q-tip or tissue.

Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Time: 4:55 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: nyquil
Instructions: i followed kirstens advice because there were so many to choose from and mine is past all the stages and hers was the only one that said no matter what stage! and i couldnt believe when i looked in
the mirror i wouldnt have known where it was if it wasnt for the red coloring in the nyquil!! i know how stubborn cold sores are it may be back tommorow but it is working so far for me THANKS KIRSTEN!

Date: Sunday, August 10, 2003
Time: 12:50 AM EST
Email address: Kristina
Country of Remedy: United States

Read a response to this remedy

ngredients: 100% natural l-lysine 500mg pills
Instructions: When you feel or start to see a cold sore popping up... as soon as you can, take 6 l-lysine 500mg pills... take 6 more that night and 6 more in the morning... and so on that night, cold sore should be greatly reduced the second day, and gone by the end of the second day... L-lysine is great stuff... it also does wonders for the whole body... especia;;y the immune system... also works great w/ colds

Date: Friday, July 25, 2003
Time: 3:27 PM EST
Email address: Donna
email address:
Country of Remedy: USA

Instructions: Vinegar works wonders, this is a trick my father has used not only for himself but on me and my sisters as well for our cold sores. Now unfortunetly i suffer from horrible cold sores,that take up my entire lip (quite embarassing) and I've tried EVERYTHING underneath the sun. I applied vinegar, aloe, rubbing alcohol, creams from the store. You name itI've probably used it once or twice in my past. But nothing works quite like the vinegar, once you feel the tingling you need to put it on regularly. Either with a q-tip or a napkin just let it sit on the spot for a few minutes. Repeat often.

Date: Saturday, July 12, 2003
Time: 8:03 PM EST

Ingredients: Yogurt or Pot Roast or mouthwash
Instructions: Eat Yogart or Pot Roast liberally. I have lupus and mouth sores are common. The best prevention is to eat Pot roast or Yogart regualarly. The protien heals it faster than anything I know. Mouthwash used twice a day also helps prevent cold sores. If you know that you are prone to get mouth sore, an ounce of prevention is better than
trying to fix those painful sores.

Date: Thursday, July 10, 2003
Time: 10:53 PM EST

Ingredients: put a wet Qtip in your ear thenapply on your lip.

Instructions: this may sound really gross but, it works. when i was little i allways got cold sores and my mom told me that i should put earwax on it,this made some of the pain stop and shortend the healing time!

Date: Tuesday, July 8, 2003
Time: 3:00 PM EST
Country of Remedy: usa
Name of Remedy: cold sores

Ingredients: tea bags
Instructions: i was told to put a warm tea bag and let it set for 25-30 minutes so thats just what i did and believe me i felt pretty silly but by the next day it was gone the blister the pain everything was gone

Date: Sunday, June 29, 2003
Time: 3:29 AM EST
Email address: Kirsten
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Cold Medicine-such as nyquil or dayquil
Instructions: OK PEOPLE THINK its a COLD SORE. correct? well just dab
some COLD medicine on it with your finger no matter how far along your
sore is and it will eat it up. I promise this is a GREAT remedy. I have
used it since I was little. Also on Kanker sores use Honey. The
medicine will relive the pain reduce the swelling and unless you have picked
at it eat up the sore. If you have picked at it it will reduce it to the
scab with NO swelling at all! This is the best solution. TELL ME what you think.

Date: Wednesday, June 4, 2003
Time: 9:05 PM EST
Email address: Michele
New York, USA

Ingredients: Ice
Instructions: I never thought about it, but it has been suggested that Ice works. I believe it now.....Usually i can catch the cold sore before It breaks out and begin the ritual of putting anything on it that i can find in the house. But, this time it must have startedwhen I was sleeping because I woke up with the nasty little blisters on my top lip. It was going to be a real winner of a cold sore tooso, I thought, what the heck? I will try this ice theroy,so, I applied Ice for 15 min every hour for 2 days. The first day it did not spread, the second daythe swelling started to go down. the last day , by the end of the night, it was just about gone. I will take 3 days, as apposed to 2 weeks. The Ice really does work, one must just be patient,

Date: Thursday, June 12, 2003
Time: 12:00 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Honey
Instructions: I've had cold sores for over 20 years and this past year, due to extra stress and lack of sleep, they've been occuring at least
every other month. I've tried everything - ice, peroxide, Vit. E, mega doses of Lysine, echinacea, acidopholus, Zovirax cream, and almost
every over-the-counter remedy. My mother recently told me that she read that applying honey is supposed to work. At this point, I'll try
anything, so I was amazed that after I put it on for the first time, I began to see the swelling go down, the redness lessening, and the blisters shrinking. Most times my cold sores last for 5-10 days. With the honey, they're usually gone by the 3rd day. Goes to show you, mother's do know everything.

Remedy for cold sore:
I gave this remedy to a lot of friends and familiy members. And this reallywork!! As soon as you feel the tingle or the itching coming on, drink ahalf glass of red wine, the science behind this kind of herpes is that thealcohol and the sulfites who are contained in the wine stabilise the temperature of your body immediately, in only one hour the tingle anditching will disappear,if you wait more than one hour after you feel thesypmtoms, the red wine will not work! and you have to face the regular 12or more days of pain and discomfort.For that reason keep always a bottle of red wine in your house.
Jose Herrera
Detroit ,MI USA

Date: Sunday, April 27, 2003
Time: 5:08 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: If any of you suffer from cold sores you know how embarrasing it can be - Ive been a sufferer from cold sores for as long as I can remember and Im t alking painful huge multiple cold sores that take up half of my lip. I will tell you what works ~ as soon as you feel the tingle or the itching coming on douse it with rubbing alcohol. Everyone says dont use it tis bad, but thats only cause it dires out your lips and thats only for the time being and believe me Id much rather have a dry spot that a huge blistering herpe! Anyways I hope this helps because it works for me. Apply numerous times a day andeven if you didnt catch it in time it'll still work to blast those nasty blisters! Let me know how it works for you!

Date: Monday, April 21, 2003
Time: 11:33 PM EST
Kim Drettler

Ingredients: TOOTHPASTE

Date: Monday, April 21, 2003
Time: 1:37 PM EST
S.L. Cromwell

Ingredients: vitamin E
Instructions: At the onset of a fever blister, I use vitamin E and it arrests the blister immediately, and it gets no larger after the initialapplication. I keep the area moist with vitamin E and the cold sore is gone in several days not weeks. I works for me very well.Date:

Thursday, April 3, 2003
Time: 9:56 PM EST

Ingredients: ear wax
yes.. you've probably just read about this whole ear wax business... and yet you still are a little shaky about it. ear wax works... blah blah blah. i know. i wasn't exactly wanting to jump right in to dig in my ear for wax and slap it on to my lips either. however, you gotta do what you gotta do.. and you know what? it does in fact work.

Date: Thursday, April 3, 2003
Time: 12:42 AM EST


Instructions: If i have missed the period of time where i can apply ice to the source when it begins the familiar tingle, I dab on an acne
cream. This has dried the blisters and eased pain as well within one day. It says not to put products containing benzoyl peroxide on the lips, but i have had no adverse effects. Also, i have used fresh aloe vera juice, it helps to heal but can be extremely drying, almost too much, use with a moisturizing balm.The most effective method I've found is the simplest- ice. As soon as you feel the familiar tingle of a cold sore simply grab some ice and hold it to the affected area for around 10-15 mins. It will stop the cold sore from developing. I use to suffer from them on a regular basis everytime I was run down but I haven't had one now for 12 years!


Date: Saturday, March 29, 2003
Time: 6:03 PM EST

Ingredients: Ear Wax
Ear wax is absolutely the best remedy for cold sores I have ever tried, and I've tried almost everything!I know that this remedy has already been posted by others, but I have had such great success with it that I wantedto vouch for it. Also, I'm sure that when some people read it they may laugh and ignore it, thinking it is a joke.But I assure you it is no joke! As a child visiting my grandmother she saw that I was getting a cold sore and told me to put ear wax on it. I madea disgusted face and refused. She said something like, "Fine, but it works." I was just sure that she was nuts.Well it took me almost 20 years of horrible outbreaks (and I mean HORRIBLE! multiple sores, huge amounts of swelling,pain, weeks to heal, etc.) before I finally tried it. I felt a sore coming on, and for some reason thought about the ear wax thing, and put some on. The sore never progressed, and the tiny pre-blisters were gone in about a day! Being stubborn, I thoughtfor sure this must be a coincidence. But I remembered it, and next time I felt a tingle I put ear wax on it andit worked again! In the year (+) since I first tried it, I have not had one single cold sore progress to the point where anyone would ever see it. They have all stopped at whatever stage I put the ear wax on at, whether at the first
tingle, or a small cluster of the tiny bubbles that precede a full-fledged blister. All of us who suffer from these things know that we have certain
triggers that can bring them on - for me it is hot peppers,getting overheated, sunburn, and of course, stress. Last week during an especially stressful time, my husband hadto bring home some fast food for dinner because we were so rushed. He forgot and got me something that included Jalepenos.Well - I was hungry, so I ate it. That night I woke up in the middle of the night with throbbing PAIN and tingling in my lower
lip, the beginning of a whopper of an outbreak. Of course, I already knew the earwax thing worked for mild-onset outbreaks,but what about this doozy? Well, I put some on, and being exhausted, fell asleep. The moment I woke up I thought of thecold sore and right away noticed that there was no pain. I felt it, and there wasn't any swelling. I went to the mirror,and the only indication of an outbreak was a tiny (not visible without a super-clos-up in the mirror) cluster of bumps - andno pain. The bumps were gone by the next day. That was the clincher - I want to tell everyone - and I don't careif it's gross!I did a little research on the web, and this remedy is out there if you look hard - but the posts are usually very brief anddon't explain much. I have no real solid idea of how or why it works, only that it does for me. I did find it interestingthat someone mentioned that this is an old Creole remedy and has apparently been around for a long time. I don't know how my Grandmother learned about it, but I'm sure glad she did. My only regret is that I didn't listen to her all those yearsago. I've suffered a lot because of these nasty outbreaks since I was very young, and now I'm actually beginning to believethat I may never have to suffer though a significant outbreak again! I hope that everyone who reads this and has cold soreswill remember this and give it a try next time. And I hope it works for all of you. If it does, please, spread the word.

Another tip that I've found useful for dealing with cold sores:Don't use alcohol or any cosmetic that contains isopropyl or rubbing
alcohol on a cold sore. Boy does this cause a huge increase in swelling and pain, and swelling will definitely delay
healing times. All the best to you!

Date: Friday, March 14, 2003
Time: 7:45 PM EST
Email address: Phyllis Mathis

When you feel a fever blister coming on start
taking lysine tablets immediately. Always keep a supply on hand. Take
daily and you will never get one.


When you fell the tingle of a cold sore get some Whole milk (2% and skin does not have the same effect) and let it sit out until its room temperature. Then get a cotton ball and saturate it in the milk. Hold the cotton ball directly on the cold sore for 15 to 30 mins and do it periodically throughout the day. The protein in the milk has awesome healing properties. If you don't have the time to commit to the milk remedy then try egg whites. The protein in the egg whites have the same healing properties as the whole milk and you can put it on in the morning and go to work and no one will be the wiser. If this too is not an option, then try Lysine-L. This dietary supplement contains the amino acid needed to fight the infection and you can find it in most drugs stores and supermarkets. I would recommend taking 2000mg a day until the outbreak has ceased. If you are prone to getting cold sores I would suggest making Lysine-L a permanent part of your diet. All o!f this info can be found in the book Home Remedies II. Try it…you will be pleasantly surprised.

email address:
Country of Remedy: Canada

Ingredients: eggs
Instructions: A friend told me that eating eggs shortens an out break

For cold sores, use any skin toner/freshener with alpha-hydroxy acid or salicylic acid ( even Retin-A will do) and it will never appear....just dip a q-tip into the liquid and apply several times a day.
K Allen

If your lip is tingling rub an ice cube across it for
about a minute and the cold sore will not develop.



for my cold sores someone told me to put ear wax on it. i thought it was gross at first but i tried it and it worked! Apply as often as needed.


Dip a q-tip into rubbing alcohol and apply to cold sore or as soon as you feel the tingle of one comming on. Apply the alcohol several times a day and it will stop the cold sore from developing and make it go away quicker.

This is a remedy for cold sores. B WITH C Vitamin Doing this for over 20 years I know it works. It was a pharmist who put me on to this. Simply take ( B WITH C vitamins) Take two the first day and one each day after that. You may also fell that your body may be in high gear, And ( b with c ) will slow you down to first gear. 8-)

REEP program
Instructor: MELANIE

First, brush your teeth, and clean your gums and tongue. Second, put honey on the canker sore. and go to bed. Don't lick the honey. You will feel better when you wake up.

Laura Peres


Ten years ago,I learned from my mother.When I had a cold sore.My mother squeezed three lemons and put them in a small bowl.Then she put a bowl on the stove When the juice of the lemon makes like honey it's okey.Then wait for this is warm When the honey is cold put on the places with a cold sore.



Sumita Sahi

VoiceSoft School of Medical transcription
Dry the peel of watermelon in the shade &burn it to ashes. For mouth boils, appl y it as often as required.


matt n

All you need to do is put some toothpaste on the blister (cold sore) and leave on there for a while and then reaply the toothpaste and it should stop the tingling and eventiually go away.

Mark Ganzeveld

Instead of a lip balm, just try a antibiotic cream. Clears it up in less than half the time of anything else I have tried.

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